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Compiling FreeCAD from source on Arch Linux

Getting the source:

git clone https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD free-cad-code

Getting the dependencies:

You will need the following libraries from the official repositories:

Just use:

sudo pacman¬†-Syu ¬†boost-libs curl hicolor-icon-theme libspnav opencascade python2-pivy python2-matplotlib python2-pyside python2-shiboken qtwebkit shared-mime-info xerces-c boost cmake coin desktop-file-utils eigen gcc-fortran swig xerces-c… 51 more words


Installing git-cola (git GUI client) on ArchBang

git-cola is a git client having a GUI. Visit https://github.com/git-cola/git-cola to install for a different distribution or for further detail. There are many other GUI clients. 145 more words


Installing Yaourt on ArchBang

Yaourt (Yet AnOther User Repository Tool) is a wrapper for pacman which adds automated access to the AUR using the same syntax as pacman. 329 more words


Installing mysql-python on Arch (python-mysqldb alternative)

If you want to install python-mysqldb on Arch and couldn’t find the package then try the following commands:

sudo pacman -Ss mysql-python


pip install mysql-python


Installing LAMP on ArchBang

First of all update and upgrade your system:

sudo pacman -Syu


Install apache

sudo pacman -Syu apache

Configuring Apache:

Note: Always create a backup file before editing files critical files.
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