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Helike Week 1. So uhm...when exactly do we get to dig?

My first week at Helike was honestly very different than I had originally expected it to be. While I had expected that I would have the chance to learn to dig in another country using a different methodology, I instead found myself in the lab nearly every day with my  greatest lessons being in the infuriating stagnancy and impotency of Greek bureaucracy. 923 more words


Revealing by visualising: Geographic relations in cultural heritage databases

Wednesdays cinema of archaeology conference videos. Again from the CAA conference.

Session Abstract: 

Cultural heritage databases can easy accommodate, and are often required to contain large quantities of data. 1,381 more words


Tuesday autumn courses in Nottingham

We are offering the following courses in Nottingham on Tuesdays this autumn.

If you’d like a copy of our autumn brochure telephone 0115 9628400 or visit  159 more words

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What the world’s oldest calculator tells us about the Ancient Greeks' view of the Universe

By Ancient Origins

When we talk of the history of computers, most of us will refer to the evolution of the modern digital desktop PC, charting the decades-long developments by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. 786 more words


A Wander In Hawaii Turns Up Ancient Rock Shelters

The dry wash described below lets out into this small cove on the lee side of the point.

“Where you off to?” she asked.

“I saw a big crack in the Earth just down the road that looks like it needs to be explored,” I said. 1,272 more words


Britain’s Festival of Archaeology


The Ring of Brodgar: Unesco World Heritage Site

Image credit Alamy Stock Photo


Kevin McKenna, writing in The Observer, reports that, “British archaeologists have never had it so good. 244 more words