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British Wool, Harris Tweed

I’m a sucker for traditional aran hand knits, buying wool in remote locations on holiday, and saving it for long British winter nights ….. 


Two Fathers, Two Nations

Comparing Gandhi and Ataturk

Mohandas Gandhi and Mustafa Kemal. Both have so much in common. They both liberated their home country (both from the British… funny), and both received a name meaning Father (Ataturk actually means Father of the Turks, but whatever). 970 more words


A Day in the Life

Maybe not a typical day, but we’d like to present a day in our lives as global travelers, here in Siem Reap, Cambodia: 1,484 more words

Our Travels

Charity Shop Pattern Finds #2

Soooo I’ve been at it again (searching charity shops for awesome knitting patterns that is!) and this time I think I’ve found some real gems! 224 more words


My Easter Poncho

I’ve started a poncho to crochet up over the Easter break, however I couldn’t help myself and started early.  Loving the collar so far, and LOVING the yarn – great colour, smooth and silky to work with, and stitches up fast. 15 more words


Yarns that have passed onto my needles so far!

Fils à tricoter qui sont passés sur mes aiguilles jusqu’à présent !

Picking yarn when contemplating a knitting project is definitely a tough one for me, between the thickness of the thread, whether it’s cotton, wool, mohair, silk etc., many things have to be taken into account and I have yet so much to learn about ply and other strange yarn-related weight/measurement characteristics. 584 more words