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The Biblical Joshua in al-Qur'an, etc.

Something that I do is to go along to our local vicar’s Bible Studies gathering. She invites people into her house to eat with her family and to discuss some passages from the Bible. 759 more words


12 Palestinian Films That Will Open Your Eyes

Art has become one of the greatest forms of modern storytelling and healing. For the Palestinian community in particular, films have offered a platform for their narrative to be told, while reminiscing  about “ 427 more words


12 Indie Arabic Songs You Can Ugly Cry To

I can’t, you can’t, we can’t anymore! We finished the tub of ice cream, the tissue box, and three bottles of Merlot, khalas its time to stop ugly crying to Adele’s new album… 126 more words


To Arab Mothers On American Mother’s Day

Here’s to the women who gave up their friends, family and the comfort of their homeland to travel to a land completely foreign to them. To the women who took a risk moving across the world, knowing that one day it would be the best choice they made for their children. 482 more words


Rana Makhlouf

Hello World !
I teach Arabic for non native speakers, there are free videos and samples. 10 more words