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Modern Zionism

The textbook defines Zionism as “a nationalist ideology that advocates the creation of a secure Jewish homeland in Palestine for the worldwide community of Jews in fulfillment of their historical and religious associations with the region.” 517 more words


The Importance of Context in History

It’s easy to view current events in a vacuum – relating them to history and placing them in context is difficult work that takes more than just watching the news, and for people who are not historians-in-training, or interested in the subject, doing so requires a certain amount of effort and curiosity that is often (in my experience) lacking.  454 more words

Arab-Israeli Conflict


(David Ben-Gurion, creator of Israeli intelligence services)

When the state of Israel achieved nationhood in 1948 it was seen as an ethical and moral experiment because of the role the Holocaust played in its creation, along with its dominant Jewish culture.  3,062 more words

Middle Eastern History

Trump: If Palestinians Don't Want Peace, The U.S. Has Nothing To Do With Them -- "Sit down and negotiate peace.” -- "The money is on the table."


The Jerusalem Post

 JANUARY 25, 2018 17:12

He added that under the proposal, “Israel would have to pay.”

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. 379 more words

Kindness Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Give a compliment to as many people as possible today.   Huh. This is an interesting one. I feel my creative juices revving up. Because of course, I can’t just flop out some lame…

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Illegal Annexations Are OK, Says Trump

It shouldn’t be much of a shock to find out that endorsing the illegal annexation of a city doesn’t go down well with international leaders – and yet, the decision made by the incumbent U.S. 262 more words

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Donald Trump's Jerusalem declaration amid dire warnings of mayhem and violence

After days of speculation and rumour-mongering, Donald Trump delivered the speech of a lifetime – at least in the lifetime of the Jewish People.

I never thought he would have it in him, but I give Trump full credit. 2,189 more words

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