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A Defense of Archetypes

It’s plainly obvious to me that archetypes exist. As is often the case, I’ve invented a theory, and applied it to someone else. I have my own understanding of Archetype, and it’s important that I don’t conflate it with Jung, but I believe what I have to say is common sense. 1,340 more words


#Yugioh Card Review - Jack Knight of the Green Heights

So you’ve managed to summon Blue and you’ve added Green to your hand. But now what? Well let’s see what the Jack Knight of the Green Heights can do. 308 more words


Yugioh Card Review - Jack Knight of the Blue Sky

So our Jack Knights come in all sizes, shapes, colors and all that. Each JK has the family effect (we’ll discuss later) and then has it’s own individual effect. 478 more words


#Yugioh Card Review - Scars Caused by the World Legacy

I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about Jack Knights. In fact, if I were being totally honest, I “discovered” them checking to see if Noble Knights got any more cards. 306 more words


Gallery of French Talislanta Art

Did you know Talislanta had a French edition with some pretty cool illustrations? Presented here is an art gallery of all the archetypes from the French edition published by Ludopathes Editeurs (now defunct, sadly). 60 more words


Spirit Walks and Nature talks #7: The Archetypes found in Nature

Another snip-bit from Ted Andrew’s Nature Speak . This post is related to the major archetypes of C.G. Jung: the hero, the magician, the warrior, and the wise one . 1,105 more words