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Cops Bust Antiquities Dealer With Over 3,000 Ancient Coins

Most of the coins in the man’s collection dated from the Byzantine period, but the trove included rarer items from the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome — the Bar Kochba Revolt of 132-135 CE — and Roman coins celebrating the crushing of the Jewish Revolt in 70 CE bearing the words “Judaea Capta” — Judea Conquered. 17 more words


This is the most frustrating part of the investigation of the Megalithic Era in NW Europe. To some extent this is complicated by a general and really unjustified aura of mystery surrounding them. 1,534 more words

Elephant butchered at one of the oldest sites in Greece

Researchers have discovered a number of stone tools and a near complete elephant skeleton dating to 300,000-600,000 years ago at Megalopolis in Greece. 28 more words


11/20/2015 Part I: Fear and Ethics in Nashville

I survived the passage through Arkansas, four hours in that most hostile of territories. I survived strange looks in truck stops. I survived misgendering clerks. I survived traumatic memories of accusation and ostracization in a small, conservative county where beer was illegal and meth grew on trees. 1,254 more words