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Bridging the interop chasms

The dilemma for implementers is: how to standardise clinical content yet use it in different clinical scenarios? How to lock down clinical content yet express variation in clinician requirements. 1,467 more words

Health Informatics

Why Fantasy?

At first glance fantasy seems like a ridiculous genre to read, let alone write, yet it has never been more popular than right now. Big books, modern day tomes, filled with swords, mythical beasts, magic, and outrageous adventures have became mainstream. 747 more words

Daughter Of Shadow

Inanna & the Eternal Feminine

The above artwork is from an unknown source. If anyone knows the identity of the artist, please drop me a line. It’s a great interpretation of a goddess who often looks more like a harpy in some of her traditional representations. 1,767 more words

Traditional Astrology

BFZ: W/B lifegain vs. W/B Allies

Battle for Zendikar has a number of lifegain cards, as well as cards that get better if you have lifegain, primarily in white and in black. 631 more words


Immigrant Story

You want me to sleep
with you and saints
in a dark cube
where lightning has killed a woman’s body

It came
in an animal form… 156 more words


"Blackness" as a negative archetype

“Blackness” is an archetype (ruling pattern emblazoned on our “collective unconscious”) of general negativity. Why? As entities embedded in the material world, in order to find our way about, and protect ourselves from physical threats we need signals from the material world. 914 more words


[Hearthstone] Mengenal Deck Archetype atau Tipe Deck

Dengan 9 class yang masing-masing memiliki mekanik dan gaya yang unik, serta lebih dari 500 kartu yang sebagian besar memiliki efek yang berbeda, ada sangat banyak strategi yang bisa kamu ramu dalam sebuah deck di Hearthstone. 987 more words

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