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Nautical Archaeology and Biblical Archaeology 2

Ships in the Ancient Mediterranean

Steve Vinson

The earliest evidence of travel on the Mediterranean Sea is from

the Mesolithic period, at least 10,000 years ago, when voyagers left the mainland of Greece in watercraft of some kind, traveled to the island of Melos, and returned with obsidian to make sharp-edged implements. 2,026 more words


Nautical Archaeology and Biblical Archaeology

Nautical Archaeology and Biblical Archaeology

George F. Bass

From the beginning, the relationship between the new field of nautical archaeology and more traditional terrestrial archaeology in biblical lands has been symbiotic. 1,784 more words


Inscriptions 3

#41 Gezer Calendar

The Gezer calendar, 10th century B.C., discovered in 1908 by Irish archaeologist R. A. S. Macalister. The verse inscribed on soft limestone is a ditty which lists the months by their agricultural tasks. 3,860 more words


Inscriptions 2

#21 Beth-shan Stele of Ramesse II

An instructive example of this sort of thing was a curious misunderstanding that for long clung to the Philadelphia expedition’s celebrated discovery of the Stele of Rameses II at Beth-shan shortly after the end of World War I—a misunderstanding all the more strange because those responsible for it were neither sensation-mongers nor mere popularizers, but first-rate and conscientious scholars. 5,782 more words




On this page we will list as many inscriptions as are possibly feasible. We may miss some but that is okay, this is just a place to whet your appetite in researching ancient inscriptions. 6,729 more words


Mysterious Remains

Archaeology and research have over the years uncovered many different mysterious archaeological sites and artifacts. This page will help document them. This website has its own ideas about the sources of each and do not support any secular theory attached to the following. 5,390 more words


Submerged Cities

This is actually art two of the mysterious remains. SInce there was so much material on both we decided to separate the two topics.

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