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More mainstreaming of BDS on BBC Radio 5 live

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The BDS campaign’s (failed) crusade against a concert by Radiohead in Israel began to receive BBC promotion five months before its scheduled July date and similar reporting… 759 more words


Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The concept of “settler colonialism” has been applied with almost unique vehemence against Israel. But the fact that Jews are the indigenous population of the Southern Levant can be proved with ease. 206 more words


Sebastian Gorka leaves a swampy Trump White House

On Friday, Sebastian Gorka resigned his position as Strategist and Deputy Assistant to the President in the Trump administration. It was the expected “other shoe” that dropped a week after Bannon left. 1,034 more words


Signs Of The End


What are the signs of Jesus’ return and the end of the age?

Jesus was very specific in telling us what to look for in determining the end of this present world. 1,051 more words

Robert Clifton Robinson

Why I Don't Support Gal Gadot

I know what you’re thinking-oh!  just another angry Palestinian bitter that and Israeli woman, Gal Gadot, was casted to play Wonder Woman. But it’s actually not that simple. 363 more words


The Palestinians' "Creativity for Hate"

Palestinian teenage girls are facing ridicule and hate for attending a summer camp for coexistence in the US. The camp, which brings Palestinian and Israeli girls together, is organized by… 171 more words


Is China Intervening in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: On July 18, 2017, PA President Mahmoud Abbas met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the media, the meeting was productive. “Beijing will create a dialogue mechanism between Israel and the Palestinians, with China being the mediator, and later this year China will hold a peace conference and try to resolve the conflict”, according to Xi. 148 more words