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Embracing the Performer - Sofia University Archetype #6

Every university has its audience. Like a magnet, a school can grab your attention based on your subconscious desires you may not even know were important to you. 128 more words

Sofia University

Gassing Up

I was with my parents and we were going to get gas in our cars before a holiday celebration. I was following them but somehow got in front of them in the line. 143 more words



My fear is not that I am misunderstood.

I am not afraid of being unappreciated in this lifetime.

My fear is that my pain is so banal, so boring, so bland… 27 more words


Daily Punch 10-19-16 Black Powder Witch archetype for Pathfinder

How about we continue the idea of a Witch Gun in one more game..

Black Powder Witch

Some witches toil over cauldrons, but you work clockwork with ease.   362 more words


A Blast from the Past: A Little bit about ME

Below is a post about me, a post I wrote around 4 years ago, and posted on a previous blog, Tales and Insights. I re-read this post and noticed how much I have changed since I’ve wrote it, and even my writing has improved since this post. 1,575 more words


Trump Mania

Last month I decided that I would not write any new posts decrying Donald Trump, nor his many heinous claims and accusations since his lies and hypocrisy are so numerous that recounting them is like… 875 more words

My Voice

The Archetypal Man

I couldn’t see the face of the man in the clinch, so I couldn’t determine if it was Derek. But there was something about that clinch the man was in that made me think it might be him. 868 more words