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Petra Rocks!

There’s no denying that Petra is a place that inspires superlatives. It’s one of the world’s über-famous archaeological sites, and like most first-time visitors, we were astounded. 434 more words


Foreshadow: Southeastern Utah

The third chapter of Crucible of Pueblos deals with the western part of the Mesa Verde or Northern San Juan region, which basically corresponds to what is now the southeastern corner of Utah. 1,601 more words


The Elissa: The Untold Story

I was recently in Galveston, and I stopped by to see the tall ship Elissa. She wasn’t there, but before too long she pulled into view and I snapped the above picture. 514 more words

The Man Who Thought Like A Ship

Working Party weekend 25th and 26th April 2015

Saturday was another bright day to open what would be a very busy working party weekend with Friends, volunteers and visitors in and around the site on both days.   1,146 more words


Visible Diggers - Part 3

Last week our Visible Diggers research project culminated in our presentation in Doug Rocks-McQueen and Cara Jones’ session ‘the Future of Engagement’ at the CIfA 2015 conference in Cardiff. 578 more words


1 Day in Reykjavík with the City Card

Waaay back in December (sorry!) I wrote about the museums in Reykjavík and gave a quick overview of my top 5.

Visitors to Iceland often complain about the country being a tad expensive (hey, we’re an island and have to import everything and at least beer is cheaper than Norway ;) ). 1,058 more words


Up river, down river

The excavation season is flying by. The Hello Kids who chase us through the village every day have moved through their phases of ‘hallo, hallo’, on to ‘what’s your name?’ to ‘money, money’ and by this Thursday they were insulting the virtue of our mothers. 583 more words