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Prince Control Deck

Hey, it’s Nick back with another deck.  Since my first deck was for players in Arena 1, and my second deck was for Arena 2, it only makes sense that my third deck  be for Arena 3, right?   674 more words


Giant-MP-Muskie Beatdown

Hey everyone, I’m back again (Nick) with another deck, this time for players in Arena 2.  It’s actually fairly similar to my Arena 1 Starter… 767 more words


The Grave Digger Cycle

This is English Pastry, yet again, here with a new deck shared by TimIlluminati5! This grave digger deck caught my eye. It seemed different, so I tried it out. 620 more words


Arena 1 Starter

Hey guys, this is Nick and today I’m going to show you a deck for people just starting out in Clash Royale Arena 1. I used this deck quite a bit when I first started playing the game, and it works fairly well, especially in the beginning, before you unlock more advanced cards. 486 more words


Giant Barrel

Hello! This is English Pastry back with a deck from Clashy! Clashy created this deck and submitted it. I looked at this interesting deck and saw it was different. 836 more words


Elite Hog Meta Twist

What is up everybody this is English Pastry back with another post. This post is based off the elite barbarians- hog rider meta deck. This deck is really strong with the elite barbarians. 920 more words


A Mother's Love Chapter Thirty One - A New Chapter Awaits

Thanks Korkor for bringing this to my notice. Surprised I never published the finale. I’m sure it’s saved as a draft somewhere. Enjoy!


They all got up when the door opened after several hours of surgery. 2,988 more words