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Archetypes: Shapeshifting Characters

When I think of shapeshifters, I think of television shows like Supernatural, and the liquid metal android assassin T-1000 from the Terminator movies… 653 more words


Processing the Distress of the Present Moment

For many of us, if not the vast majority of us, experiencing exponential change with a mind wired for linear processing can be exceptionally disorienting. “Is this the ‘new normal’?” people often ask after yet another mass shooting, act of police brutality, unthinkable election development, or abrupt climate-driven disaster. 268 more words

Disaster Management And Humanitarian Assistance

the Bear

They caged and held a bear,
a great mocking shambling bear
with blunted claws / and blackened appetite,
kept so long in order to provide a service… 38 more words


Tales and Insights: Uriel

James Powell and Sons Mosaic

This is a short story, inspired by insights I received back in 2010, and the desire to write it ignited in 2013, after a meditation. 4,973 more words


Millennials Are Doomed to Face an Existential Crisis That Will Define the Rest of Their Lives

Source: MauldinEconomics.com, by John  Mauldin

Psychologists from Sigmund Freud forward have generally agreed: our core attitudes about life are largely locked in by age five or so. 1,104 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Using Archetypes as Narrative Devices | Gnome Stew

In the psychological theory of Carl Jung, a psychological archetype is an inherited idea that is derived from the collective experience of the human race. Archetypal ideas and images arise from the unconscious of the individual, but they are rooted in kind of species-memory: the collective unconscious.

106 more words

Wishful Thinking, A Step Toward a New Beginning

Jean Raffa, Earth Mother Archetype

Since I’ve been pushed back to being a per-diem employee at my current job, determination entered my bones, igniting my thumbed size flame, setting forth clarity of my inner path to enlightenment, my re-connection to our Mother Earth… the… 363 more words