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This has been a week of remembering my high school days through music, unintentionally. I listened to this incredible interview on Sound Opinions (I loved it so much I listened to it twice….click here to get to it) with Peter Hook from Joy Division/New Order… 45 more words

*sighs*  Okay, guys…  Bear with me, but I couldn’t let this YouTube clip get by un-accosted.

“That’s not a good thing when you have a fire in an arcade.”   113 more words


Will Butler: Policy

For those of you that can’t wait for the next Arcade Fire album, the new album from member Will Butler, Policyis the closest thing to one you’ll get this year. 37 more words

Arcade Fire: ‘Reflektor’

Arcade Fire has never been known for its sense of humor.

The sprawling Montreal ensemble shot to the top of the indie rock pecking order with three albums of earnest, plangent, fitfully electric anthems about childhood and death, with a sprinkling of geopolitical dirges and riffs on the corrosive influence of technology. 736 more words


P-A-R-T-Y Wasn't I Invited?!

I’m the type of person who sometimes lives in fear – fear of missing out, or as it’s more popularly known FOMO (often seen with a hashtag in front of it). 589 more words


Song of the Day: Cave-O-Sapien

In 2011, my brother introduced me to one of my favorite bands–Wolf Parade. The group hailed from Montreal, were signed to Sub Pop Records, and had a sound unlike any I had heard before (I was in 10th grade, my music taste was supremely bad). 135 more words