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For those of you out there who aren’t familiar with the long running radio soap, The Archers, it’s a gentle tale of mainly middle class English rural land owning types and their daily dealings with the vagaries of the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the dastardly doings of lesser folks. 466 more words


Now Hear This...

At the bottom of my garden I have an enormous laurel hedge that started its life many years ago as a cutting from my Grandfather. I remember my Mum saying it probably wouldn’t take but 40 years later it is at least 2 metres tall and 6 metres wide. 745 more words


Longbows - Part 2

Longbows, and bows in general when used in battle, were not just a weapon shot from safe heights or long distances. As one of the most expensive artillery weapons, bows and archers played a large role in the outcome of battles. 693 more words

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BARCH guide for Clash of Clans

The BARCH strategy refers to using Barbarian and ARCHers. This guide is predominately aimed at the novice clasher or those yet to try BARCH. 596 more words


Archeress and My First Poll

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for your fairy tale suggestions last week. I got more great ideas than I have stories to write. At first I wanted to retell The Twelve Dancing Princesses for my next novella, but the theme and story wasn’t working. 496 more words

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Guest Post - Part 2 - The Magic of a Recurve Weapon

And now, for part 2 of the guest post exchange. R. M. Donaldson has written the article below about Recurve bows verse Longbows.


The world of archery is a fun world to explore. 775 more words

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Longbows - part 1

I’ve always loved archers and archeress. Robin Hood, Queen Susan, Hawkeye, Katniss, Legolas, Silvara… Whether in movies, books, or real-life, archery is cool to watch. There’s something about the quick draw, flashing arrow, and bullseye impact dozens of feet away. 1,043 more words

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