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Thaddeus is the Greek form of Aramaic Thaddai, a name of unknown meaning though it could be derived from an Aramaic word meaning “heart”. It’s just as likely that it could be the Aramaic form of… 50 more words


Aramaic alphabet

Syriac script

  1. ܐ
  2. ܒ
  3. ܓ
  4. ܕ
  5. ܗ
  6. ܘ
  7. ܙ
  8. ܚ
  9. ܛ
  10. ܝ
  11. ܟ
  12. ܠ
  13. ܡ
  14. ܢ
  15. ܣ
  16. ܥ
  17. ܦ
  18. ܨ
  19. ܩ
  20. ܪ
  21. ܫ
  22. ܬ

Imperial Aramaic

  1. 𐡀
  2. 𐡁
  3. 𐡂‬
  4. 𐡃‬
  5. 𐡄
  6. 𐡅
  7. 𐡆
  8. 𐡇
  9. 𐡈
  10. 𐡉
  11. 𐡊
  12. 𐡋
  13. 𐡌
  14. 𐡍
  15. 𐡎
  16. 𐡏
  17. 𐡐
  18. 𐡑
  19. 𐡒
  20. 𐡓
  21. 𐡔
  22. ‬‬‬‬𐡕

Why Are There So Many Bible Translations?

Who ever thought that buying a Bible would be an overwhelming experience? You just go to the store and grab one, right? Well…no. You go to the store and you have to choose between this translation and that translation, between this study Bible and that study Bible. 1,888 more words


Aramaic chant

I was sent this by my friend Genista:

Aramaic chant

In 2007 I visited my brother in Syria. We were lucky enough to go on an expedition north from Damascus to various sites- there was so much stuff to see and the countryside in April was full of wild flowers. 114 more words

H&S: Passover

10th april 2003, 9.32-10.00am, on bbc world service radio
jewish passover (in the heart and soul series)

“The programme examines the blessing in Aramaic which starts the Jewish festival of Passover, and other aspects of Passover, such as celebrating the exodus of the Jews from slavery.” 22 more words

Is there any difference between the pre-exile Biblical Hebrew and post-Exile Biblical Hebrew?

Hugely, yes.

Post-Exile (First Exile, that is—in Babylon), Hebrew was flooded with Aramaic words and expressions, as the returning Judeans sought to introduce the sophistication of the prestigious and cosmopolitan Babylon, where they had lived for over three generations, into the provincial backwater of their ancestral land, where only poor and barely literate Judeans ( 149 more words