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Semi-Fully-Automatic Assault Rifles with Large Capacity Clips?

Did you know that guns prevent 200,000,000 crimes per year in the US, often without a shot being fired. Just stating you have one or showing a firearm can deter a robber and/or attacker in many situations. 810 more words


NRA Files Legal Challenge To New California Gun Laws

SANTA ANA (AP) — The first in a series of challenges to new California gun laws prompted by the San Bernardino terror attack has been filed by a state affiliate of the National Rifle Association. 110 more words

Shootout In Oklahoma

In two decades of police work, I was fortunate in never having to actually shoot anyone. I came close on many occasions, but was fortunate indeed. 176 more words


Maybe The Gun Industry Doesn't Know The Difference Between An AR-15 And A Hunting Rifle, But PA Hunters Do.

Back in January, the state of Pennsylvania became the very last state to approve the use of semi-automatic rifles for hunting, a decision that was then… 645 more words


State Police Recover AR-15 Style Rifle, Body Armor Vest From Cape Cod Man's Home

SOUTH DENNIS (CBS) — A Cape Cod man was arrested Sunday morning after a drug task force raided his house and found what authorities said was an illegally-possessed AR-15 style rifle. 161 more words


Below is a list of torque values as a reference for anyone who is building or intends to build an AR-15 61 more words