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Attack Strategies: Barch (Farming)

Town Hall to Use In: 5-10

Trophy Range to Use In: 800-2600 Barch means a mix of archers and barbarians. Barch is by far the quickest and the easiest troop composition to get the most out of farming. 375 more words

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Review: Robyn Hood #7

Fans of Zenescope‘s Grimm Fairy Tales series might have been a bit surprised when Robyn Hood was chosen as one of the first characters for her own ongoing series.   409 more words


15th Feb: Archer's Bellini

Ah, Archers: another of those alcoholic drinks that I don’t think I’ve had since my early teens. I don’t really even know what schnapps is, and I’m certainly no great fan of peaches, but this drink did have one thing in its favour when I was younger: the bottle was (and I believe still is) made of frosted glass, meaning some could be sneaked away without anyone being able to tell how much had gone. 122 more words

Oscathon 2015 - The Theory of Everything

I have a slight problem with the celestial dictatorship premise.

My problems with Hollywood are growing. Where to begin? 250 more words


Echoes Through Time - Page 120: "Shoot That Poison Arrow To My Voidheart"

They’re not really poison arrows per se, the title is an ABC song reference that none of you will get.

P.S. I watch way too much… 9 more words

Echoes Through Time

NFAS archers wanting to attend 3D Championships - please read

I’m passing on an important message from the President of the NFAS (National Field Archery Society), Trish Jones, to all NFAS archers wanting to attend the 3D championships in 2015. 33 more words



Pit 2, located 20 meters north of Pit 1 is very different. Smaller (but still 6,000 meters square), and shaped in an “L” it contains mixed military forces of archers, charioteers, cavalry and infantry. 36 more words