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Great Events at The University of Michigan

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The Arb or Nicholas Arboretum was designed in 1909 by O.C. Simonds (Wikipedia. par 2). The Arb is a place that Daniel and I did not even know existed, so it came as a shock to know that The Arb was located right behind our dorm. 1,032 more words

University of Michigan Resources

The University of Michigan’s Resources

The University of Michigan offers many resources available on campus and throughout the city of Downtown Ann Arbor. These resources vary in art, history, and the environment. 1,453 more words


University of Michigan Resources Project

UM Resources PPT (2)

          The University of Michigan features an endless amount of resources that serve to provide knowledge as well as captivate teachers, faculty, and visitors all across campus. 1,459 more words


In my ‘TOMS’ paper, I began with a quote from Blake Mycoskie’s book Start Something that Matters to draw the reader in and grab their attention.   127 more words

Your Amazing Kidneys – what do they do exactly?

Your kidneys clean the blood and manage water

Kidneys – most people have two. Their function is essential for life. If they stop working, then other types of filtration have to be used. 1,219 more words