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Muslim cleric in U.S. California mosque explains why every last JEW must die...and not just in "Palestine"

This Arab – Islamic cleric preaching in a Mosque in Davis, California is clear and succinct in his explanation of Islamic scripture as it relates to the Jewish people. 753 more words


Thai Racism, Ignorance, Jealousy ... or All Three?

Yes, I was stationed here 43 years ago… and yes, I decided to return when the opportunity came up. Guess what? Everything changes in 40 years. 727 more words

Black Tourism

When are we going to address anti-blackness in the Arab world?

Racism and anti-blackness is a strange thing. Often it is thought of as white hate, discrimination and oppression toward those of darker skin, particularly black people. 2,155 more words

What do the events of Tuviret reveal?

My friend Firmus seems to be amazed by the Westerners’ lack of indignation at the misfortune of certain peoples, especially the Amazigh peoples. There is much indignation, but very selective indignation. 967 more words


Denmark police say Islamic extremists recruiting gang members to enforce Sharia Law (Video)

More threats. More violence. More intimidation.

The ‘grooming’ of Europe continues.

The world is witnessing the rise of modern day brown shirts in medieval garb, groomed to violently suppress dissent and critical thought in any form: artistic, religious, political,…Hindu, Christian, Buddhist—and yes, Marxist, even as it is the Left in the West that is actively facilitating this effort. 360 more words


Was the "Subtle Racism" of Latin America "invented" by Arabs? | Dr. Carlos Moore

Carlos Moore sees a disguised racism permeating Latin American society, invented by Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula.

“I have had the privilege to have lived in Arab countries,” Moore said, “and to be shocked by the extraordinary similarities to Latin America of structures of race in countries like Egypt. 1,504 more words