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Archaeology Meets Design: Creating The Wander Collection

Archaeology meets design in an innovative new collaboration pushing the boundaries of the archaeological map.

Designer Kirsteen Stewart launched The Wander Collection earlier this year in collaboration with Archaeologist Dan Lee at the Archaeology Institute at the University of the Highlands & Islands. 352 more words


How virtual reality is opening up some of the world’s most inaccessible archaeological sites

Pleito cave site,
Devlin Gandy, Author provided

Brendan Cassidy, University of Central Lancashire and David Robinson, University of Central Lancashire

We often associate virtual reality (VR) with thrilling experiences we may never be able to have in real life – such as flying a jet fighter, exploring the oceans or going on a spacewalk. 959 more words


Tejal Ruikar, K.R.U. Todd: a forgotten personality in the study of Indian prehistory

More Todd. A retrospective on the naval officer turned archaeologist K.R.U. Todd by Tejal Ruikar.

Todd was born in 1905. He joined the Royal Indian Navy as a Sub-Lieutenant, rising to the post of Commander. 221 more words

Khami Ruins! The little brother of Great Zimbabwe!

Khami is an archaeological site 20 km outside of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, it is famous for its stonewalling complexity and designs. The Khami civilization started in the 14th century but rose to power when Great Zimbabwe fell into decline and held the economic power in the area until the 16th century, it was completely abandoned during the Ndebele incursions of the 19th century. 268 more words


Why Anthropology Will Always Be Relevant to Contemporary Life


When studying humankind and its relation to the natural world, anthropology has remained relevant in the social sciences, despite being established thousands of years ago. 1,210 more words

Conspicuous consumption: Edible gold

Original article:


Published November 29, 2017

The obsession with edible gold is taking the luxury cuisine world by storm, as flavorless, odorless, nontoxic, edible gold is used as a garnish for desserts, cocktails and even main courses such as hamburgers and sushi… 805 more words

Lunar Lunacies

Historical revisionism seems to create all sorts of unintended consequences such as a digression described by Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay where he suspects the Julian Calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 65 BC, seems to have been based on a lunar cycle rather than a solar one. 508 more words

Hare-brained Theories