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Translation Vs. Transliteration

Transliteration involves rendering a language from one writing system to another.

Though it sounds similar to translation, they are two different processes with very different goals. 463 more words

St. Mark’s Syriac Orthodox Church

St. Mark’s belongs to one of the most ancient Christian denominations in the Holy Land: the Syriac Orthodox. A tradition developed in antiquity that the Last Supper and the first speaking in tongues, also marked on nearby Mount Zion, took place at John Mark’s house. 47 more words


Our Father?

The prayer most commonly known as Our Father or Pater Noster in the Christian faith is, most likely, one of the most patriarchal prayers of all time.  276 more words


What langauge was spoken by the Judeans during the Hashmonean period? Was it Hebrew or Arameac?

(My answer to this question at Quora.com)

The experts are divided on this question: some think that Judeans carried on speaking Aramaic after their return from Babylon, and used Hebrew only in prayer and Scripture writing and Talmudic debates; others think that they reverted to speaking Hebrew on return from Babylon (or had even maintained it while in Babylonian exile), and spoke Aramaic as a second language, since it was the lingua franca of the entire Middle East. 391 more words


I Love A Mystery!

To prove it, when the late Kay Hardman Enell, my folklore colleague and friend, and I were doing research in Hollywood during the 1980s, a local newspaper labeled us “The Snoop Sisters.” Decades have passed, but the inquisitiveness gene still pulsates. 448 more words


60 Seconds Bible Words Quiz

Biblical Words Series:

N.T. Greek  –  O.T. Hebrew  –  O.T. Aramaic The following quiz should be fairly easy for anyone who’s been reading the Bible for a while. 104 more words



Origin: Greek, Aramaic

Meaning: from Greek Bartimaios meaning “son of Timaeus” from Aramaic bar which means “son” and Greek name Timaeus meaning “to honor”.

Bart and Barty are short forms of the name.