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How to use these two words in Arabic?

قَرِيبٌ /Near بَعِيدٌ /Far

How to use these two words in sentences?

قريب /near
It usually needs a preposition من
مثل (for example)
.بيتي قريب من المسجد 22 more words


!أَحْسنتَ Well done!

أحسنت : فعل ماضي past tense verb
It means “Well done!”

When do we say this verb?
متى نقول هذا الفعل؟

We say this verb to encourage… 32 more words


Body parts

Body parts

الْعَيْن. Eyes

أَنْظُرُ بِعَيْنِي. I see with my eyes

الأَنْف. Nose

أَشِمُّ بِأَنْفِي. I smell with my nose

اللِّسَان. Tongue

أَتَذَوَّقُ الطَّعَامَ بِلِسَانِي. I taste food with my… 26 more words


مَا رَأْيُكَ فُي......؟

We use this question to ask others about their opinion in something.