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Fourth of July Sale--Hearts in Ruin

Liquid Silver Books is offering its entire catalog of Contemporary Romance ebooks for sale over the Fourth of July Weekend. This includes Hearts in Ruin… 258 more words


Best Tour in the World – History and Culture Tour, Part III

We are still in the old city of Jerusalem and can’t get enough of it. We are currently having dinner at a very fancy restaurant in the new city of Jerusalem and our guide is telling funny and capturing stories about Golda Meir. 877 more words


Best Tour in the World – History and Culture Tour, Part II

We were leaving the desert behind us and the Bedouins and other desert people and we enter an even more ancient city Jerusalem. This time armed with a camera (which was not drowned in water), and we see here the result. 544 more words



Rob and I have been up on site today. We have been moving equipment and surveying before everyone else turns up to start digging on Monday. 486 more words


Queer Horizons

by Jamie Arjona

Last Friday, following the Supreme Court ruling on “same-sex marriage”, I opened my browser and started scrolling through a glitter-bombed version of my usual newsfeeds. 1,615 more words


Photo Diary: Hill-Top Wasteland

Many years ago, before the recession crept upon the niche attractions of this land, suburban Germans ruled. When it came, it took and twisted everything in its path until gingerbread cottages crumbled and the only sound for miles was the soft sob of a man selling one of his unused Audis. 203 more words


4 Planes, 3 Trains, and Charles Dickens

After multiple heart palpitations, a meltdown in front of the Embassy of Spain, and lots of help from family, friends and a professor I’ve never met, my journey finally begins! 316 more words