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Earliest confuciusornithid is Wellnhoferia (Late Jurassic) contra Navalón et al. 2017

Navalón et al. 2017
report on “the earliest representative of the clade” Confuciusornithidae, a bird clade known from hundreds of Early Cretaceous specimens of the genus… 812 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Is it a bird? No, it's another Chinese dinosaur!

They were all over the path and on the field beside it. There must have been about 50 of them scampering about, twittering to each other and occasionally bending forwards to peck at some insect or seed. 900 more words


Is it real? – models, casts and replicas

One of the most common questions asked about our specimens, from visitors of all ages, is ‘Is it real?’. This seemingly simple question is actually many questions in one and hides a complexity of answers.  637 more words

Life Collections

Going Extinct

Going Extinct

H. Bradford


There is an archaeopteryx on my arm.

It matches the fossil in my chest,

the amber in my head,

and the megalodon… 55 more words

H. Bradford

Mechanical Menagerie #6: The Future of Transportation #2


Credit: ruppert composite

This glider is fairly old by now but if you haven’t seen it then you may have to look more carefully. The Archaeopteryx is a lightweight glider which really does resemble an actual airplane. 548 more words


Animals You May Not Have Heard About: Hoatzin

The hoatzin is found in Ecuador and is a very strange bird, it has an extremely strange smell reported to smell like fresh cow-manure, so much so that it is known locally as the ‘Stink Bird’. 87 more words


Art, Science... and Neoteny!

There’s hardly anything more thrilling for me than customising a fossil cast. It combines hard observation, painting and modelling skills and using the right materials. Above all, it is ideal to have a good reference you can use to copy to the last detail, but as you’ll be able to see, if you don’t have a proper… 593 more words