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Would you say meaning

is something found, created,

or simply not there?


As artifacts lie

buried beneath ancient dross,

meanings are oft obscured.


Studying farming in the driest desert in the world

you will pardon the long wait for my post, I’m getting used to a new operating system! This desert is a favorite of mine, hard to imagine crops growing here, but at one time they did. 873 more words


High Tech Archaeology

by Jonathan BrisendineField Archaeologist

So what do I mean by high tech archaeology? By this I am referring to the robotic arms we employ to dig units for us. 283 more words


Archaeology: Biblical Narrative Supported

“Israeli archaeologists, mathematicians and physicists are joining forces to uncover the meaning behind inscriptions found on pottery fragments believed to be more than 2,500 years old. 140 more words


The Science of History: Experimental Archaeology & Colonial Cheese Glue

Archaeologists sometimes recreate technology from the past to understand how people lived. This is called experimental archaeology. When archaeologists at George Washington’s Ferry Farm found glue residue on sherds of Mary Washington’s china, they developed ways to recreate this glue. 16 more words


Let There Be Light!

Does this look like a lamp to you?

A recent article on a Cypriot Art Blog¬†claims to shed “new light on an ancient lamp”. The lamp, from the Kent Collection (but previously owned by Thomas Sandwith) at the Harrogate Museum in England, is shown here to the right. 933 more words


From Forests to Firing Range

GGAT are currently looking for volunteers to help with a project on the north Gower coast.

The project will be focusing on two primary targets that were identified by the… 49 more words

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