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Archaeologist Lucas Tutschulte Recycles His Most Comfortable Jeans Which He Wore on His First Full-Scale Excavation Project

As part of our Blue Jeans Go GreenTM initiative, we recently shared Eunice Bagwan’s Blue Jeans Story when she made the decision to recycle her all-time favorite pair of jeans to benefit communities in need. 296 more words

Blue Jeans Story

Unicorn stamp seal

This steatite seal from the Indus Valley dates back to between 2600 and 1900 BCE. I got acquainted with this type of seals last year while doing my MA because I had to work on a portfolio that included a similar seal. 336 more words


Don't Forget I-94 is Having Closures (and other driving/parking information)!

Many of you may know about the upcoming highway closures on I-94. Many of you may not. I definitely did not know and so I am going to give everyone a heads-up as well as a map and some (hopefully) helpful information so that all of you who want to come over to Swede Hollow this week can still find your way there! 214 more words


I Am A Cyclist, And I Am Here To Fuck You Up

It is morning. You are slow-rolling off the exit ramp, nearing the end of the long-ass commute from your suburban enclave. You have seen the rise of the city grow larger and larger in your windshield as you crawled through sixteen miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic. 745 more words

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"Secret Catholics at Jamestown" - The Atlantic

No one could have predicted that! Archaeologists found Catholic relics in the coffin of one of the most important leaders of the Jamestown settlement: Captain Gabriel Archer. 27 more words


Archaeologists decipher text from burned scroll 1,500 years old

It’s a fragment of Leviticus!

Live Science reports: (H/T ECM)

A burned 1,500-year-old Hebrew scroll found on the shore of the Dead Sea was recently deciphered, 45 years after archaeologists discovered it, researchers in Israel have announced.

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 There's a New Mom in Town

This week has been pretty eventful at the site. We have done a ton of work to get ready for pictures and documentation as we only have 4 days left. 550 more words