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Getting Clear On What The New Aeon Is And Is Not

Sometimes, I get intuitions on things. Sometimes, I don’t wholly agree with the intuitions that I get. But I listen to them anyway. I give them a fighting chance to get through my discernment. 521 more words


Human Religious Archetypes

Excerpts from the lecture at The Artists’ House, 13.02.2014

Human Religious Archetypes

I. On the Inherent Nature of the Divine

The Creator is non-definable due to the inherent nature of being beyond time and space – the existential criteria of the living creatures. 488 more words


A Visit to the Valley of the Archetypes

“I am Man on the Precipice of Death for Perpetuity.”

– The Hanged Man

A Visit to the Valley of the Archetypes:

A Conversation with the Devil, the Weaver Woman and the Hanged Man…

2,628 more words

The Perfect Character: The Inner Circle

Today brings upon part 4/4 of my blog series “The Perfect Character” so let’s make it a good one.

More often than not, or at least in my case, writers forget that you need more than one or two main characters to develop. 322 more words

Writing Tips

Literal Gods Are for the Literal Minded: Re-Enchanting the Gods

“Really, really real”

Here and there in the tiny echo chamber that is the Pagan blog-o-sphere, I am once again hearing repeated the false dichotomy of archetypes vs. 77 more words

Domination and Alliances

My last post was on the evolution of the relationship between the feminine principle and the dragon archetype, relaying my take that the dragon is a mythical representation of feminine power. 499 more words


Dragons and Power

One of my favorite favorite fantasy critters is the dragon. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern gripped my imagination at the age of 13 and inspired me to write my first novel, unfinished opus that it was. 1,157 more words