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Why the World is Always Attacking Israel

The easy answer is that it is because Israel has far more nations which have developed a bifurcated set of relations with Israel; one condemnatory taking the Arabist view that Israel causes conflict as they attempt to incorporate more land and the other taking any and all the advances which the world is benefiting from as Israel writes new Apps, compiles programs upon which computers are run and for protecting computer systems from malware and attack as well as discoveries and inventions too numerous to list. 3,723 more words


Underestimation and misjudgement of the Muslim threat; a possible reason for the Roman defeat in the 7th century A.D.

“Roman histories and manuals of warfare contain no special wisdom on how to defend Palestine, Syria, or Roman Mesopotamia, or Egypt or what were the best tactics and strategy and forms of military operations to employ in fighting against Arabs 623 more words


Arab nomads in Imperial Roman service

“The best sources of military manpower for the defense of Syria, Palestine, and Roman Mesopotamia in the early seventh century were: (1) Arab beduin on the periphery of the empire, although many Arabs were also settled in the towns and villages, and (2) the… 1,043 more words



 A young Moorish woman is the subject of this vintage ethnographic photogravure postcard. The Moors were Muslim people of the mixed Berber and Arabs inhabiting Northwest Africa. 77 more words

Real Photo Postcard (RPPC)

The Graeco-Arabic 'renaissance' in medieval times: why did it fail?

Here we present selected parts from the “Journal of Islamic Research, Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2015, pp. 1-15, Editor’s Preface“, by Saer El-Jaichi. 1,624 more words


Did Prime Minister Trudeau screw up Indo-Canadian relations, again?

According to a report by Rahul Kalvapalle of Global News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, yet again, managed to annoy India, the world greatest democracy and an emerging major social, economic and military power, by, yet again, pandering to a domestic political pressure group ~ Sikh Canadians ~ at the expense of our diplomatic and trade relationships. 810 more words

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Trump Deal of the Century to Die a Tormented Death

The very first reason that President Trump’s overly touted Deal of the Century will never fly is quite simple, the people crafting the plan. When you browse the names of those who have had access to the plan and were instrumental in its crafting, the problem becomes glaringly evident. 1,365 more words