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Knottings on Jumeira beach

Its is not a Chinese or Asian cafe but a Spanish and Italian food cafe. It seems Dubai cannot skip Asian customers over  lunar New Year periods.

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Bugenbilla this afternoon

Went to Jumeira road to see tour de Dubai without success but saw beautiful flowers outside a house in residential areas. Lucky.

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Emirati dress

Everyday dress for Emirati men is a long sleeved, ankle-length shirt known as a knadoura or thawb. White is the most popular colour and you also see different colours like yellow or brown. 54 more words

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Saudi Arabia News | Artists

Saudi Arabia reduces sentence for poet from death to imprisonment and lashes
  • Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh, a refugee in Saudi Arabia, had initially been sentenced to four years in prison and 800 lashes for apostasy, but was sentenced to death on appeal.
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Answer to the previous quiz

The answer is the women are dancing. When they dance, they move the hair, not body.
Once a girl wanted to show her dancing in a classroom,  i was surprised when she took off her scaf and arranged her hair. 54 more words

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My memories in Saudi are completed with this flower.

Yes, Bougainvillea. This flower and this colour. I met a couple a couple day ago, they used to live in Saudi as well but our memories are very different in some ways. 99 more words

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Art on coffee last month

The flower, in a second row which has more white on the coffee, looks after a flower here. The beautiful fragrant flower, white plumeria. I see the talents everywhere. 6 more words

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