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Aramaic Literature in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Aramaic Literature in the Dead Sea Scrolls
by Andrew B. Perrin
Readers of the New Testament may know that Jesus’ native language was likely Aramaic, the language of the first-century Jews living in the Galilee. 755 more words

Ancient Paths

Jesus, Translations, Faith, and Worldly Corruption

It has been on my heart to know God deeper.

I yearn to know God deeper, more intimately. I accept Jesus, yet I do not accept Jesus. 283 more words

If I time traveled to Israel in the times of King David, how much of my Hebrew would people understand?

Interesting question. The good news is that the Hebrew of King David’s time is closer to modern Hebrew than that of the Second Temple period (with its considerable Aramaic influences). 113 more words



“The holy book of Muslims, the Quran, was originally written in Arabic so I’m sure if you ask around many Muslims would have had some interface or interaction with Arabic. 132 more words

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Save the Christians

I am now in possession of a Christian bible written in the ancient language of Aramaic — that’s what Jesus spoke.

It’s written from right to left, like Hebrew is; looks a bit like Arabic. 133 more words