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Say Hello To My Little Friend (Part 2: Range Report)

I guess I should have said range reports in the title since I have been to the range a couple of times already…

Range Report 1… 806 more words


The ACLU figures out that carrying a gun isn't a Constitutional 'right.'

So the ACLU has drawn a line in the sand and decided in the wake of Charlottesville that ‘Constitutional carry’ will no longer be a behavior for which they will provide a legal defense. 647 more words


Seriously surreal America

You know there’s something seriously wrong and surreal in a country where a guy can walk out on a street carrying an AR-15 automatic rifle, a Nazi flag and a can of Budweiser, and he gets arrested for the beer.

Marco Caceres

Say Hello To My Little Friend

I have had a fascination with AR-Style pistols for a while (actually, more with SBRs but I am not willing to deal with any NFA items for now). 360 more words


Best Tactical Equipment for each Circumstance

Tactical is extra an attitude than a device. Your tactical equipment should also be focused on your methods to conserve your life.

So before you plan to get tactical gear, you need to reassess whether it fits to your circumstance and is everything you should sway the circumstance. 565 more words

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Tactical Efficiency Equipment

For those in authorities or the armed forces prep job is vital to being able to weather the basically unpreventable situations that bring large danger to life as well as arm or leg. 626 more words

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Where We Are

At the time of this writing, Donald J. Trump has been President of the United States for half a year. Though I normally prefer to leave commenting on day to day political matters to others (of whom there are a great many, and who do what they do with great skill), it occurs to me that this is a worthwhile time to reflect on where we stand in the historical cycle, the role that Trump plays, and where we are likely going in the foreseeable future. 2,040 more words