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Fantasy Archaeology Part 4: The Mines of Moria

A thousand apologies for the delay, here finally is the last part of my Nine Worlds Fantasy Archaeology talk.

Humans are boring, time to talk about dwarves and orcs. 1,339 more words

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Fantasy Archaeology part 3: The Argonath

Something suitably monumental for our first site. Everyone should be at least visually familiar with the Argonath – those massive statues of the founders of Gondor on either side of the river Anduin that the Fellowship take their boats past. 1,146 more words

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Fantasy Archaeology part 2: Middle Earth bibliography

Tolkien’s Middle Earth is a good first stop to try out some fantasy archaeology. The Lord of the Rings is a well-known story, and on top of that a lot of supplementary historical information has made its way into our world. 847 more words

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Fantasy Archaeology part 1

Here we go, Fantasy Archaeology: the blog series!

At Nine Worlds a few weeks ago, I gave a talk about archaeological exploration of fantasy worlds, an idea I’ve had for a while and which I’m going to turn into a series on this blog. 507 more words

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Tikal 6: the North Acropolis

The north acropolis at Tikal is a a complex of stairs and temples on the side of a ridge.


Tikal 5: Temple II

Tikal Temple II, the second largest pyramid in the ancient city, is on the west side of the great plaza.



Tikal 4: Great Plaza

Tikal is most famous for Temple 1 and the Great Plaza.  This is a high-res panorama taken from the top of Temple 2, showing the Acropolis (left), Temple 1 (center) and the Palace (right).