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4,000 year-old decorated dolmen discovered in Israel


The 4,000 year-old decorated dolmen discovered in Israel

Image credit Gonen Sharon, Tel Hai College


Ginger Perales, writing in the New Historian, reports on the discovery of a decorated dolmen in the Galilee area of Israel – 100 more words


Ramses the Great is discovered in Egypt

The 26-foot tall figure is probably Ramses the Great, the most powerful ruler of ancient Egypt. The quartzite statue was found broken into several pieces in the Matariyyah neighborhood of Cairo by a German-Egyptian archaeological team, first they  discovered the chest before locating its jaw and then eventually its crown. 41 more words


Prehistoric patterns found at an ancient Welsh burial chamber



Side view of the south-eastern chamber looking south-west


The University of Bristol News reports on the complex prehistoric patterns discovered around the site of ancient Welsh burial chamber – 130 more words


Inside the Mind of... Mike Parker Pearson

We continue our occasional series, ‘Inside the Mind‘ with responses from Mike Parker Pearson, Professor of British Later Prehistory at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. 820 more words

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Pioneering Women in Archaeology

As it’s Women’s International Day today here are some outstanding examples of women archaeologists.



Maria Reiche (1903-1998)

Maria Reiche was a German mathematician, which came in handy when she began researching Peru’s Nazca Lines in 1940. 44 more words


Tunnel: The Archaeology of Crossrail

The most complete range of archaeological objects unearthed by Crossrail, Europe’s largest infrastructure project, is now on display alongside the story of this great feat of engineering in a free major exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands. 8 more words


Object of the month: A toy boat that’s sailed through time

A 12th century toy boat with a hole in the middle where a mast could have been stepped
Image credit Åge Hojem, NTNU University Museum… 89 more words