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Five of my favourite Emirati restaurants

Al Barza

This hidden gem in Jumeirah is surprisingly easy to find, located on Beach Road it serves up delicious, authentic Emirati cuisine that tastes like it’s come straight from Grandma’s kitchen. 273 more words


✝️II عيد الصليب✝️


 فى داخل كل منا شئ يسعى دائماً نحو المجد. لقد خُلقنا بة و بطبيعتنا نسعى نحوة.  لكن المجد الذى يشبع نفوسنا هو مجد اللة و ليس مجد



We often began our summers in Damascus at my grandparents’ house, a beautiful white ground floor home with high ceilings, sunlit rooms and black and white marble checkered floors. 853 more words

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On Driving...

On Driving…

By Robin Freeman

September 27, 2016

It is illegal for women to drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Is there anyone in the world unaware of this fact? 831 more words


Dil Le Duba Duba mujhko Arabic ambience me @ Karama

Karama is an Arabic Word for Dignity, and The Empire Group’s Karama Restaurant is so true to its name!

From a humble beginning, the Empire family has now grown into one of the leading chain of restaurants in the Garden City of India. 758 more words

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✝️عيد الصليب✝️

قال يسوع انهم سيعرفوة عندما يرفع على الصليب. هو مخلصنا و الابن الوحيد للاب. من خلال الصليب، اصبح يسوع مخلص. و من خلال ذبيحة يسوع، الصليب اصبح راية الحق التى تخلص الذين يخافون اللة. 


For The Love of Frite

French Fries-Frite. I don’t like French, it’s nothing personal but then again it is personal. It reeks of negativity and positivity in Morocco. Of colonialism, creative expressions, education, a sociolinguistic stand-off, cold distance, and a kind gesture creating communicative bridges. 730 more words