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surprise! django runs on arch linux arm on a rasperry pi 3 after all!

tl;dr: It was permissions issues that kept Django from executing properly on Arch ARM and the Raspberry Pi 3. Read on for the details.

Well, looks like I have to walk back that snide comment about Arch running on a Raspberry Pi 3. 378 more words

Raspberry Pi

a tale told by an idiot

I have been wrestling recently with a series of self-imposed requirements that sprang from two personal needs; the first being the development of “sane” native tools and libraries for manipulating Raspberry Pi 3 built-in peripherals (GPIO being at the top of my list), and the second being a way to find a common language and framework that would work across multiple operating systems, those operating systems being Arch Linux ARM, Mac OS X, and Windows 10. 643 more words

Raspberry Pi

Debugging Bugzilla

I spent the last hour setting up Bugzilla again along some other tools. Previously, I was side tracked when setting it up. I run Nginx as a Web Server and Bugzilla seems to prefer Apache. 62 more words


#Arch Linux: Step 7: Install GNOME and complete installation

GNOME works best on the HiDPI display of this system, but you can install any DE you like. (I also like Cinnamon on it.)

# pacman -S gnome gnome-extra… 115 more words


#Arch Linux: Step 6: Create user and password

First we need to create the root password for the system so that we can perform administrative tasks as root. Run the following command and then enter a password when asked: 111 more words


#Arch Linux: Step 5: Set languages and time zone

I am setting up my system for US English, and choosing EDT as the time zone.

Open the locale.gen file:

# nano /etc/locale.gen

Here you will see the list of languages. 106 more words