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Archers stay unbeaten, overcome Bulldogs

The De La Salle Green Archers had to dig deep in the endgame to earn a 75-66 come-from-behind victory against the

Watching the Show

Last night I attended the Kynren show for the very first time, yes I had seen some of the rehearsals but what I witnessed amongst thousands more was something simply mindblowing. 415 more words

A tribute to the Experience team

Each time I come to write a new blog topic sometimes the words just flow whilst other times seem to be the hardest topic I’ve ever had to write, and this one comes under the latter. 662 more words

Ranger's Apprentice- Series Review

I am so sorry for missing my Saturday review. As such, this will be a bonus review as an apology to my followers. And that Saturday review will go up today as well! 943 more words



Lillian, Lillian…
you’re too good for him:

Julian isn’t worth it,
you’re undervaluing

your ability to spend,
to wine, and to dine:

Go stroke Brian,
he needs’Puss-cat’ time.


Kynren Weather

Well Saturday’s 9th show is fast approaching and through the many social media updates I’ve read from expectant visitors and Archers alike this is the time people ask “but what’s the weather forecast going to be like?” 517 more words

Season 1, it will sadly soon be over.

As everyone who now knows about Kynren its now through 8 of its debut season of 14 shows, and whilst i’m fully aware that 17th September is getting ever closer, just now, just this minute, I’ve had a moment. 537 more words