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Every dog has his rough day…

University of Michigan Resources

          Ann Arbor, Michigan is most known for being home to the prestigious University of Michigan and ‘The Big House’. It is the fifth largest city in Michigan, with a population of 113,934 people, including the 28,283 undergraduate students arrive each fall (Ann Arbor, Michigan par.1). 1,516 more words

Ann Arbor Events

Nick DeCaprio & Nick Boka

Dr. Ferszt

Writing 100- 204

August 3, 2015

Ann Arbor: Home of the Greatest and Most Diverse University

Students of the University of Michigan are extremely fortunate for all of the fantastic surroundings the campus offers. 1,082 more words

Summer Bridge, University Of Michigan

Housewrap of the Future

Doug Cameron is a Healthy, High-Performance Builder & Remodeler with EcoSafe Spaces Design+Build in Austin, TX 8 more words


The Use of University Resources

There are various ways to broaden your knowledge at the University of Michigan. In our generation today, we tend to focus more on things on the internet rather than the tangible things in our city. 1,675 more words


Ann Arbor Sites to See

Ann Arbor Sites to See

Ann Arbor, Michigan is a spectacular city that people should definitely visit. It is most well known for being home to the prestigious University of Michigan and its Big House, the largest college football stadium in the nation. 1,313 more words

Ann Arbor Art Fair