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A musing on Carmen

This week I went to see the 19th century opera Carmen. I have never been to opera before. I don’t take to it easily. I find opera bazar – people singing normal conversation – if life were like that all the time then life would be very different. 209 more words


Welcome Kit Campbell

Kit Campbell ran a blog series about character archetypes recently. I really enjoyed it, and invited her to post about it over here. Her blog is fun and informative, so please check it out. 908 more words


A look into the "Red-Eyes" archetype - Part 2

As previously mentioned, the Red-Eyes archetype has enough members and support to become a competitive deck. Since it is an aggressive deck capable of leaving holes in the opponent’s lifepoints, it has mediocre defense to make a comeback if the onslaught is somehow halted. 446 more words


Your Coworkers: The Lifer

Oh, the plight of the lifer. She has been doing this too many days for too many years. This is often one of the nearly full-time employees. 521 more words

Book Excerpt

A look into the "Red-Eyes" archetype - Part 1

Between 2007-2014, The Red-Eyes archetype wasn’t much of an archetype. It was more like a series, as it lacked actual support and had few members; what support the archetype had did little to nothing to push the deck into the competitive scene. 502 more words


Belinda Broughton: Self and Shadow Self


The me I catch
in a sudden view
from a shop window
is not the me
I think I am

This person has
hunched shoulders… 110 more words


When he likes your “type”

I got a message from Francis.

“You voluptuous vixen”

He proceeded to compliment my “curvy package” and as the conversation progressed, it got hotter and hotter. 194 more words