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The Chalk Pit - Elly Griffiths

Forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway is called in when bones are discovered during building works under the Guildhall in Norfolk. The bones are very white & smooth. 664 more words


The fall of a great empire!-Samonella

The Aztecs were once a great sprawling civilization, until they were brought low by a pestilence that devastated the native population of Mexico. And a pair of studies now suggest that it may have been caused by a deadly form of samonella from Europe. 6 more words

Herb bed extension

A few years ago, whilst making a trench in the back garden, I came across an empty crisp packet from when the house was being built. 304 more words


Sarah Parcak fulfills people's dreams about Archaeology

Morning clouds reveal Machu Picchu, ancient city of the Incas. Peru is home to many archaeological sites — and citizen scientists are mapping the country with GlobalXplorer.

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