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Birds of a feather

A flock together.

Busy in their business.

Apparently oblivious of an onlooker.

Arabian Sea

A color mania

The drama in the skies and the waters.

The asymmetric splash of the waves.

A shared silence with friends.

Arabian Sea


Was it a dream? Was it real?

Was it a moonlit night? Was it a shimmering afternoon?

Does it matter? A moment of the past, after all.

But, 0h so tranquil!

Arabian Sea


Carefree and spontaneous, as happens in childhood.

A moment of pure unadulterated joy of living in the moment.

No past, no future, no care, only innocence and spirit.

Arabian Sea

Lash and Splash @ Gateway of India

Rain drops kept falling on my head and salty sprays from the Arabian Sea left me soaked – gateway to a happy week ahead ! This is what it looked like yesterday . 33 more words