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Valentines Day Cake

Marsipan covered whipped cream layered cake.

IPhone 6 Plus

PLS SIGN: Saudi Arabia is bombing schools, hospitals, even weddings in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia is bombing schools, hospitals, even weddings in Yemen. With weapons from Europe, the US, and Canada. But in 48 hours, the European Parliament could table a vote for an arms embargo. 681 more words

Larry Nichols: A Message To The Evil Of Humanity (Jeff Rense Radio)

One thing I can say, is that this man does not hold back. I’ve got one other post featuring Larry Nichols. Search for his name to find it. 19 more words


War Footage, WWIII: Syrian Army, Hezbollah Assault On North Aleppo

Note that Assad just vowed to take his country back. You would think this is against ISIS, except Israel has been using air strikes and the Saudis mobilized a rumored 350,000 troops to invade. 77 more words


Documentary: The Dark Lords Of Hattusha (The Real Hittite Empire)

Lost Cities Of The Ancients: The Dark Lords Of Hattusha (2006) – 4 stars

This is a one-hour documentary. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started watching this, as I hadn’t heard of Hattusha. 426 more words


FUCK ISLAM: Europe Is Saying NO To Allah's Rapists And Murderers

From the Youtube description: The media is hiding the truth, which is that a lot of Europeans do not want to have islam forced upon their culture, the more widespread the public dissent the greater the politicians tell their age old lies that Islam is a religion of peace and if you disagree then you are a wacist and an islamophobe… 12 more words


FUCK ISLAM: Al Jazeera Cuts Off Tommy Robinson For Too Much Truth

From the Youtube description: Tommy Robinson tells the truth about Mohammad on Al Jazeera, but it’s too explosive for them to broadcast!  See the footage HE filmed while being interviewed and hear the parts that Al Jazeera could not broadcast. 20 more words