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A Superpark Standout Recap with Scotty Vine

Words by Justin Phipps and Scotty Vine.

Here’s an interview I just got to do with Scotty Vine. This kinda started when I needed some help with a trick and so my buddy, Seth Hill, hooked me up with his number and we talked on the phone about it and after then we just stayed in touch. 1,255 more words

An Interview With..

Wyoming Native Mark Carter Slaying The Tetons

Always nice to see a guy flourish in his own backyard….

“Few men can flip calves and ride horses as gracefully as they can flip tricks and ride mountains. 115 more words


Mark Carter drops pow filled full part for Arbor Snowboards

Few men can flip calves and ride horses as gracefully as they can flip tricks and ride mountains. Growing up on a cattle ranch in 10 Sleep, Wyoming, Mark Carter learned true grit from a young age and it shines through in his own personal brand of snowboarding. 80 more words


Arbor Snowboards Welcomes The Legendary Bryan Iguchi

“Snowboarding has given me a deep connection to the mountains. Arbor’s tree icon is symbolic of this to me. Their roots building boards with wood grain topsheets is something I’ve always appreciated. 63 more words


Curtis Woodman's Surf the Earth: Episode 4 - Tahoe

Curtis grew up in the mountains that surround Lake Tahoe, California so it shouldn’t come across as a surprise that he knows the area better than most. 87 more words


Arbor Snowboards: The Postcard Series - Wyoming

The Buffalo Bills and The Buffalo Sabres are sports teams based out of Buffalo, NY but the American Buffalo is a the state animal of the 10th most extensive, but least populous, and second least densely populated of the 50 United States, which just so happens to be called Wyoming. 64 more words


Curtis Woodman's Surf The Earth Full Part

Curtis Woodman has been gracing the snowboard world with quality footage for nearly a decade. With ender parts in the Neoproto and Think Thank filmographies, Curtis has cemented his place as one of snowboarding saltiest, surfiest, most barreled-est dawgs. 22 more words