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This Web Site is prmarily intended for persons who have intractable pain and their families. 330 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

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Arachnoid Cyst

Pain, can’t live with it, can’t live without it

Is there such a thing as level 15, what have I done to myself….. planted a few flowers, what a mistake and how in the world did I do this before, all the time, and not ever be in pain. 402 more words

Arachnoid Cyst


I hate waiting, especially for results on tests…. had the MRI on my Thoracic yesterday, this was the first MRI done with contrast. The guy doing the MRI said it was ordered this way, will take about 20 minutes and he will stop about half way through to give me the contrast injection. 324 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

Another pain day pushed through

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and Wal-Mart with my husband, I was feeling pretty good, we were probably gone a little over an hour. 212 more words

Arachnoid Cyst


Not a word I believe in, just a temporary state of consciousness….

Arachnoid Cyst

Regular Rehab Ends, A New Chapter in My Recovery Begins, A Sad Outcome (Part 12)

After seven months of regularly attending the rehabilitation unit, I had a review with the staff who were responsible for my rehab. They concluded that there was nothing else they could offer that I wasn’t already doing to improve my neurological deficits, I had reached the ceiling with regards to the therapy that they could provide. 1,143 more words

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