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DIY Survivor

Do or Die

The ancient Archaeopteryx had never turned a wing

Or lifted her substantial claws to help with anything;

She wielded her impressive bill, but only to express… 50 more words


Berlin Natural History Museum

Last week I had the great fortune of a mini European road trip and being in Germany I took the opportunity of visiting the Berlin Museum Fur Naturkunde (Natural History Museum).   607 more words


Tuesday 24th March


A genus of early bird, its name comes from ancient Greek and translates as ‘ancient wings’. Archaeopteryx represents a transitional phase between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds and since the nineteenth century it was widely accepted as the oldest known bird, although older potential birds have since been discovered. 159 more words

Terrible Lizard or Overgrown chicken

Much of the study of dinosaur fossils, or paleontology aims to create a picture of the past. Recent evidence suggests that many dinosaurs could in fact be feathered. 688 more words


Archaeopteryx, Bird, Fish, Snake

The first Archaeopteryx discovered, found in 1861, is the most famous fossil ever (barring maybe some close human relations). It came at the right time, providing dramatic evidence for the theory of evolution. 362 more words

New Book on the Solnhofen Limestone

This is just a quick post to point you to a review by Darren Naish. Darren has done a fair bit of research on pterosaurs and Mesozoic birds. 128 more words