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"Imagine Your KOREA "


The exhibition is at World Trade Center, Dubai and today is the last day.  N sent some photos. She is helping out a Korean booth so if you see a pretty Avaya, just say hello. 14 more words

Arabian Peninsula

Dubai Pent Up Demand

Remember the landscape context–this is the Empty Quarter–coastal edge, coastal zone.

Blue or green is rare and highly sought after, difficult to access. The coast line of the Gulf. 152 more words


Brighter trees

They are not quite the same as  hand made knitting warmers in Wales or Cambridge and anyhow these trees have too.

Arabian Peninsula

Waiting for rain

Since I have lived in middle Eastern countries,  I have new favourites. Rain is one of them.  ( The other thing is once I arrive Heathrow or Gatwick airports,  this wish just disappears . No no. Haha)

Arabian Peninsula

I Can't Wait

I can’t wait, till oil runs out
I can’t wait, till we live in drought
Finally, we shall do without
Fancy cars, huge houses, and silicone pouts… 41 more words