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Sun/Moon Blends: Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon

This sun/moon combination suggests that emotional and psychological fulfillment comes through harnessing one’s abilities to consolidate resources in the name of personal growth.

The type of fuel your “engine” runs on contains aspirations to gain notice from others through a creative and unique expression of yourself and your gifts. 198 more words

My Personal Divinity - Part 2

Last year I posted about my Archetypes and how I feel they impact my life and my spirit. Believe me when I say that I do not believe Archetypes to be a religion, but rather a tool to connect or reconnect with my divinity. 259 more words

About Me

Sometimes My Brain Becomes a Tangle of Shoe Laces

1. The thing about my job is about 85% of the month’s work is concentrated into a three day span. This makes the rest of the month kind of nice. 701 more words


The end of the world as they wrote it - Archetype

This is not the book list to end all book lists, nor is it particularly apocalyptic, I’m certain the world will carry on just fine with or without it.   90 more words

Chelsea Haith

Reading Sa'adia

I have been reading the Saadian version of the Sefer Yetzirah quite a bit. It isn’t long at all so it is easy to read it once before bed or sometime in the evening. 844 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Dream event - drawing

Dreams are great. This one occurred the other night and told me about an Old Man that was sort of my owner – as though I were a pet – from birth and that he had come to let me know about him. 147 more words


Husks and Helping Hands

Following on the last post, let me talk a bit more about what I mean when I say that the Sa’adia diagram might provide the basis for a better ontological account of what exactly is going on with the talk of qlippoth. 1,525 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas