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Live Archaeopteryx Found Near Bayou La Batre

It was really annoying and aggressive at first, but it tasted just like chicken.



Archaeopteryx, I call to you kindly through layers of stone.
Geological time is not the history of the victors. No!
It does not lie or exploit. 102 more words


Jianianhualong: not a bird-like troodontid — it's a troodontid-like bird

Revised May 11, 2017 with new nesting for Chiappeavis. 

Once again, taxon exclusion issues arise
Colleagues, we have to let the taxa nest themselves. Don’t restrict your inclusion sets to the short list of taxa you prefer! 675 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Sahelanthropus, evolution, and the word "theory"; what Mike Pence really said

The now Vice-President of the United States stands accused of having said that evolution is “just a theory”; see here and here. No he did not say that. 2,015 more words


Three archaeological poems by Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy was one of my favourite authors as a teenager (my friend and I had a challenge to try to read all of his novels, which we didn’t quite manage). 885 more words


Let's take out all Solnhofen birds except Archaeopteryx from the LRT

Traditional cladograms include
only one Solnhofen bird, typically labeled Archaeopteryx. Whether they use the holotype specimen or not, I don’t know. Earlier the large reptile tree… 343 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Allosaurus Roar's Fossil of the Week 1/30/17

This week’s Fossil of the Week features the only North American specimen of one of the world’s most famous (and important) prehistoric animals, the Archaeopteryx… 523 more words