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Arch Linux

Arch assim como o Slackware é uma distribuição KISS. O sistema é baseado em torno de arquivos binários, que são classificados como i686 e x86_64, sendo um sistema parecido com os ports/ebuild está disponivel para a compilação automática dos pacotes, trata-se do Arch Build Systema. 59 more words

Running Arch Linux from a live ISO

Recently I decided to try another Linux distro – Arch Linux.  I wanted a distro that I could use to experiment with different boot loaders, different partition table setups, different filesystems, etc.   546 more words


Touchpad Settings in Arch Linux

Most of the times your desktop provide settings for your touchpad.
In case you don’t find touchpad settings in your desktop, you need to edit the touchpad configuration file directly. 223 more words


Are you sure you want to use Arch Linux?

All four authors here on *nix Windows are either using Arch Linux or have expressed an interest in trying it out. As a regular Arch user myself, I think Arch Linux is a great distro and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try it out. 1,377 more words


gpio app evolves, and i come to accept coding in c++11

I am easily seduced by the new. I read about how wonderful something is, and I fall like a sack of potatoes for the sales pitch. 845 more words

Raspberry Pi

my third gpio app, now with external program data!

This is my third GPIO application, written in C++ with support from the Boost libraries. My purpose was to strip out the hard-coded LED manipulation pattern so that I could, in effect, “program” how the LEDs would light up, and for how long. 1,005 more words

Raspberry Pi

Smooth video playback @Youtube [Linux]

So recently I’ve been researching about how to get a better video playback experience on Linux when browsing sites like Youtube. Video playback from the early days of Linux was most of the times a headache, especially because there were not many “good” alternative to a lot of proprietary codecs. 530 more words