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Tiny Barking Deer of Taiwan's Forests

Nighttime in the forests of Taiwan is velvety dark. Mysterious cries float through the leaves and massive tree trunks. A myriad of frogs, insects, and night birds croak, sing, and chirp. 203 more words

SE Asian Culture

The Magic of Physiotherapy

This past week was very difficult, but it needed to be done; I didn’t shoot at all and spent most of the time trying to rest my back. 190 more words


For my book birthday, I give myself some advice.

One of the most challenging things for archers is shooting well on in the wind. But on a blustery day, you’ve got to deal with the fact that the wind is going to affect your arrow’s flight. 629 more words

No Good Deed

A new found passion

I have always been fascinated with the bow. As such, I also had a desire to try my hand at archery but had never got around to it for so many various reasons some of which I myself am not even sure about. 327 more words


Commonwealth Archery Benefits Society

In this post I am going to reveal something about my archery¬†campaign that I hope that you will embrace with intelligence. I am a political activist and I have got my allies in government to accept archery as a sport worthy of the government’s attention. 951 more words