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3D Clovis: Preview

I recently had the opportunity to visit Eastern New Mexico University #ENMU to document a selection of ceramics from the Miles Collection (more on that next week), and was also able to scan a number of Clovis points from Blackwater Draw National Historic Site. 156 more words


Why Darwin Day?

We are not supporters of evolution nor do we think that Darwin deserves his own day. The theory of evolution is not enough to warrant a special honor like this. 1,138 more words


Big History 021 - Artifacts

The archaeology lesson that I used last week went so well that I decided to use another from It’s About Time. This lesson was on Lifestyle and artifacts and what we information we can gather about a culture/people from the things that we find.   368 more words


Picture of the Week

Today’s artifact is an endscraper, a tool used to remove the flesh and hair from an animal hide. The person who made this tool took a small pebble, split it in half, and then chipped fine flakes off the one end to create a steeply beveled edge.  47 more words


'From Shipwrecks to Ice Caves: stories from an underwater archaeologist'

Exciting news! I was honoured to be asked to write an article  for Fashion Shift Magazine about being an underwater archaeologist and fashion model – out now! 52 more words


Ales Stenar - The Swedish "Stonehenge"

Ales stenar ,as it has been called, is a giant stone relic perched atop of a cliff in Skåne in southern Sweden, most call it the “Sweden’s Stonehenge” 213 more words

European History

The Oseberg Buddha

I have already written a post about the Oseberg ship and its finding during the early 90’s of the XX century (1904) in a burial mound near Oseberg farm, in the Vestfold county in Norway.   595 more words

European History