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Revelation 12:15 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:15

Rejoicing Nourish Agreement Assent
Fulfill Genuine Refreshing Union
Current Harmonious Fasten Willing

Magiera: And the serpent threw water as a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that the water would cause her to be carried away. 1,627 more words

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Revelation 12:14 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:14

Convey Beloved Peaceful Succession Dawning
Cherish Surrender Devotion Acknowledge
Encircle Complete Fulfillment Satisfaction
Open Gentle Heart Meet Union Divine

Magiera: And two wings of a large eagle were given to the woman, so that she would fly to the wilderness to her place to be fed there a time, times, and half of a time, from before the face of the serpent. 2,267 more words

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Revelation 10:5 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 10:5

Shepherd Yearning Undertake Responsibility
Empowering Sacrifice Gathering Together
Rest Embrace Joy Alongside Abiding

Magiera: And the angel that I saw standing on the sea and on the dry land, who lifted his hand to heaven, 1,991 more words

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Revelation 12:12 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:12

Attention Singing Sustain Unswerving Union
Encircle Connection All Embracing
Care Exalted Fasten Suitable Ornament
Covenant Demonstrative Wholeheartedly Expend
Soul Recognition Glowing Attest To Mutual Agreement… 2,708 more words

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Revelation 12:11 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:11

Assured Fulfillment Turn Into Joy
Answer Mutual Intention Validate Immediate
Nourish Vital Principle Humble Flood

Magiera: And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by way of the word of his testimony and they did not love their own lives, until death. 1,647 more words

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Revelation 12:10 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:10

Consent Emanate Fruitful Completion
Kindle Discourse Affinity Cleave
Yield Passionate Accession Unswerving
Liberate Consummate Oneness Yearning
Seal Committed Relationship Wreath
Blessing Anticipate Sweetness… 2,624 more words

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Revelation 12:9 in Poetic Verse

Revelation 12:9

Enlarge Heart Possession Yearning
Entwine Honorable Desire
Summon Sustained Secure Relationship
Enfold Union All Embracing
Love Yoke Bind Willing Affinity Rejoicing

Magiera: And the great dragon was thrown out, that chief serpent, who is called the Accuser and Satan, who deceived the whole earth. 2,727 more words

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