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Day Eleven: Success!

James Doolan was the topic of conversation on Thursday morning. James Doolan was a unique prisoner because he was convicted for sacrilege. We do not know the details of his specific crime, but Barra says sacrilege often meant stealing from churches. 563 more words


Day Ten: Bad Archaeologist?

Today’s convict story was about two brothers. James was the younger, wilder brother and Thomas was the older, well-behaved brother. Both were detained for robbery and sentenced to transportation but James was given a longer sentence because he fired a gun. 496 more words



Around 60,000 to 40,000 years ago human beings underwent a radical change in their mindset and mental abilities. The reasons for this major revolution of language, social behaviour and the emergence of artistic expression are not yet fully understood and may never be, but there is no denying that a significant new level of expression in “being human” occurred and set us on the path to becoming what we are today. 165 more words


The case of the murder and scalping of Jane McCrea during the American Revolution

Jane McCrea was a Loyalist who was killed and scalped during the American Revolution on the way to meet her fiancé in a British camp. According to the most widely accepted account of her death, Jane was murdered by Wyandot scouts working with the British Army. 1,159 more words


Lindisfarne - The Holy Isle

Lindisfarne, or Holy Isle, is one of the earliest and most important monastic sites in Britain. Set on an island connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway, Lindisfarne is home both to the remains of a monastery and a still living church dating back to the seventh century. 375 more words


Airport Fails

Today marks the one week anniversary of coming to Poland for field school. With the help of many amazing people, I managed to scrounge up enough funds to make it here and I could not be more grateful. 789 more words


Being a Hometown Tourist

Alberta has done a big tourism push over the last few years encouraging people to do “stay-cations”: don’t go somewhere exotic, stay here and spend your vacation money! 390 more words

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