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A book to be approached with caution if one supports Richard III....

The link below is to a review of Mike Pitts ‘Digging for Richard III – the Search for the Lost King’. I confess up front to not having read the book itself, and my reason is simple. 79 more words

Richard III

Archaeology In The News 6 (+ science)


A rare gold coin depicting Roman emperor Nero was unearthed in archaeological excavations just outside the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel.

The coin was found in the excavations of the Mount Zion Project, codirected by Shimon Gibson, Visiting Professor of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and James Tabor, Professor of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity at UNC-Charlotte. 621 more words


The Citadel of Jerusalem

The Citadel at Jaffa (Joppa) Gate in the west wall of the Old City of Jerusalem provides one of the most distinctive and memorable views of the city. 767 more words


Tarquinia and Rome

So last week I took a very early flight (zzzz) to make my way over to Italy. It is the first time I have visited and I was very excited as it has always been on my bucket list, predominantly because of the food. 1,896 more words


Read This Book, Dammit: The Secret of Our Success

Starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, a new program of research began to emerge in the study of human culture and behavior. Building on pre-existing tools from population genetics and evolutionary biology, researchers like Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, Marcus Feldman, Robert Boyd, and Peter Richerson began to construct a theory of cultural evolution rooted in Darwinian principles. 1,871 more words



“What are we looking at?”
The archaeologist frowned and turn to the historian. The historian poured over their notes, a matching frown on their face. 159 more words


Earlier this year, I was contacted by Gabriel Muscillo from the Municipal Historical Institute of Lomas de Zamora and CLIOH (Centro Lomense de Investigación y Observación de la Historia – the local Center of Research and Observation of History), who invited me to participate in a lecture series called… 568 more words