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Terrible Lizard or Overgrown chicken

Much of the study of dinosaur fossils, or paleontology aims to create a picture of the past. Recent evidence suggests that many dinosaurs could in fact be feathered. 688 more words


Archaeopteryx, Bird, Fish, Snake

The first Archaeopteryx discovered, found in 1861, is the most famous fossil ever (barring maybe some close human relations). It came at the right time, providing dramatic evidence for the theory of evolution. 362 more words

New Book on the Solnhofen Limestone

This is just a quick post to point you to a review by Darren Naish. Darren has done a fair bit of research on pterosaurs and Mesozoic birds. 128 more words


New and diverse uses for Microraptor at the SVP meeting, Berlín 2014.

I have a bit of collaboration stories with Scott Foss… mammal guy he is, years ago he commissioned me to do this humorous piece to celebrate what a really oversized Entelodont pig would do to a T. 201 more words

Dinos in my backyard

-or, how dinosaurs got their wings
(I just could not not write something in response to the recent spat of articles tracing the supposed evolution of birds from dinosaurs. 379 more words

Personally Pressed

Biodiversity challenge - Hoatzin

Hoatzin Matilda

Hoatzin Hilda
And her stinkbird mate
Survey their latest nestling,
Wrestling with the same
Old question:
Hoatzin. A name?
His suggestion,
No debate:

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On Avialan Theropod Dinosaurs

I saw my favorite species of dinosaur, yesterday. Don’t let those science books fool you! Contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs were not wiped out in a massive extinction event, 65 Million years ago. 1,339 more words