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Some Tricky Rules with Iptables!

Welcome Friends, today we i’ll present some rules that might be beneficial to you! I’ll write about

Arch Linux

How to make iptable rules in Arch Linux?

This tutorial is for beginners who wants to learn iptable (the firewall system) in linux and use it on Arch. I am Shantanu Sharma. Welcome to my blog. 900 more words

Arch Linux

Revenge: Installer for Arch Linux

Even though I’ve said senior Arch Linux forum members have palpable antagonism toward Arch derivatives Antergos, Apricity and Manjaro Linux, you can still easily install Arch yourself and have a regular, pure Arch system. 272 more words


Too Many Options

I cannot decide. There are too many options. A Microsoft Windows person would have no idea.

It’s all the fault of Linux, or more properly “GNU/Linux” pronounced “Gah-New Lin-ux” or sometimes “Gah-New Lin-ox.” Much to the distress of the GNU people who provide all the software for Linux and BSD systems, nobody wants to say “Gan-New” before “Linux.” The harsh reality is this: the vast majority of the public just calls it Linux. 844 more words


Beginner Linux Distributions: From a experienced user perspective

Personally I’m using Arch Linux with Xfce a lot in the last time. A friend of mine also started to switching over from Windows 10 to Linux. 1,489 more words


Chrome OS

I got a Asus Chromebook Flip a few days ago. It’s not the new one, it’s the old one. I got it as a backup laptop. 458 more words


Manjaro Linux: The User-Friendly Arch Distro

Manjaro has been around for a while. It’s basically Arch for newbies. I like to think of it as the Ubuntu of the Arch world. 44 more words