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Getting a GUI in arch the continuing saga.

So by now I should probably be thinking that getting a desktop installed and configured is not this lengthy or difficult.  Truth be told it’s not I just enjoy tinkering with things until I have what I want.  553 more words


Perl module installation

If doing Perl programming or if another package requires a Perl module, learning how to install one may become necessary. The recommended way to install a Perl module is through the distribution’s repositories, however, they can be installed manually with Perl. 338 more words


Getting a GUI in Arch version 2.0

So after messing around with KDE in my Arch installation I still couldn’t get behavior that I was happy with.  I am able to get a desktop environment from it as long as I don’t use a display manager.  365 more words


GPT LUKS LVM Arch Install Guide 2016


Hey everyone. I decided to make this install guide because I found most other guides out there now either out of date, or not quite what I needed for my particular system. 1,601 more words


Getting a GUI in Arch

My goal for this post was to get a desktop environment installed on my virtualbox install of Arch.  I tend to like the KDE plasma desktop.  478 more words


Opera browser in Arch Linux: A very mature and professional browser

I was surprised, quite pleasantly, to read that Opera browser is a pioneer in browser technology as per Wikipedia

Opera has been noted for originating many features later adopted by other web browsers.

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Meet Topanga, my Arch Linux Boot!

Happy New Year everyone!

A lot happened in 2015 for me, especially in the computer side of things.

My Hewlett Packard (HP Pavilion m6 w/ AMD Quad Core A8 4500M APU @ 2.0GHz and AMD Radeon Dedicated Graphics (1GB) w/ 8GB RAM) finally gave up on me. 1,319 more words