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How To Measure The Volume And Intensity of Your Archery Workout

The volume of your archery workout can be measured by the amount of time you spent doing it. In addition to measuring the volume of time, you will want to record your level of intensity. 88 more words


How To Record Your Rate Of Perceived Exertion After Your Archery Workout

When you are doing any type of archery, you should always record your rate of perceived exertion. The Rate of Perceived Exertion is a scale 0-10 or 0-20 with meanings that help you determine how you psychologically felt during the work out. 56 more words


How To Measure The Stress Responses of Your Archery Workout

Each day that you do archery workouts, best practice should be to record the Volume and Intensity of each workout that day. The next morning is when you should take your stress response measurements from the previous day’s workout. 78 more words


How To Measure Your Waking Heart Rate After Your Archery Workouts

When you wake up in the morning, while you’re still in bed, find your pulse. Count the number of beats from your heart for a 15-second period. 110 more words


How To Optimize Your Archery Workouts

To optimize your archery workouts you will want to accurately measure the volume and intensity of each days workout following the Training Optimization Cycle. There are four phases of the  86 more words


How to Monitor Your Waking Heart Rate from your Archery Training

One way to monitor the effectiveness of your archery training is to measure your waking heart-rate each day. The waking heart-rate can act as a physiological stress response indicator from the previous days archery training sessions.  109 more words


How to Measure the Peak Height Velocity of an Archer Doing Archery

You can measure the peak height velocity of an archer by taking the archer’s height measurement each month. By seeing how this changes over time, you will be able to identify when they hit their peak growth spurt. 45 more words

Peak Height Velocity