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Should Obama And Clinton Be Tried For Crimes Against The United States?

When Donald Trump wins the election and then is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, should he use the full force of the law and begin to round up all of the Globalists both Democrat and Republican who committed crimes against the US? 971 more words

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Hillary Caused Libya's Current Troubles

Sure, he was no saint but he was far better than what Hillary replaced him with.  Hillary was one of the main instigators of his being deposed, perhaps in part because he refused to “contribute” the the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme.   13 more words


BLM Frauds

Every time  I try to argue this with a Hillary supporter… suddenly facts and statistics don’t matter and I’m racist? Am I doing something wrong?

–Pastor Ward Clinton


The Grim Reality Behind Tunisia's Fairy Tale

Tunisia is the lone success story of Arab Spring — or, at any rate, so we hear. The story goes like this: While the rest of the Middle East and North Africa struggles with wars and authoritarianism, Tunisians should be congratulating themselves on their good fortune, having somehow managed to preserve the fruits of their revolution. 1,403 more words


Anonymous as Necessary Activists in a Digital Democracy

Digital activism has become a major form of political participation in the twenty-first century. At the forefront of the digital activist movement is Anonymous, a controversial international network of hacktivists who have gained both critics and dedicated fans through their unconventional tactics ( 1,968 more words

The Neoliberal Lesson not Learned

It was not long before Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight in protest of his inability to make a living that the IMF was hailing Tunisia as a poster child for neoliberal restructuring and economic growth. 1,007 more words

Arab Spring

Death Race Damascus Update – On the Precipice of WW III

As the clock runs down on the Obama “presidency” and as the Clinton candidacy is
becoming more fragile by the day, the information I received from two intelligence sources in 2012 is being validated. 733 more words