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ADF Dedicant Path: Fifth High Day Recap (Imbolc)

My grove celebrated Imbolc on January 30th. We honored Bride as patron. Manannán mac Lir was the gatekeeper. I am feeling increasingly more comfortable around the people in my grove and, for this reason, feel more spiritually connected than I did during the first few High Days I attended with them. 154 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Fifth High Day Essay (Winter Cross-Quarter)

Solomoþ (or Ewemeolc) is the Anglo-Saxon holy tide associated with the February cross-quarter. Solmonaþ refers to the month of February. The word “sol” is variably translated as mud, cakes, or sun. 627 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Nine Virtues (Piety)

Our Own Druidry defines piety as,

correct observance of ritual and social traditions, the maintenance of the agreements (both personal and societal) we humans have with the Gods and Spirits.

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YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 3

Yay week three! I am loving this challenge so much ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

The question for this week: Do you have an alter/shrine/sacred space?

Youtube Pagan Challenge Week 3 (Sacred Space)


ADF Dedicant Path: Nine Virtues Essay (Wisdom)

This is the first of the nine virtues that I must write about, following the order presented in Dangler’s DP Through the Wheel of the Year… 356 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Fourth High Day Recap (Yule)

Another “better late than never” post :p

I was able to meet up with my Grove again for this High Day, after having celebrated Winter Nights/Samhain alone. 411 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Fourth High Day Essay (Winter Solstice)

Coming at you all a bit late (sorry!), but better late than never, my fourth High Day essay:

Although ADF recognizes the Winter Solstice (Yule) is a single High Day, Germanic neopagans usually celebrate it over the course of twelve days, beginning on Mother’s night and ending on or around New Year’s eve. 228 more words