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I Love A Mystery!

To prove it, when the late Kay Hardman Enell, my folklore colleague and friend, and I were doing research in Hollywood during the 1980s, a local newspaper labeled us “The Snoop Sisters.” Decades have passed, but the inquisitiveness gene still pulsates. 448 more words


60 Seconds Bible Words Quiz

Biblical Words Series:

N.T. Greek  –  O.T. Hebrew  –  O.T. Aramaic The following quiz should be fairly easy for anyone who’s been reading the Bible for a while. 104 more words



Origin: Greek, Aramaic

Meaning: from Greek Bartimaios meaning “son of Timaeus” from Aramaic bar which means “son” and Greek name Timaeus meaning “to honor”.

Bart and Barty are short forms of the name.



Origin: English, Aramaic

Meaning: the English form of Bartholomaios, the Greek form of an Aramaic name, Bar-Talmai, meaning “son of Talmai”, the first part, Bar, meaning “son” in Aramaic. 46 more words



Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: gazelle

Tabby and Tibby are diminutive forms of the name.

Variants: Tabatha, Tabita

Dorcas is the Greek translation of Tabitha, also meaning “gazelle”




“Jesus said to her, “I am he, the one who is speaking with you” (John 4:26); the divine integrity of the cosmic script gives us confidence in trials which is sanctified according to divine law. 288 more words


The Lord's Prayer

Today’s gospel contains what is probably the most familiar text in Christianity. We know it as The Lord’s Prayer. (MT 6:7-15) Recently I listened to a series of lectures about the prayer by Neil Douglas-Klotz, a scholar of Aramaic, the language that Jesus likely spoke in his everyday life.  392 more words