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Arcade-in-a-box Tournament Center opens in Tuscon, AZ

If you are looking to open up an entertainment business, whether it is an arcade or something similar, one modern twist on the coin-op arcade center model is to open a place where people can come and play console games, without the need of coin-operated mechanisms to control the way a game is played. 555 more words

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The Sega Honeymoon

My good lady ain’t in to the games. I’ve tried to convert over the years, but she won’t have it. But there are some men out there in the world who’s other halfs are thier gaming buddies too. 45 more words


Tokyo Game Action closes

It’s always sad to see an arcade closing, but this one is particularly heartbreaking. Tokyo Game Action of Wichendon, MA has been forced to shut down with immediate effect, with a liquidation sale to be held in May in order to secure as much cash for the creditors as possible. 158 more words


Another new FEC opens tomorrow - Xscape in Indianapolis

When it rains, it pours at least when it comes to new facility news. Here is another FEC opening up in the US, this time in Indianapolis, IN, to be called Xscape. 297 more words


New FEC called Kids Castle opens in Burbank, CA + some other arcade/economic news

(Photo: Alex Collins/Leader)

While it’s generally been accepted that there is a ‘worldwide economic slowdown’ (although personally I never am quick to believe that it’s always as bad as the news says it is since they have a vested interest in fearmongering for ratings) that isn’t slowing down the news we’re getting of new arcade locations opening up all over the place. 307 more words

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Chuck E. Cheese - where adults can't learn to play nice

At the very first arcade that I worked at, they had a large area of redemption games and of course a redemption desk. For the most part things went smoothly there but on occasion we’d get the ‘pleasure’ of watching an adult throw a larger tantrum than any spoiled child we ever saw there. 428 more words

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