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DocumentA 13 and Memories of the Arab Spring

By the time DocumentA 13 opened in June 2012, the Arab Spring had hit its peak and was on the wane. None the less, it was at this stage when it was fading into history that the Arab Spring became an ideal narrative for the ever so topical and political Documenta. 399 more words


North Africa in the Japanese Media: Coverage of the Arab Spring in the Asahi Shimbun - Virgil Hawkins and Miho Takenaka

North Africa in the Japanese Media: Coverage of the Arab Spring in the Asahi Shimbun

By Virgil Hawkins and Miho Takenaka

RIMA Occasional Papers, Volume 5 (2017), Number 15 (July 2017) 970 more words

Progressive/Regressive Media (Q.1.)

Today it may be far too early to concretely determine if social media is progressive or dangerous. Social media is everywhere in todays world and is used by millions of people worldwide whether their sharing photos sending messages or just wishing someone happy birthday. 326 more words

Photo of the Day – 13th of July 2017

Egyptian activist’s last moments after being shot during a peaceful rally, 2015 by Islam Osama

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Photo Of The Day

An interview with Award winning Tunisian filmmaker Selim Gribba

If the law is retrograde, it is a duty to transgress and move the red lines

On December 17, 2010, twenty-six-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, from the rural town of Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia , was allegedly insulted and slapped by the police because he refused to hand over his cart to the authorities. 1,212 more words


African countries are welcoming more tourists than ever before

Africa’s tourist spots were some of the fast-growing and popular destinations in the world last year. This is despite setbacks in recent years like the Arab Spring or high-profile disease outbreaks like Ebola. 286 more words

Egypt: Suspected militant kills 2 retired officers, soldier

CAIRO — Egypt’s military says a “terrorist” has opened fire on a toll booth south of Cairo, killing two retired officers and an active duty soldier. 109 more words