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From analyses of Tomb Raider to posts on vintage consoles, Archaeogaming is a blog dedicated to the discussion of the archaeology of video games — and in video games.


Reflections of a volunteer - part 1

by Pasi Välkkynen

I heard about this excavation in Archipelacon (a science fiction/fantasy event in Mariehamn at 2015) in which Kristin had a wonderful presentation about viking age Åland. 739 more words


Wordjoy: archaeology

I might not be posting a Wordjoy every Saturday, but don’t let it be said it’s because I don’t have words. Never let it be said I’ve run out of words, because I haven’t. 390 more words



“That which can be asserted without evidence,
can be dismissed without evidence.”


~ Christopher Hitchens ~


Photo of a flexed burial dated to ca. 3000 BCE taken in Nierstein, Germany in January 1988.

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UNESCO World Heritage: Shortcomings and Limitations in Iraq and Syria

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was created in 1945 to establish a lasting peace on the “basis of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity… 2,148 more words

Middle East

“No justice, no peace!”

 Philly Tribune

Remains of 8,000 Blacks desecrated at Philly cemetery

Michael Coard  7/22/2016

When I first wrote in a local news magazine three years ago about this cultural outrage, scholarly research had indicated that approximately 3,000 Black women, men, and children from the 1800s in the historic Bethel Burying Ground cemetery were desecrated under the city’s Weccacoe Playground and a trash dump at Queen and Lawrence (near Fourth and Catherine). 986 more words

African American Burial Grounds

Week 3 in the Post-Excavation Department

Good morning from the Post-excavation Department! We have had a busy few weeks with a steady flow of students coming through eager to learn. Taking into account the better weather and the remarkable finds from the trenches, there is plenty to keep us busy! 222 more words