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Ecolinguism in Israel: Another place where languages go to die

The modern State of Israel recognizes two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Nearly all of its Jewish citizens came from somewhere else within the last 2-3 generations. 732 more words


Liberated from IS group, Iraqi Christians look to rebuild ancient heartland


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Latest update : 2016-10-29

As the coalition battling the Islamic State (IS) group pushes towards Mosul, Christian towns and villages in the surrounding region are being liberated. 594 more words

Where no fear was

Oh, this is lovely:

God or no god, this is a sound to pierce the heavens.

h/t: Rod Dreher


Füssen: A Bavarian wonderland

Stepping off the train in Füssen, the visitor is greeted by the epic geography of the Ammergau Alps. This little village is on the tourist radar because of exactly one thing: the 19th-centruy hilltop castle Neuschwanstein. 677 more words


There are no words

Came across this video on Facebook, shared by the Society for Eastern Rite Anglicanism (SERA).

This is Psalm 51 (50 in the Septuagint), chanted in Aramaic, which is the language that Jesus Christ himself spoke. 410 more words

Suzanne McCarthy on Genesis 3:16

Well before the ESV Permanent text announcement and the blogging around the peculiarity of the new and now-final rendering of Genesis 3:16, Suzanne McCarthy had a few things to say. 309 more words


What about US?!

Tosafos (Daf 3a) tells us the reason Kaddish was written in Aramaic; The Gemara says that the universe exists on the merit of the yehei shmei rabbah answered for the Kaddish D’rabbanan recited after Shiur. 387 more words