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Steamed Hot-Dogs For The Soul

I play the cello like a constipated redneck under pressure in a Jiggs chemical toilet

There’s huge lineup outside
Explaining the pressure
And Kyle Busch is about to win his race… 54 more words

Floridian Poet

NOS Alive romantivism and travel bits

9th July Lisboa NOS Alive music Fest last night (but not our last day)

Went to Cascais – us six plus the girls – Rox Nicolette si Andreea. 740 more words

một vài cảnh ở ngoại ô,

“Scenes From The Suburbs” (2010) là một bộ phim ngắn dài 30 phút khác cũng được đạo diễn bởi Spike Jonze. Tuy nhiên khác với… 799 more words

Chuyện Phim ảnh

Google Maps + HTML 5 + Arcade Fire = Chrome Experiments

Chris Milk’s interactive film for Arcade Fire’sThe Wilderness Downtown” is a Chrome Experiment that is handful of years old. Since the first time I saw saw it, the interactive experience has improved quite a bit, most likely the result of… 223 more words

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

(Indie Rock)

This is what my music odyssey is all about–filtering until I get to a point where on any random day I’m going to have a run of albums I love. 40 more words

The Week in Reviews

Arcade Fire ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
When we knew that Reflektor, or something like it, was coming – when we walked out the front door of our house under the train line to see it stamped on the railway bridge – we dusted off the old Arcade Fire albums to listen to at every opportunity. 466 more words

JM Wilson