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Dialogue with the Healer


The role of the Healer is a universal cultural figure, and the relationship between Healer-Patient is likewise universal, though it patterns distinctively in specific cultures.  The Western “doctor” with the white coat and stethoscope presents the Healer in a powerful if sterile position, while the dynamic Shaman found in many societies in various forms presents the Healer as a Mediator between the energies of this world and the forces and Spirit beyond the surface reality. 566 more words

BE2: Sunday Life Paths Process Topics

“Get back Witch!”: A mini character study in The Princess Bride

  • Inigo Montoya: “Who are you?”
  • Man in Black: “No one of consequence.”

A crone, or a hag, is a recurrent figure in literature. She is that ugly woman in a fairy-tale that is often connected to things that are mystical and unearthly, those dark and sinister things.

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Indigenous Cinema: “I Don’t Believe in Being Limited By Labels...”

They’re individual people in a minority. The issues are a by-product of the story, not the source” – Daniel Browning (2002)

Indigenous Australian filmmaker Ivan Sen’s conception of ‘

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Do You Know Your Archetype?

The Judgement card, depicted here from the Jungian Tarot Deck by Robert Wang, has come up for me in several readings. Ironically, it also happens to be my archetype. 121 more words


Arch - Type

“The archetype in itself is empty and purely formal, nothing but a facultas praeformandi, a possibility of representation which is given a priori. The representations themselves are not inherited, only the forms, and in that respect they correspond in every way to the instincts, which are also determined in form only. 173 more words


Feature Friday #1 (Bloggers & Books)

Welcome to Feature Friday!  Today we will talk about some bloggers who are writing amazing posts on the craft.  More specifically, bloggers who are providing tips and tools for people to improve their own skill and understanding. 625 more words


Embracing the Visionary - Sofia University Archetype #2

Every university has its audience. Like a magnet, a school can grab your attention based on subconscious desires you may not even know were important. 128 more words

Sofia University