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History Will Judge Them Harshly

August 6, 2019

In a couple of years, the world could well be speaking of a decade of conflict in Syria in which regional and external powers were involved either directly or through proxies. 644 more words

Kushner Unveils Economic Portion of Middle East Peace Plan, June 2019

The economic details of the Middle East Peace plan were released by Senior White House Adviser Jared Kushner. The plan calls for $50 billion to be sent to Middle East countries. 538 more words


Is Lebanon on the Road to Peace with Israel?

One of the biggest results of Pompeo’s visits to Lebanon and Israel in March was having them both agree to hold talks to resolve the marine and land borders dispute. 413 more words


Context-free amplification of Eurovision boycott calls persists at BBC News

As has been documented here previously, since the end of January 2019 BBC coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest has included repeated amplification of the BDS campaign’s call to boycott the event being held this week in Tel Aviv. 581 more words


Menken: Trump following a "biblical" model of leadership

Might President Trump be establishing a new model of cooperation and partnership for the Two Israels?

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Rabbi Yakov Menken observes how President Donald Trump follows a moral compass, rather than an ideology or an agenda rooted in mediocre pragmatism, especially when it comes to Israel.


Why the World is Always Attacking Israel

The easy answer is that it is because Israel has far more nations which have developed a bifurcated set of relations with Israel; one condemnatory taking the Arabist view that Israel causes conflict as they attempt to incorporate more land and the other taking any and all the advances which the world is benefiting from as Israel writes new Apps, compiles programs upon which computers are run and for protecting computer systems from malware and attack as well as discoveries and inventions too numerous to list. 3,723 more words