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Steel Liberator

Martial Archetype
This archetype takes inspiration from the Steel Falcon, Golden Legionnaire, and Liberator prestige classes, and is perfect for the character who wants to fight for freedom with the restrictions of being a paladin. 363 more words


Destruction Domain

Divine Domain
Due to how D&D 5e is designed, a lot of popular domains such as fire and animal are included in the other domains in the… 498 more words


Blood Mage

Arcane Tradition
This wizard archetype is inspired by the 3.5 prestige class Blood Magus. It presents the wizard with a different style from the wizard archetypes in the core rulebook as the blood magic aspect of the archetype is usually surrounded in taboo, a stark contrast to the the structured and respected schools of other wizards. 570 more words


Archetypes: The Mentor

Mentors are one of my favorite archetypes.  They span in type and function wildly.  They can be good, bad, indifferent, insane, comical, and everything in-between.   1,110 more words


Nature's Fist

Monastic Tradition
This monk archetype is inspired by the 3.5 prestige class Fist of the Forest. However, as the class only ever went up to 3rd level, it has been adapted greatly for the purposes of this tradition. 422 more words


Fey Bloodline

Sorcerous Origin
This is the first archetype released by Kobold Wizard of many (hopefully!). It aims to provide a sorcerer with support abilities, mainly in the form of debuffs, without sacrificing any of the sorcerer’s powerful offence. 413 more words


Daily Punch 8-16-16 Giant Bloodline Sorcerous Origin for DnD 5e

Let’s get back to the giant archetypes with the Giant Bloodline for the DnD 5e Sorcerer.

Giant Bloodline

Giants are brutish creatures that don’t always kill those they capture.   170 more words