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The Israel-UAE treaty: is it good for Israel or bad?

I have been very much in two minds about the Israel-Emirates peace treaty which was announced last week. On the one hand it is indeed a very good thing, one less enemy in the Arab world and indeed one more ally, or at least a trading partner. 2,755 more words

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Book Review: The Indian in the Cupboard.

If you are taking your government-permitted exercise in the south of Edinburgh these days, you will sometimes see boxes of books that have been left outside people’s houses. 2,203 more words



(Israeli settlers waving the flag at Palestinian demonstrators by the “separation wall”)

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has transpired for at least a century if one accepts the Balfour Declaration as its origin in 1917 and it developed into an ongoing struggle for its participants in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel.  1,249 more words

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BBC Radio 4’s promotion of an ‘epic novel’ and an appealing narrative

This week BBC Radio 4 has been airing a serialised reading of a book published on February 25th in ten episodes which will continue next week. 706 more words


Good Neighbors?

The Islamic Jihad sent two “soldiers” to plant an explosive device on the Israeli side of the Gaza line. Israeli forces saw them, opened fire, and killed them.  322 more words

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Deal of the Century - part 4

I mentioned the “Palestinian ” refugee problem previously. This is one aspect of the ongoing argument that appears to be easy to remove from the discussion. 546 more words

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BBC Sounds relaunches 2017 series by Middle East editor

The BBC recently re-uploaded the 2017 audio series by its Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen called ‘Our Man in the Middle East’.

Our analysis of the episodes relating to Israel can be found below: 61 more words