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The Week of Appointments and Surgery

Sunday the 14th

We made it through the first night, but not without a tremendous amount of pain. Traveling takes the wind out of me. We made it to the apartment last night and I didn’t even unpack because the pain hit me so fast. 3,060 more words

Arachnoid Cyst

2 weeks to the Week of Surgery

Week 2 was smooth. I was accepting that I was leaving and going back and forth about my decision. I kept really busy. I was going shopping, seeing people, getting meals from my favorite places that I knew I would crave while I was in Texas. 1,990 more words

4 weeks to 2 weeks

Okay. So now I can count from 30 and see my surgery within the same calendar “area”. This is really something I am planning for. After so long, I still don’t believe it, but you know Ill go along with it. 618 more words

8 weeks to 4 weeks before surgery

So after leaving Houston with a diagnosis, I was in awe. Someone with “neuro” in front of their name listened to me and took me seriously. 846 more words

August, September, October

So every year I am supposed to get an annual MRI to make sure my cyst hasn’t grown. I scheduled my MRi the second week out August and forgot about it until that day. 2,117 more words

Arachnoid Cysts *(Uh-Rack-Noid)

Arachnoid Cysts are a little bit different than Pineal Cysts. They arise from Arachnoid tissue throughout the entire body and are more common on your spine and frontal lobe of the brain, as well as various random spots on your body – like throat, arms, legs, etc. 277 more words