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Rome Recreated (AD 320)

Realm of History has showcased a stunning animation that recreates the city of Rome as it was in AD 320—the reign of Constantine, just before he moved the imperial capital to Constantinople. 72 more words


Bend it like Bakhit: Pick-up soccer with the locals

I dedicate this post to my fellow Ladybugs (if you’re unfamiliar with the reference Google it) and to my Dad who spent every Sunday driving all over the state to away games where he coached us Ladybugs with much patience and encouragement. 1,226 more words


Writer’s Traffic Jam

You would have thought that after 71 years on this planet I might have learned something about planning my life. But, no. Things still creep up on me and my best laid plans go awry. 1,841 more words


Allotment Andersons

I thought I’d better make a quick blog post as its been a while. I got to spend my morning looking at Anderson shelters in a Sheffield allotment, with… 104 more words


The Solomonic Gate at Gezer

Questions arise regarding Gezer’s so-called Solomonic gate

Ellen White   •  07/06/2015

A Solomonic gate stands at Gezer—or does it? Legendary archaeologist and former Gezer dig director William Dever thought so. 415 more words

Bible History

Sweet-Toothed Colonials & Their Chocolate

Ahhh Chocolate!  Now is the time of year when we consume even more than usual, often from heart-shaped boxes gifted by an admirer.  Probably one of the most universally loved foods, the average American consumes roughly 11 pounds of the stuff a year!  955 more words