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Hello, Large Letters.

(L) What happened to all the recipes and light-hearted jibber jabber on this blog? Well, it’s time to tackle a big question, cause that’s what keeps things interesting! 709 more words


Unscene: Archetype - "The Descendent" EP

If you caught the live review i did just after Christmas of the local gig i attended, you’ll have hopefully noticed a couple of things about that piece – 1) i was genuinely excited to have witnessed some very cool talent that was right on my doorstep, and 2) i managed to miss out on one of those acts playing due to useless public transport, but the balance has now been readdressed as the lads in… 424 more words


“Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.” — Carl Jung…

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The Dark Mother

I love Neil Gaiman’s wonderful short novel “Coraline.” It seems to me that this terrifically frightening book shows how the dark side of the mother archetype is always present in potential. 510 more words

Hero Archetype #3: The Tragic Hero

Who here knows the story of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles?  If you don’t let me paraphrase it for you:

Oedipus is the son of King Polybus and Queen Merope of Corinth.  

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the Complete Devout Handbook

All you holy rollers,

Through December and January the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. presented new archetypes for the cleric, druid, monk, and paladin classes. Thanks to the feedback from our brave and handsome (and oh so wise) readership we’ve cleaned up some of the mechanics and language and compiled them all into the Complete Devout Handbook. 260 more words


Kurz & lokal: Archetype in Böblingen

Noch vor ein paar Jahren war jedes Konzert, egal wie groß oder klein, welches im Böblinger Jugendzentrum stattfand, für uns ein Pflichttermin. Inzwischen ist das irgendwie zur Ausnahme geworden, was sicherlich auch daran liegt, dass ich im letzten Jahr auch so jedes Wochenende Bands zugeschaut habe und dabei dann ab und an auch mit Bands wie Ash Is A Robot ins Casa gekommen bin um mein Pensum an Zuhause-Jugendhaus abzuarbeiten. 305 more words