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Mukilteo shooter: ‘I wish they never sold me a firearm’

What a coincidence the timing of the criminal’s statement: This will give ammunition to the Washington state attorney general, Bob Ferguson, who is trying to push… 469 more words


"Youth" Guns For Self-Defense

John over at the Civilian Gunfighter blog brings up some really good points on this topic (link).

“Youth” models of shotguns and rifles like John’s Marlin 336Y offer a reduced length of pull and shorter barrel lengths making them lighter and more easily handled in tight situations. 104 more words


Outfitting Your Ar-15 (Part 1)

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought your first black rifle. With the thousands of parts and accessories available (see modernoutdooradventures.com), it can be challenging to decide how best to spend your hard-earned money and effort to make your AR-15 an effective tool and not a worthless pile of crap parts. 803 more words


Guns: Securing The Right To Self-Defense And Life, Part 10

This portion of the series focuses on the primary differences, advantages and disadvantages, between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns. I’m making the assumption that readers contemplating what I’ve had to say in the first nine installments intend to do more than purchase a firearm exclusively for home defense.  3,280 more words


A Little Early But Here's My GVP Resolutions For 2017.

The truth is that nothing succeeds like adversity, and if there’s one group that probably feels they’ve been hit with adversity it’s the community that really cares about gun violence prevention, a.k.a. 621 more words


'Merica: The AR-15...Get Some...

Hitchcock 45 Compares the AR versus a Double Barrel 12 Gauge…

This man is awesome, and his videos are one of the first places I go to before I purchase a new firearm. 21 more words

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What Can America Learn From Australian Gun Laws?

In April of 1996, a 28-year old man murdered 35 people in Tasmania primarily utilizing a Colt AR-15 rifle (a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, air-cooled semi-automatic rifle with a rotating bolt and a direct impingement gas-operation system.) 384 more words