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Archaeopteryx, or “ancient wing” in Greek, is a prehistoric bird believed to be a missing link between bird and dinosaur.

These winged creatures are much smaller than you may believe. 50 more words


Is Archaeopteryx a fake?

For a long time, a skull provided a missing link in human ancestry, that showed a simple linear evolution of humans according to current theories. This skull was said to have belonged to a group of humans called “Piltdown Man”. 219 more words

What makes a bird a bird? Everyone knows, it's not feathers any more...)

The line between birds and theropod dinosaurs
has become increasingly fuzzy now that so many non-birds have feathers and other former bird-only traits.

This is a good sign… 922 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Archaeopteryx bavarica: the Munich specimen, is a basal scansoriopterygid

Earlier we looked at the nesting of other Archaeopteryx specimens. Here we’ll add a sixth, the Munich specimen, Archaeopteryx bavarica (Wellnhofer 1993, Figs. 1-4).

A. bavarica… 480 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Berlin Archaeopteryx skull under DGS

The Berlin Archaeopteryx
(MB.Av.101, A. siemensii, Dames 1897) has been traced (Fig. 1) and added to the large reptile tree (not updated yet) where it nests basal to the… 294 more words

Digital Graphic Segregation

Wellnhoferia (the Solnhofen specimen of Archaeopteryx)

Updated Novermber 6, 2015 with a new reconstruction. M. Mortimer provided a necessary critique (see comments). I rushed this online yesterday without tracing gastralia, I thought the scapulae extended further beneath the skull, I misinterpreted several pectoral elements and the humeri. 463 more words

Reptile Family Tree