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Session 5

Gorgeous weather this evening, great for outdoor shooting, and I had a much, much better night’s shooting.

I had my long arm guard on to prevent the bow string hitting my arm. 1,085 more words


Bear Whitetail Hunter: My Piece of History

The Bear Whitetail Hunter was a common bow in it’s day, and is now a relic I’m happy to own.

I’m not much of a collector. 600 more words


The Age of "Content"

Its 2017 and the amount of traditional archery-related content on the Internet is astounding. Especially compared to what it was when I picked up a bow eight years ago. 1,378 more words



One of the things of saving up for a new and heavier bow is the realisation that you’ll also need to buy some new arrows. In the past I’ve just opted for buying some middle of the range wooden arrows that normally are around £80 for a dozen. 857 more words


One step closer to become KATNISS EVERDEEN

First post! Yey! Since this is my first time posting something, I want it to be personal and to talk about something I also did for the first time. 240 more words


Black Bear Attacks Bow Hunter: Actually Not Good.

So I’ve watched this video like 6 times now and It raises a lot of questions. Right off the bat, we see this guy is using a swaggy recurve bow, which tells me he is an experienced archery hunter. 572 more words

An Historic Day for the Carolingian Company of Bowmen

An account by Baroness Arlyana van Wyck and Mistress Ygraine
of Kellswood

On May 20, 2017, the Barony of Carolingia hosted an event
featuring a venerable test of archery skill. 419 more words