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Stuff Going On -- 04/24/2017

♠ The result of the French Elections: Le Pen and Macron. Macron will assuredly win; he’s as much of a shoe-in as Hillary Clinton. Believe me. 41 more words

For God

Thoughts on mobilising

I really enjoyed Leah and Scones (2007) as it made me see mobilisation in a new light. It is such a diverse time and encompasses a variety of groups,collectives and peoples . 465 more words

Pass Without Trace

A few months have passed since I resolved to write four songs in one month, but finally I have a full recording to present of one of the tunes written during that project. 1,083 more words

The enigma of Assad: How a painfully shy eye doctor turned into a murderous tyrant

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad never seemed cut out to be a dictator. As a young man, Assad—the second son of strongman president Hafez al-Assad—was so painfully shy that in conversation, “he wouldn’t look in your eye…he covered his mouth with his hands when he talked, and spoke in a low voice,” says Ayman Abdel Nour, a university friend. 2,984 more words

Raqqa’s Suffering Won’t End with the Defeat of ISIS

The city of Raqqa and its inhabitants have suffered enormously over the past half-decade. Most obviously, they have languished under the rule of the Islamic State group. 1,008 more words

International Affairs

Egypt's "Revolution" in 2017

Despite all the hope of the Arab Spring, most famously in Egypt, what does the country look like six years on in 2017? According to this… 20 more words