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Running and Gunning Turkey Style

A mobile turkey hunting strategy demands fast set-ups. Tenzing’s TP14 Turkey Pack has quick-deploy legs for fast and comfortable set-ups in any cover, while keeping all necessary gear at the ready. 1,219 more words


A Wicked New Broadhead From Muzzy

SUPERIOR, Wis. (March 29, 2016) — Muzzy Outdoors, the makers of the world’s number-one selling fixed-blade broadhead, has taken a bold step into the burgeoning hybrid market with the introduction of the new Trocar HB broadhead. 226 more words


Choosing the Right Turkey Call

 Long before the modern hunting era began, Native American hunters effectively mimicked turkey vocalizations using flutes they made from turkey wing bones. Sure, they did so to provide protein for their families, but there’s little doubt they also enjoyed it immensely. 1,261 more words


Feed is What They Need

Once the planning is done, mineral sites are simple to create. Blocks can be placed anywhere, but granulated products are designed to mix into the soil. 1,353 more words


Hypodermic +P

SUPERIOR, Wis. (March 19, 2016) — Rage takes broadhead lethality to a whole new level with the introduction of the Hypodermic +P. The blades of the Rage Hypodermic +P are swept back dramatically after deployment to provide unprecedented penetration on large and dangerous game with standard setups and for big game with lower-energy bows. 138 more words


Shooter 3D Introduces the Shooter 3D Bear, Hog and Turkey Archery Targets

SUPERIOR, Wis. (March 9, 2016) — Shooter 3D Archery Targets has expanded its durable, long-lasting and reasonably priced target line with the addition of the Shooter 3D Bear, Shooter 3D Turkey and Shooter 3D Hog. 246 more words


California Fundraising Tag

There are many fundraising tags made available by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). These tags are a product of legislation passed by the California legislature and signed into law by the Governor. 404 more words