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Au Clair de la Lune

I long for the glowing, pale roundness de la lune
When I light a fire to warm the hours of the night
And with a quill and some ink I write un mot doux…

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the agent from the inner circle

the agent from the inner circle; mixed media on cradled wood panel, 24 x 24 x 1.5 inches; the string series continues.

Soon you will understand: she would not be here if things were going well, if certain plans had not degraded, if certain states were not in decay. 107 more words

Original Paintings

The Archetype of 'The Quest' and its Use in Literature: An Analysis with Reference to Select Literary Texts

Introduction: Myths and Human Beings

It has been consistently grounded across cultures and traditions that myths, at a basic level, are narratives that hold the rich repository of a culture’s responses to and engagements with the questions of origin, self-knowledge, identity, and existence. 2,512 more words



I’m here in my bed, under my covers staring at my phone with eyes glazed over when I hear the distant sound of a dog barking somewhere down the road. 90 more words

holy city

bubble gum holy city

as a symbol Jerusalem represents so much to the world and its religions. one would be outright foolish to try and wrap the archetype around some personal or even interpersonal wet dream. 16 more words

The owl

I heard once, when I was a 12-year-old, that a farmer in our area had crucified a tawny owl on his door to ward off some imaginary evil, obscure remnant of ancient tales. 129 more words


#Yugioh Card Review - F.A. Test Run, the MVP of the Deck?

Yes.  The answer is yes.  But why don’t you sit down for a spell (eh?) and let Grandpa drive home the point (eh?) about how this is going to impact the deck down the road (eh?). 899 more words