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Remember...remember the fifth of ...October!

Remember remember the fifth of October …the Algerian proto-arabspring plot…I know of no reason why the October treason …should ever be forgot!

We are living strange times in Algeria these days…where tables are turned…and hopes are rising from the ashes and dusts of the past.

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On the Importance of Learning a Second Language

There is an article in today’s New York Times entitled “The Benefits of Failing at French” that reminds me of a debate in the… 1,425 more words



To anyone who has been waiting (anyone?) — my latest book is now available at the terrific price of under $10 (even less for the Kindle edition). 101 more words

The Middle East Revolts

Faction: my mystical journey into Syria

I would like to invite everyone to read Faction, a short story I published through the Voice of Kurdistan about the Syrian Civil War. Prior to putting this together it had been a while since my last effort at fiction, but I felt compelled to act over the Summer when my desire to actually visit Syria in person proved too difficult to materialize. 574 more words

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Syria, Iraq, and false conclusions between them

Column I wrote that was published in the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s largest English-language newspaper:

The consensus last week seemed to be that democracy prevailed in the West because the will of the people was carried successfully.

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Setting the record straight on Syria's Bashar al-Assad

This is a column I put together last month, shortly before the chemical attack outside of Damascus:

Fear of Al-Qaeda is winning the government hearts and minds, but the battle for the Levant is not what it is being portrayed as… 1,858 more words


It's time for an honest discussion with Alex Jones and Syrian Girl

Recently on Twitter I posted that I would like to challenge Alex Jones and “Syrian Girl” — his key adviser on the situation in the Middle East — to a debate. 237 more words