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Syria Sheikh Nawwaf al-Bashir: Many of So-called "Syrian Opposition Coalition" Members are Corrupt

Syria Sheikh Nawwaf al-Bashir: Many of So-called “Syrian Opposition Coalition” Members are Corrupt

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 22:00 |

Leader of the prominent al-Baqara tribe in Syria Sheikh Nawwaf al-Bashir, unveiled Wednesday that the so-called “opposition” figure Riad Hjab had received $47 million from Qatar and gave the amount to the UN-blacklisted Jabhat al-Nusra in order to launch a major attack on Aleppo. 816 more words

War On Syria

Thanks, Obama, for Avoiding the History We Almost Had

So the Obama era is almost totally over. I don’t really want to get into domestic politics as I have been doing that enough recently on this blog due to the upset election and which is contrary to its main purpose-but it should also be obvious from past entries that I have not always seen eye to eye with this administration on foreign affairs. 360 more words

"Discourse Is a Battleground"

Discourse is a battleground, and we have to perceive it as such. It’s not simply a representation of what is happening; it’s a battleground. This is why it’s important to push for the revolutionary grassroots narrative that has been completely isolated, silenced, marginalized, and, for many, unthinkable.

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5 Questions I Have Before Arriving in Tunisia

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally time to visit the country we began studying the first week of the fall semester. The anticipation has mounted over the past four months, as we’ve listened to lectures on the country’s history and business opportunities, and worked on projects examining different industries. 486 more words


CIA Director: Obama's Administration didn't Analyze the Consequences of the Arab Spring

Today it is no secret that the Middle East policy of US President Barack Obama has been failed.

A recent statement by the Director of Central Intelligence John Brennan confirms Obama’s  errors in the Middle East. 293 more words