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Regular Rehab Ends, A New Chapter in My Recovery Begins, A Sad Outcome (Part 12)

After seven months of regularly attending the rehabilitation unit, I had a review with the staff who were responsible for my rehab. They concluded that there was nothing else they could offer that I wasn’t already doing to improve my neurological deficits, I had reached the ceiling with regards to the therapy that they could provide. 1,143 more words

Brain Surgery

Neurologist visit

Went to the Neurologist today, he voiced his opinion on Arachnoid Cyst, funny when you know what is going on and you get dismissed by a professional as “it isn’t causing any symptoms, it is nothing. 332 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

Large Arachnoid Cyst and Concussion

About eight years ago, on a dark summer night, I bumped my head by quickly walking right into a garage door. I hit the front of my head on the edge of the old rickety door that hadn’t gone up all the way – I hit it so hard that I bounced right off of it. 1,369 more words


Sensations of Arachnoiditis

I am sitting here in the recliner in the bedroom, eyes are closed, the recliner is out. One leg is stretched out, the other is bent at the knee. 429 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

Pain of Arachnoid Cyst

It doesn’t matter what you take, how long you sit, stand or lay down, you cannot escape the pain.

I can be relaxed, as much as I can, with distractions and all of the sudden I have excruciating sharp pains in both of my hands. 257 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

Another day

I had a hard time walking the other day, don’t ask me which one, I can’t remember. I hit my knee on something. A table or whatever and now my knee feels like it is buckling when I am walking. 113 more words

Arachnoid Cyst