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How to fixed single-click in Dolphin

Dolphin now uses the System-wide setting rather than having it’s own setting.

Just change the “Icons” value under: System Settings -> Input Devices -> Mouse… 10 more words

Intel Skylake graphics flicker on Arch Linux

Recently, I had the opportunity to install Arch Linux on a brand new laptop based on the Intel Skylake architecture. Immediately after installing Google Chrome, I began to experience intense screen flicker. 83 more words


running docker on the raspberry pi 3

These are early days for me, but I’ve managed to get Docker up and running on my Raspberry Pi 3 (quad core 1GHz ARMv7 (v7l), 1GB DRAM). 271 more words

Raspberry Pi

running rpi3 applications that use gpio without being root

When I last wrote about using the Raspberry Pi 3’s GPIO pins, it was with my simple and silly cylon.js application (see “retesting gpio with node.js and onoff with the raspberry pi 3… 384 more words

Raspberry Pi

Compiling FreeCAD from source on Arch Linux

Getting the source:

git clone https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD free-cad-code

Getting the dependencies:

You will need the following libraries from the official repositories:

Just use:

sudo pacman -Syu  boost-libs curl hicolor-icon-theme libspnav opencascade python2-pivy python2-matplotlib python2-pyside python2-shiboken qtwebkit shared-mime-info xerces-c boost cmake coin desktop-file-utils eigen gcc-fortran swig xerces-c… 51 more words


Fixing unknown public key

While installing a package from AUR I got the following error:

FAILED (unknown public key 2E1AC68ED40814E0)

The fix was to download the public key with gpg: 41 more words


Ignore mplayer config for one run

I got the following error from mplayer:
FATAL: Could not initialize video filters (-vf) or video output (-vo).

I have VDPAU set in .mplayer/config by default. 29 more words