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Beware the Malaise

To paraphrase Leo Tolstoy, all unhappy people are unhappy in their own way. And their unhappiness does not necessarily mean they have the will or the wherewithal to pursue regime change. 1,057 more words


The Arab Spring in Review

The Arab Spring, a wave of democratic movements that swept across North Africa and the Middle East from 2010 through 2012, was celebrated as a moment of significant change in the region. 137 more words

For some young Syrians, war brings unexpected freedom

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Rasha Elass is a journalist and Global Fellow at PS21. She has spent the past two years covering the uprising-turned-civil-war from inside Syria and now divides her time between Washington DC and Beirut. 1,538 more words


Rattlesnake Logic: Jihadists v Rattlesnakes

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, Infidel and Patriot

The United States will not defeat the Islamic State using out dated rules of engagement in keeping with the Geneva Conventions when The Islamic State doesn’t recognize them and if they did they would not abide by them. 698 more words


Egypt army given green light to strike Gaza

Following the Egyptian Supreme Court’s decision to label Hamas a terrorist group, the government’s legal adviser sanctioned the legitimacy of an attack in Gaza, say media reports • Senior Egyptian officials say likelihood of actual attack is slim. 133 more words


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I bet Obama doesn't like this one bit!

Qatari fatwa: Destroy Egypt’s pyramids, Sphinx

Religious edict suggested the destruction of the historic monuments were a ‘religious duty’ that Egyptians must fulfill. (Al Arabiya)

 Al Arabiya News

A fatwa from a Qatari-owned online portal has been widely circulated by Egyptian press this week after it called for the destruction of pharanoic monuments on the grounds that they are contrary to Islam. 408 more words


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Just more insanity from the Islamists'