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Adding to the Toolbox: Scaling Methods Learned from the Game Theorists

While playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the scale of the ancient world and archaeological questions regarding the landscape and architecture of the Greek world have sprung to mind. 1,031 more words


Digging Through Dragon Age

Special Guest Post from Franki Webb, an archaeologist, writer, and gamer. Follow her on Twitter and on her blog.

By Franki Webb
19 July 2019…

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"Hypnospace Outlaw" and the Archaeological Internet Site

Note: This blog post will have slight spoilers for the recent video game Hypnospace Outlaw, which I highly suggest you play if you haven’t already done so!

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An Introduction to the Archaeology of Horizon Zero Dawn

This is the first of several posts on Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games as a facilitator of archaeological thinking and serves as a brief introduction to the game and the game components for those who have not necessarily played the game recently (or at all). 1,518 more words


Lara Croft: the problematic archaeologist

She proved to the world that women can make exceptional protagonists. She embodies woman empowerment, wit and adversity, but Lara Croft also represents the colonial values of old school archaeology.  867 more words


What's Next

As we begin this new chapter at Archaeogaming.com, I want to start off by introducing myself, what types of questions I want to explore as an archaeogamer, and what kinds of directions I want take the blog. 592 more words


And the Key Goes To...

On March 22, 2019, I announced that I would be stepping away from this blog and from the archaeogaming Twitter account in order to finish my archaeology PhD at the University of York and could then turn my attention to the archaeology of digital things, of which games play ( 330 more words