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What's the Deal with Vertical Foregrips?

Recently, while wasting time around town, I wandered into my local gun shop to browse the selection. Since I live in California, the handgun selection was pretty slim, but there is usually a nice variety of rifles on the wall and accessories in the cases. 1,580 more words


Buy Once, Cry Once (?)

If you’re on this blog and visit other firearm and self-defense blogs and forums, chances are you have heard the expression “buy once, cry once” before.  1,046 more words

New Gun Owners

Shooter In Colorado Springs Rampage Legally Purchased Guns

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – Authorities say a man who killed three people during a rampage in Colorado Springs was armed with three guns he purchased legally six years earlier. 124 more words


Gather In A Time Of Plenty

My Grandparents were raised during The Great Depression and it had a huge impact on them. One of the attitudes ingrained in them from living during that time was stock up on things when prices were good. 228 more words


Responding To Mass Shootings Has Nothing To Do With 'Gun-Free' Zones.

What are we going to do about mass, public shootings which not only exact a terrible physical and psychic toll on our society, but also appear to be on the rise?  631 more words


Shooting Nose to Charging Handle...or Not

It is difficult to read any discussion concerning proper head position when shooting an AR-15 platform rifle without coming across the acronym “NTCH,” which stands for Nose To Charging Handle. 944 more words


The NRA Admits The Truth About How Often We Actually Use Guns To Protect Ourselves From Crime.

So my man Colion, he of the prancing around with his cute little AR, has just stuck up a new video on the NRA website, and it is simply a remarkable commentary on the Big Lie that the NRA has been spreading around for the last thirty years. 641 more words