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Virtues and Rulings of 10 days of Dhul-hijjah 

سير الدلجة في مختصر فضائل وأحكام عشر ذي الحجة

Title : Short description on virtues and rulings of 10 days of dhul-hijjah

تأليف : الشيخ أبي معاذ حسين بن محمود الحطيبي حفظه الله … 28 more words

​How to learn Arabic in Doha

Why learn Arabic?

By studying Arabic while living in Qatar you can have a conversation with a Qatari in their language and thus gain their respect, feel completely at ease with the Qatari people and the culture, open doors in your career, strike friendships with Arab speakers, learn more about the Qatari culture, be able to read slogans or signs, read the Quraan with understanding and gain a deeper perspective of the Arabic-speaking world. 883 more words


Juha, the Middle East’s Heroic Everyman

15 August 2017 | The Economist

First appearing in the ninth century, tales of the wise old fool and his donkey are still beloved across the region… 866 more words