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Vero Vellini Slings Are More Than Just Comfortable Rifle Totes

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (Sept. 27, 2016) — Shooting aids increase accuracy, and they come in all shapes and sizes—from bags of sand to adjustable rests built from sturdy forged steel—but the most lightweight and expedient shooting aid in the field may just be the item that carries your rifle, the sling. 368 more words


Are You an Instigator

The new Instigator Deer Call from Hunters Specialties®, producers of the most realistic deer calls you can own, provides hunters with a realistic sounding, easy to use call that can get the attention of even the wariest bucks. 154 more words


Hunters Ready for Archery Season

STROUDSBURG — Hunters throughout the state are gearing up for the first day of archery season this weekend.

Workers at Dunkleburger’s on Main Street in Stroudsburg say the back of the store sort of resembles an emergency room for hunting equipment. 317 more words


Summer Wind-down / Woodford Harveat Festival

Summer is coming to a close in New England, although sometimes days are still so hot that you would be inclined to think otherwise.

Our garden is slowing – there are a few final tomatoes and an eggplant left, along with some bell peppers, hot peppers, winter squash and gourds. 771 more words


Whitetail Calling Tips

Whitetail Calling Tips

Pat and Nicole Reeve share strategies for calling in dominant whitetail bucks

 By Jay Anglin

It was a cool afternoon and the deer were already on the move as I climbed into one of my favorite tree stands. 1,454 more words


Vikings are Splitting Deer One by One

Decatur, AL — Viking Solutions®, the industry leader in post-hunt trophy care accessories, has redesigned the Deer Splitter—a truly unique tool that makes the tough job of splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone a breeze … and now also works perfectly for pruning branches. 284 more words


UV-Enhancement Allows Deer to See Scent: The Glo-Cote Story One man’s vision transforms the science of deer attraction

By Josh Lantz

It’s common knowledge to wildlife biologists and most deer hunters that white-tailed deer can smell about 100 times better than humans. It’s why serious deer hunters spend so much time, effort and money on products and strategies intended to defeat their noses. 1,001 more words