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Bachmann: Archeology Proves the Bible is True

GOP politician Michele Bachmann recently commented:

…You know the remarkable thing–when you read the Bible, every archeology find that’s ever come forward has only proved the authenticity of the Bible…

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Thoughts And Perspectives

Samos - 4

This is the fourth of five short pieces about my recent visit to the island of Samos in the Aegean Islands. Samos is only about two miles from the Turkish coast but is definitely part of Greece. 241 more words

Julian Worker

Name That Broch: Number 1

Brochs are found in the north of Scotland and the Northern Isles. Amazing towering dry stane constructions they were domestic homes but also strategically placed. They were formidable towering buildings. 46 more words

Orkney News

Journey to Belize: Bones and Visitors

This post continues the retelling of my recent trip to Belize: participating in an archaeology field school and learning about jaguar conservation. The other posts in this series are located in the “ 658 more words


Getting ready to dig at Pella


“There are four rules that can’t be broken” says Dr Stephen Bourke, briefing volunteers (including me) for the 2001 season of the Sydney University dig at Pella in Jordan. 683 more words

Someone Else's Photos

Snapshots vs Surveying

Here’s a summary of the workshop during Week 4 of Communicating Archaeology: This week we took photographs of King’s Manor, York. I promise, we didn’t use filters nor did we manage to take selfies with the cameras given to us. 498 more words

Archaeological Research

Learning moral lessons from animals: The Aberdeen Bestiary

Simply put, a bestiarum vocabulum (that is, a bestiary), is a collection of beasts whether real or imaginary. The earliest known bestiary is the Physiologus… 469 more words