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Give Wings to Your Passion for Hunting with AR-15 Rifles

AR-15 rifles are great and easy to use. They are used for a wide range of purposes, though hunting with them is considered to be the best use of the rifle. 364 more words


Review: Viking Tactics Light Mount

I know, I know. I just posted about an NcStar Light Mount that I bought instead of a LaRue or VTAC one because I was poor and now I’m posting about a VTAC Light Mount. 608 more words


We Finally Have A Way To Defeat Radical Islam. Just Buy A Biblical Gun.

If you are a devout Christian, or maybe a not-so-devout Christian, or maybe not even a Christian, you probably have a Holy Land tour near the top of your bucket list.  639 more words


Zeroing the Scopes

Zeroing the flip up sight and red-dot scopes on my new barbie doll was a pretty easy and definitely fun process.  I set up a target about 35 yards down down that had a little red center.  631 more words

Does The Gun Vote Still Swing Elections? Maybe It Swings Them Against Guns.

I knew that Marco Rubio was unfit to be President (as if the current Republican candidate could pass a fitness test) when he visited the Ruger gun factory back in January and declared that he believed in the 2nd Amendment because a gun was the only thing that stood between our safety and an imminent ISIS attack. 610 more words


Black Matriarch Fires A Rifle Into a Crowd, Murdering A Father of 6; But Black Lives Matter, Right?

A woman is in jail for murder after police said she pulled out a rifle and fired shots from her car, killing a man.

283 more words
The Black Matriarchy

Washington State AG Seeks Legislation Banning Assault Weapons

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is seeking legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

He said Wednesday he’ll ask lawmakers to introduce a bill next year to prohibit the sale of semi-automatic weapons with certain military-style features and prohibit the sale of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. 99 more words