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A new vision of wholeness

It never ceases to amaze me: the ways the Divine finds to speak to my heart.

It is corn planting time in Iowa, and watching the umpteen tanks of anhydrous ammonia being trucked to the empty fields around me, had cast me into a sort of passive despairing of life in this world. 814 more words


Eyes that see, eyes that know.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung… 493 more words


Carl Jung's Contribution to Psychoanalytic Theory

A philosopher, psychoanalyst and a disciple of Freud, CG Jung treated the human self as the totality of all psychic processes considering the Freudian concept of individual consciousness as incomplete and unnecessarily negative, Jung proposed a second and far deeper level of the unconscious, which he called… 189 more words

Literary Theory

Archetypal Alchemy

Carl Jung’s recognition of the value of encountering unconscious archetypical aspects of Self through active imagination leads to his understanding that this is a process leading to the “integration” of archetypal energies within the overall, individual identity of one’s Self. 664 more words

BE2: Tuesday Life Paths Tools

The Secret is to Know Thy Archetypes

Archetypes are my favourite subject. As a trainer, mentor and author on the topic, it’s always a pleasure for me to write about archetypes. We can use archetypes as a tool to access our hidden powers and potential. 327 more words


Olfactory Painting

Working here with similar imagery or motif, but now instead with oil paint. It seems like such greater subtlety is possible with it rather than the acrylics, for me at least. 158 more words


April prompt #25


Janice #5

Now, I am drawn to gray, November’s

ivory and amber and steel, snow-fields,

the undersides of storm clouds, stones, black trees… 35 more words