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The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 5: Results)

It took several trips over several seasons before I was able to see any results from this project. Last February I was able to take my fist hog with the “Tactical Hunter.” He wasn’t any lightweight either. 607 more words

Being Prepared

Colt SP1

Cool to see an older Colt SP1 come through for detailing. This one was made in 1976, so it’s not the earliest example, but there’s still plenty of character to it. 23 more words


The Rite of Passage and the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Some time late last year, my father and I along with my fiancee acquired a pair of .22 caliber rifles from a local firearms manufacturer: United Defense Manufacturing Company. 267 more words


Sandy Hook: The Bloody Flag Waves Again

Progressives never cease trying to undermine the Second Amendment. One of their oldest tactics has been to sue firearm manufacturers whenever a lunatic misuses a firearm to injure or kill others. 1,487 more words


No Air Rifle Practice

There was no air rifle practice this week.  I found a record of old air rifle practice scores, and will add some of those over the next few weeks. 65 more words


Air Rifle Practice and CMP: 3/6/17

This weekend, I shot in the Civilian Marksmanship Program school.  I brought my new AR, but forgot my sling.

On the first stage, the wind was blowing hard.   142 more words


The Tactical Hunter Project (Part 2: My Solution)

The 7.62×39 caliber seemed to be the best choice for this project based on the cost, availability of ammunition and the ballistics of the round. It wasn’t a perfect choice by a long shot. 854 more words

Being Prepared