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Sobre Linux e algumas experiências felizes

Olá, neste curto post quero deixar algumas impressões que tenho tido sobre Linux, Software Livre e essa comunidade em geral.

Desde que me frustrei com o sistema Windows em meados de muitos anos atrás, eu mudei meu sistema operacional principal para Linux, num primeiro momento achei estranho, difícil e até confuso (normal para iniciantes) porém hoje com alguma experiência, instalando e utilizando sistemas operacionais Linux devo dizer que valeu a pena todo o aprendizado até aqui, hoje estou utilizando Arch Linux uma distro dita difícil mas que ao meu ver é tranquilamente “aprendível”. 116 more words


How computer experts (don’t) play music from their computers

It’s 9AM and you’ve just woken up and drank some possibly expired pomegranate juice because it’s the only drink you have. And you’re so thirsty you don’t even really taste it so it’s fine. 354 more words

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Install Sinhala Unicode in Arch Linux

First install wget package and install lklug.ttf font using following commands.

# pacman -S wget
# wget -P /usr/share/fonts http://sinhala.sourceforge.net/files/lklug.ttf
# fc-cache -fv

Now edit /etc/locale.gen file and uncomment si_LK UTF-8 line. 96 more words


Step Up with Arch Linux – Part II – Install from Arch User Repository (AUR)

When using Arch Linux, you may need to install some software in Arch User Repository (AUR). You could use yaourt to install from AUR easily. But yaourt is also in AUR. 386 more words


Step Up with Arch Linux – Part I – Installing Arch Linux (Dual Boot with Windows, UEFI, Over WiFi, Using btrfs File System)

Arch Linux is started by Judd Vinet in March, 2002. Arch is a operating system which is using rolling release model to update the system. So once you install the system, you don’t need to re-install the system to upgrade to new system. 1,125 more words


Linux: Slow or unbearable performance with high memory consumption applications

Well this post title is a bit vague because the issue that have affected me can have several sources, not just the one that I’ll describe. 488 more words


Pogoplug v4 Performance Tuning Future Enhancements

There are some exciting changes coming to the Linux kernel for both ext4 and xfs file systems that have the potential to greatly increase I/O performance on the Pogoplug v4. 154 more words

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