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I′m a Sacred Slut and I Own It!

I know, I know I am a drama queen!

The Slut archetype resides in every single one of us, and is responsible with acknowledging and owning your sexuality, your eroticism, your sexual energy and drive. 505 more words


Viva La Revolution: Character Motivation

I’m back to set fire to a few ideas and tip over a van or two. I want to break apart the things we as writers do to create characters, because we have been fed a line, told by teachers and mentors certain ways to make a character that are not working. 877 more words


Characters Archetypes

For building a good character we need to know about Archetypes🌸 It helps to understand our characters 💕 I studied creative writing course and I found Archetypes useful in the writing 😄 I wrote down some comments about each type to make it easy to understand 💓 81 more words


The Essential James Hillman: A Blue Fire

I cannot fully explain James Hillman in this space, not briefly, not at all. If there is a badge, it might say psychologist, or Jungian psychologist, but that would be misleading, limiting and wrong. 730 more words


Dream Journal 18: Peculiarities of the basic Psychological Functions in the Introverted Attitude

C.G. Jung Collective works – Psychological Types:

Peculiarities of the basic psychological functions in the introverted attitude:

Thinking: introverted thinking’s orientated by subjective factor. This subjective factor is represented by subjective feeling of direction, which determines judgment.

1,420 more words
Psychology And Resources And Tools For Self Development

implementation: write yourself a damn love letter

you didn’t think i’d make you do this damn thing alone, do you?

i wrote myself a damn love letter. and then i made a commitment to myself, held my own damn hand, and jumped over a fire. 212 more words


Brand as Enclothed Cognition (or: The Clothes Make the Brand)

In college I played bass guitar in a band called Grey Ghost, whose musical output I would describe as “radio-friendly rock.”

During that phase of my life, my tendency in daily dress was lackadaisical. 1,458 more words