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Our 2015 programme begins at Easter!

SATURDAY, 4th April sees a home ‘EasterEgg’ shoot which starts our year’s programme of  events: see the club website at http://www.samlesburylongbowarchers.co.uk/ for details.

Our biggest event this year will be the… 93 more words

Weapon of the Week: Bow and Arrow

Weapon Name: Bow and Arrow, Archery Gear

In recent news, I earned my black belt last week!

In other news, Danielle can still beat me up. 814 more words


Welcome to Ambridge

“A contemporary drama in a rural setting”

Something about the way my digital radio described Radio 4’s The Archers to me this morning made me smirk.

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The Battle of Agincourt

We all know that during the Hundred Years war there was something big going on between England and France. Henry V of England led his army against the French in a famous battle known as Agincourt, but what many people do not realize is that this victory is attributed greatly to his archers who used Longbows to turn the tides. 319 more words


I like strings

Nothing beats skirmishing archers in annoying warmachine crews and blocking march moves. But archers also have to look good. And because archers are skirmishers, they offer extra modelling opportunities since they do not have to rank up. 187 more words


Attack Strategies: Barch (Farming)

Town Hall to Use In: 5-10

Trophy Range to Use In: 800-2600 Barch means a mix of archers and barbarians. Barch is by far the quickest and the easiest troop composition to get the most out of farming. 375 more words

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