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Archaeology Law

Thoughts For Thursday: Metal Detecting, Archaeology, and Museums

I look for stories all week long to put into the weekly feature, Shouldn’t Miss News.  I keep it to five stories a week, which means that some stories aren’t shared or get shared through Facebook.  314 more words


Russia Lists Historic Mansions for Public Auction

There are currently 150,000 architectural monuments in Russia. According to Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinsky, a majority of them are in a “horrific condition.” In order to save these properties from ruin, Medinsky has implemented a plan to auction off the estates and mansions to private citizens who can properly care for and restore them. 204 more words

Archaeology Law

Head of Hades to be Returned to Sicily

The Getty museum has recently announced that it has decided to voluntarily return a terracotta head to the Museo Archeologico in Aidone, Sicily. Researchers at the Getty believe that the head, which they suspect is a depiction of the Greek god Hades, was “clandestinely excavated” from Sicily over forty years ago. 163 more words

Archaeology Law

Smuggled Tyrannosaurus Skeleton at Auction

Described as “a superb Tyrannosaurus skeleton” that “ruled the food chain of the ancient food plains that are today’s Gobi Desert,” an Asian dinosaur skeleton recently sold for over $1 million at Heritage Actions last May. 208 more words

Archaeology Law

Is Legendary Antiquities Expert Douglas Latchford a Fraud?

81-year-old British art collector Douglas A.J. Latchford, known as one of the world’s greatest Khmer antiquities experts, has spent 55 years building his collection of Cambodian treasures. 295 more words

Archaeology Law

Turkey Employs Human Rights Law in Assault on British Museum

In January, Turkey will be turning to human rights law in a novel claim to repatriate sculptures currently housed in the British Museum. The lawsuit could use human rights legislation that has previously been used to overturn the convictions of terrorists to wrest contested treasures from the grips of museums. 235 more words

Archaeology Law