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Mukhi Sisters in Harper's Bazaar Arabia.

Last year we were selected to be on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s best dressed list. And it was SO cool to be featured in such an iconic magazine. 93 more words

Hidden History: Ancient Site Petra (Jordan) - All You've Hear Is Wrong

Translated from the Russian language. Great video. The haters are blocking excavations there, and that’s pretty much all you need to know.

From the Youtube description: Hi tech stone cutting marks… Multi storied spacious underground apartments… “Survivors” architecture it its finest… at Petra, Jordan. 23 more words


This is Saudi Arabia's 'Achilles' heel'

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

In the aftermath of the 2003 terrorist attacks carried out by nationals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, then-Crown Prince Abdullah argued that youth unemployment was the Kingdom’s biggest challenge. 966 more words

Money Matters

Hidden History: Exposing Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe – Ancient Tracks – Part 3

From the Youtube description: Elf Castles, Underground cities, Extremely Ancient “Cart Ruts” Documentary. All the other videos on this topic

based on the research of Dr. 64 more words


Hidden History: Exposing Turkey’s Gobekli Tepe – Ancient Statues – Part 2

Search this blog for Exposing Turkey’s Gobekil Tepe Part 1.

From the Youtube description: Gobekli Tepe (Göbekli Tepe) museum exhibition

Title: Turkish megaliths part 2 of 3, Angel and Dinosaurs at Gobekli Tepe (Göbekli Tepe), ancient statues ( 6 more words


Hidden History: Exposing Turkey's Gobekli Tepe - Tool Marks - Part 1

Translated from the Russian language. The tool marks are remarkable enough, but these Russian archeologists are tying Turkish megalith sites to Peru, and that goes a long way toward proving either Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Fallen Angels of the Bible or the Annunaki of Sumeria. 96 more words