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Choosing a bow and arrow setup: my current gear

Who doesn’t like to nerd out once in a while (generally, at least once a day) about gear?

While by no means an expert, I’ve tried a few different combinations of bows, sights, rests, stabilizers, releases, and arrows, and I can at least comment on what I use now and why I like it. 927 more words

Mission: Staycation

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I just came back from a two-week vacation in England and Scotland. It was amazing…and it was expensive. 805 more words


W.I.P. or An Adobe Draw Love Story

I am really digging Adobe Illustrator Draw, I mean really diggin’. I do have some issues with it, but overall I feel like I’ve been more artistically productive in the last few days messing around with this app, then I’ve been all year thus far. 278 more words

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Thomas Churchyard- A Praise of the Bovve, 1583

This poem appears in The Avncient Order, Societie, and Vnitie Laudable, of Prince Arthure, and his Knightly Armory of the Round Table. With a Threefold Assertion frendly in fauour and furtherance of English Archery at this day, 693 more words


John Bingham- The Tactiks of Aelian, 1616


Archers haue alwayes beene of speciall esteeme for the field, and preferred before the other kindes of light-armed. Many nations haue beene commended for theire skill in shooting. 2,297 more words


Kyudo in South Carolina

There’s an interesting story out of South Carolina here about a kyudo or Japanese archery seminar that was being held there.  Kyudo is one of those martial arts I’ve never been interested in learning, but is fascinating nonetheless.   60 more words

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