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Spotlight on Sumatra

We have told you about coffee from many parts of the world, from Brazil to Guatemala, Argentina to Ethiopia. Today, we are going to tell you about a region that you may not know very well— 552 more words


Creepy Coffees for Halloween

As soon as the month of October rolls around, it’s the start of party planning, pumpkin carving, and the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume. For many, none of that is as important as candy. 349 more words


Fellowship with my Brother in Christ

Enjoyed the fellowship with my Brother in Christ, over the past 2 days. 45 more words

Arabica Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Processing

You’ve probably wondered at some point how coffee beans are actually produced from their initial form as a coffee cherry. There’s a lot of work that goes into… 643 more words

Coffee Processing

Caffeine or No Caffeine?

There are a whole lot of misconceptions about caffeine.  It’s found naturally in many of your everyday favorites, including coffee, tea, and chocolate.  Caffeine is also added to all sorts of soft drinks, energy drinks, medicines, and more.  296 more words


It's the Shit...Coffee that is...Especially Robusta Coffee Beans

The world’s coffee is grown in many countries in the coffee belt, or in between the tropic of capricorn and the tropic of cancer near the equator. 324 more words

Coffee Fun Facts

Ditch the K-cups if You Want Quality Single-serve Coffee

First let me explain the K-cup phenomenon for those under a rock:  K-cups are tiny plastic sealed cups that are pre-filled with ground coffee (ick!).  They are placed in a special coffee brewer and used to brew a single-serving cup of coffee. 899 more words

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