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Faster Than the Clock - A look at Speedroids

High-Speed Riders introduced some new Synchro Summon strategies and also boosted pre-existing strategies. Decks such as Goyo and Resonator got a decent improvements, along with more Synchro Monsters. 675 more words

Same Ol' Ever-Changing Circle

I’m going in circles.

…according to my dreams.

In my dreams, I often circle through an area and arrive back at the place where I began. 448 more words


ORI: Follow-up on the enchantments deck

Shortly after concluding that an 8-person ORI/ORI/ORI draft cannot support an enchantments deck, I ended up drafting an Esper control deck with a minor enchantment subtheme. 571 more words



his goodheartedness
surprised me — I don’t know why
— maybe kindliness
sits strangely with the function
of a sacrificial priest

There are no sacrificial priests left in the literal sense. 79 more words


The Electrical Mind-Readers - A look into PSYFrame

With the OCG release of Highspeed Riders, old decks are given more support and new decks arise. Among the new archetypes introduced, there is an archetype of Psychic-type monsters with effects that revolve around the opponent’s cards! 1,018 more words

The lover in our youth

Dionysus is described as the madman or lover in Greek mythology. The god of wine, relaxation and fury all at once. A little madness and boundless freedom is his realm of godhood. 210 more words

Personal Evolution