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Tome Radar

I spent two years living among man’s closest-living species in the desert mudflats of the Arctic. During this time, I lived and breathed as a Puffin would, which of course meant writing some of the best stories any creature has ever come up with. 1,022 more words

Fan Fiction

Archaeologists: New Western Wall prayer site will damage antiquities

Creating a new plaza at the Western Wall will damage “the most important archaeological site for the Jewish people,” nine senior Israeli archaeologists warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, days after plans for a multi-denominational site were announced. 491 more words

Daily News

Stonehenge: The stone wheel that keeps re-inventing itself

In the second feature in our mini-series on Stonehenge, Roy Goutté asks… Is the blatant over-publicising of anything remotely connected to Stonehenge justified, or making archaeologists look foolish? 1,495 more words


What Manuscripts,Inscriptions,Archaeologists mean?

ManuscriptsThere are several ways of finding out about the past. One is to search for and read books that were written long ago. These are called manuscripts, because they were written by hand (this comes from the Latin word ‘manu’, meaning hand). 299 more words


Wreck diving in Valparaiso

Last weekend we went wreck diving in Valparaiso and it was awesome! I will update this soon with more about the wreck and what diving is like here soon, so stay tuned! 15 more words


800-Year-Old Phone Model Was Found By Austrian Archaeologists!

A team of archaeologists in Austria found a remarkable artifact. It was said to be a model made out of clay of a mobile phone. … 29 more words

The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926)

An exhibition entitled ‘The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell’ will open at Newcastle’s Great North Museum on January 30 and run until May. Kevin Clark, writing for the… 136 more words