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Forking - The Mirrored Efforts

I wrote about software forking before, but some new ideas came to my mind so I decided to share with the community. Forking is one of those phenomena which bridge the gap between sociology, psychology, biology, technology and many related fields of study. 858 more words


surprise! django runs on arch linux arm on a rasperry pi 3 after all!

tl;dr: It was permissions issues that kept Django from executing properly on Arch ARM and the Raspberry Pi 3. Read on for the details.

Well, looks like I have to walk back that snide comment about Arch running on a Raspberry Pi 3. 378 more words

Raspberry Pi

a tale told by an idiot

I have been wrestling recently with a series of self-imposed requirements that sprang from two personal needs; the first being the development of “sane” native tools and libraries for manipulating Raspberry Pi 3 built-in peripherals (GPIO being at the top of my list), and the second being a way to find a common language and framework that would work across multiple operating systems, those operating systems being Arch Linux ARM, Mac OS X, and Windows 10. 643 more words

Raspberry Pi

Debugging Bugzilla

I spent the last hour setting up Bugzilla again along some other tools. Previously, I was side tracked when setting it up. I run Nginx as a Web Server and Bugzilla seems to prefer Apache. 62 more words


In the beginning

So in the beginning, my interest in Computers began at the age of around 7. My older brother required a new PC for College. After spending much time playing with the PC and seeing how it all worked, I started to disassemble the machine, to see its inner workings. 143 more words


Developer/Systems Engineer

This is my first post from a professional perspective, so bear with me as I develop my skills in articulating my thoughts further. First off, I love Software Development, Systems Administration and Engineering, Building, Repairing, Creating and all things IT in General. 189 more words