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Scorpio: Why It's a Fixed Sign

There’s a reason why Scorpio is a fixed sign, and there’s also reasons why people tend to question how Scorpio is fixed at all. Scorpio however, will always be a fixed sign. 396 more words


The Appeal of Disaster Movies

Apocalypse has been a recurring theme in human thought. There has always been some kind of a fascination regarding the cyclical nature of time, how ends and beginnings rise from each other: birth, life and death. 495 more words




  1.  a copy from an original: an imitation or reproduction (such as an impression of a seal)
  2. a. something in the world of external reality as distinguished from its eternal and ideal archetype or prototype …
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#Yugioh Archetype Review - Black Luster Soldier

So here we have a great example of something that started as a cheesy one-off, got a retrain so popular that new players didn’t even know it was a retrain, and a few support pieces later became an archetype. 2,051 more words


On Impermanence

Aphorism 1: The world of our memories is totally gone. No matter at what point you imagine. You really can never step in the same stream twice. 1,236 more words

Carl Jung



I’ve never even touched a man, she said

And now I’m old most likely never will

I’ve never really understood the thrill

Or felt the need to take a man to bed… 92 more words


yes, but can you fly?

she said be a feminist, that’s what she told me to do. i told her my femininity was a pair of old crows tied to my appendages/i told her my mouth would flood rivers with fantasy/ i told her princessmermaid ariel was strapped to my head in a series of painfully acquired hair-extensions and i told her i was already woman-enough to know my womanhood. 253 more words