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Ar15 vs. AK47 vs. Mosin Nagant 

I grabbed this off Tumblr. A few articles ago, I mounted a scope to my mosin. I haven’t used it too much- fired it out the window on my brother’s car the night I bought it. 652 more words

And As For All The Gun Nuts Who Love Trump - Enough Is Enough.

The Boston Globe carried a Sunday story about how some of Trump’s supporters are beginning to lay the groundwork for an armed rebellion if their man loses the election come November 8th.   644 more words


300 Blackout build complete

I didn’t really have a plan to branch out into another rifle caliber. Back in February several of us ordered suppressors from Dead Air. The current trend is away from caliber specific suppressors, especially .223/5.56. 472 more words


Infinity Ammunition

Just imagine, you’ve just finished building your first two AR-15’s. You set up a day to finally throw a little lead down range at one of the nicest shooting ranges in the area, pay your fee, get your targets and ppe (personal protective equipment) and head to your lanes. 520 more words

Distinguished Ruffian

Give Wings to Your Passion for Hunting with AR-15 Rifles

AR-15 rifles are great and easy to use. They are used for a wide range of purposes, though hunting with them is considered to be the best use of the rifle. 364 more words


Review: Viking Tactics Light Mount

I know, I know. I just posted about an NcStar Light Mount that I bought instead of a LaRue or VTAC one because I was poor and now I’m posting about a VTAC Light Mount. 608 more words


We Finally Have A Way To Defeat Radical Islam. Just Buy A Biblical Gun.

If you are a devout Christian, or maybe a not-so-devout Christian, or maybe not even a Christian, you probably have a Holy Land tour near the top of your bucket list.  639 more words