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[Art] Inspiration #11 – “Fantasy Archers”

Archers, hunters, whatever you wanna call them, this gourgeos bow-wielders are in every single fantasy RPG I know, can’t leave them behind.

As always, credits to the respective artist!


The Long World: Vallee (4)

image: webtrash

The next day Nara walked in the town square and saw children learning their times tables by rote. It was spring now in Tanelorn, and flowers were out in the baskets hanging off the wooden frames and awnings of houses built in the style they had been for a thousand years or more, the children’s voices merging with the birdsong creating a mellifluous harmony that seemed to suggest everything was right with the world as she walked through the garden breathing its fragrance. 1,012 more words


Let My Village Life Begin!

We have only moved from the isolated manor house in a hamlet to our house in a village less than a month ago.  But it feels a lot longer. 1,834 more words

Country Living

4th Edition High Elf Archers & Spearmen

So now I can play Warhammer 4th Edition with all the minis from the box set painted.  And I just might do that!

Finished Work

A Fantasy Guide to Archers

I’m trying to build something here that helps Fantasy authors, or any author who finds them useful, gather some facts and information without pouring through mountains of research. 3,962 more words

Korbin Voss

Bragging For Birgi

Some of the best or most interesting posts from Archers of Okçular over the years

first posted: 29.7.2011

Turkey is full of ‘must see’ sites and sights and the tiny town of Birgi, near Ödemiş in İzmir province is high on our list. 457 more words

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Çimenova to Beydili – Walking ‘St Paul’s Trail’ by Car

Some of the best or most interesting posts from Archers of Okçular over the years

first posted 16.7.2011

P100-3 St Paul Trail by Kate Clow… 670 more words

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