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May Newsletter

Hi Friends,

How is your month of May so far! Look at me, I am on the ball so early this month (sort of, haha)! I think that is because my semester is over and I have some time back to think about other things. 1,750 more words

April Catch Up

(reprinted from April)
Hi Friends,

Sorry for losing touch this past month. I really feel like March came and went and I didn’t even have a chance to process it. 1,217 more words

February Newsletter

(reprint from February)

First, I just wanted to say “thank you!” to everyone who expressed their encouragement and comments to my first ever newsletter last month. 1,294 more words

January Newsletter

(reprint from January) 

Healthy Balanced Living

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my 1st ever newsletter. I know how busy you are and you probably already get an overloaded inbox everyday, so this this means a lot to me. 772 more words


Figuring Out My Priorities aka Adulting

It’s been a while since my last post; spring is always an extremely busy time for our family, my business, and life in general! I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking, soul searching, and giving myself some tough love. 1,158 more words

Personal Development

Gluten Free Lipsticks: Wherefore Art Thou?

Having Celiac’s Disease is really a thorn in my side when it comes to choosing my beauty products. Most of the time I am adept at scanning labels in the drug store, but every once in awhile after bringing a product home and using it a few times, I’ll glance at the label again only to find wheat in the ingredients. 846 more words


Cobb Makes Salad Fancy

If I’m going to feed my husband salad for dinner it better be hearty AND you know it’s gonna be VEGAN! Gigantic Monster Salad doesn’t sound as fancy, so here’s my Cobb Salad. 94 more words