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Proposal: The Wicked Witch Archetype

“When we think of a witch, the image of the old crone, the wizened woman of the female trilogy, manifests directly in our mind’s eye. We rarely think first of young, blonde witches like Samantha in Bewitched or Glenda, the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz” (Silver). 174 more words


The trouble with great ideas

The other night I was running commentary with a friend over some episodes from Season 11 of Supernatural (particularly the one where Chuck makes his -dubiously- deus ex machina return). 469 more words


Druid Archetype: Battle Summoner


Nature Bond (Ex): A Battle Summoner that chooses to select a domain must select form the following list: Cat, Eagle, Frog, Monkey, Serpent, or Turtle. 190 more words


A Holistic View of Zodiacal Archetypes

Concerning the polarity exiting between the opposite signs, the 12 signs of the zodiac can be divided into 2 groups, displaying 6 types of polarity: the first group deals with “I” Vs. 504 more words


A New Insight on the Characters of Disgrace

Remember in my first blog post written on Disgrace where I said I hope that the plot thickens into the next section? Well, guess what? It did! 957 more words

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius

“Just as all people have shadows, every society and nation, too, has shadows. If there are bright, shining aspects, there will definitely be a counterbalancing dark side.

2,701 more words

Photo Challenge: Ashes and Snow

In my heart pounds the heavy steps of my strong Elephant brothers.

From my eyes peer the fierce gaze of my magnificent Eagle sisters.

In my dreams soars the boundless spirit of my bountiful Ocean father. 95 more words