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The trouble with Yemen (or: Somebody agrees with me)

Yemen expert Stephen W. Day examines the failure of Yemen peace talks at WaPo’s Monkey Cage blog:

Many analysts depict the current fighting as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Dubai food courts open for non-fasters during Ramadan, easing restrictions for non-Muslims and non-observants
  • While eating in public during the day is criminalized in Dubai during Ramadan, food courts have been given the legal option to cover their entrances and open their services in designated areas to those not fasting.
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Kuwait mourns 27 killed in IS attack on Shiite mosque
  • Injuring an additional 200, Friday’s attack on the Imam Sadeq mosque in Kuwait City was claimed by the Islamic State’s Wilayat of Najd division, which was also responsible for similar recent attacks in Saudi Arabia.
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UAE hoteliers advise hotel guests to align themselves with local sartorial standards during Ramadan
  • At their hotels’ iftars, the fast-breaking dinners held at sunset, hotel managers have said that they will turn away inappropriately dressed patrons, including those in beachwear and tight-fitting clothing.
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Qatar Airways under fire for gender-discriminatory policies, including pregnancy discrimination and freedom to marry
  • The UN’s International Labor Organization has ruled that the state-funded airliner discriminated against women through contracts statements indicating it could terminate their contract should they become pregnant.
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Qatar to open embassy in Baghdad

29 May 2015 Friday

Qatar will open an embassy in Baghdad, Iraq’s foreign minister said on Friday, in the latest sign of improving relations between Gulf Arab countries and Iraq. 117 more words

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Wassup in Yemen?

The big news in the MSM is that 3 inmates have escaped and NO one has any idea where to look for them…….then a minor story was the death of the AQAP leader in Yemen killed by a drone strike………. 371 more words

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