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Here's A Safe Gun Device That Does What It's Supposed To Do: Make A Gun Safe.

Guess what?  There’s actually a safe-gun device out there that really works.  Well, it’s not out there quite yet.  But I fooled around with prototypes that will fit most pistols and the AR, and they really do what they are supposed to do, namely, only allow the gun to be used by the person who owns or uses that gun.  615 more words


Open Carry, Reading Between The Lines

This open carry video has gone viral – you may have seen it. A white man walks down the street carrying a legal AR-15. A police officer stops and questions him. 750 more words


"That's pretty bad ass"

I did it. I open carried for the first time today. Although I’ve had my permit since January 2015, I’ve mostly just conceal carried. I’ve open carried twice before, but only with a jacket or sweater on so my firearm was mostly hidden. 344 more words


Feds Seek To Keep Assault Rifle Parts Seized From Gun-maker

Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Federal authorities are seeking to keep a third of the nearly 300 assault rifle parts they seized from a Connecticut gun-maker that prosecutors allege broke federal firearm regulations. 118 more words


For Me, Cycling Brings Excitement and a Healthy Fear of Death. But THIS?

I live in one of the most beautiful and green (as in, rich with green vegetation, trees, etc.) regions in the United States. My home is within short walk to the shores of the sea and less than a hour’s drive from one mountain range and two hours from another. 854 more words

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