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Midnight in Paris


Midnight in Paris : I had the best night tonight since 2014; I spent this evening with my best friend who is visiting Philly and we both sat in our favorite haunt, Max Brenner (shout out to the baldman) and reminisced and caught up and loved every second of it. 364 more words

इस सदी में

इस सदी में न जाने कितनी कहानिया हकीकत बन गई…
और न जाने कितनी हकीकते कहानिया बनकर पन्नों पर उतर आई…
न जाने कितने शब्दों ने विचित्र चरित्र गड़ डाले…
और न जाने कितने चरित्रों ने शब्दों के रूप में कहानिया रच डाली..
कई चाहते मोहब्बत बन गई…
कई मोहब्बतों ने कई बड़े बड़े इम्तहान दे डाले…
और इन्ही इम्तहानो ने कई सूरते बदल डाली…
कई कई सूरतों ने कई कई मुखोटे बदल डाले…
कई मुखोटों ने अलग अलग रंग-रूप रच डाले..
और कई रंग-रूपों ने अपनी ही अलग दुनिया बसा डाली…..
~ Aadria Archana ~

The IPL Diva - Archana Vijaya

I have spent three action packed seasons with the Sony IPL production team and was fortunate enough to interact with Archana Vijaya … Without her the extraa innings experience would be incomplete… It is fun to have an impromptu photo session with her after long day of cricket shoots … Well Archie is always fresh for the camera!


Actress Archana launched Kwaaish brochure

క్వాయిష్ బ్రోచర్ ఆవిష్కరణ..
బంజారాహిల్స్‌లోని తాజ్‌కృష్ణ హోటల్‌లో క్వాయిష్ ఎగ్జిబిషన్‌కి సంబంధించిన బ్రోచర్‌ను ఆవిష్కరించారు..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Gradients of Archana

A guide to the various forms of Archana used in the world of EZORA.

  1. Mage Art :

Composed of the basic magic structure, this gradient of archana comprises of the basic celestial forms which are used by anyone having the ability to focus one’s Archanian powers to concentric amounts. 224 more words


Mozhi's Archana: Truly, One of a Kind!

A tribute to the lead-lady of Mozhi, portrayed brilliantly by Jyothika, ten years post the film’s release…

Mani Prabhu

Yeah, the truth still stares us in the face. 540 more words