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Mercury cazimi in Scorpio

Mercury at the heart of the Sun in Scorpio

Mercury forms its superior conjunction with the Sun on 27 October 2016 at 4°42′ Scorpio.  The superior conjunction occurs when Mercury is moving swiftly through the zodiac on the far side of the Sun in orbit, aligning with Earth in a straight line with regards to the degree of the zodiac.   1,085 more words


Paper Moon

There is an old song entitled, “Looking For That Paper Moon”, and it reminds me of this painting. The young woman, perhaps a teenager, is contemplating her life down another road. 45 more words

Mixed-Media Art


There are many words used to describe the enchantress. She is according to the dictionary an attractive and beguiling woman who manipulates without investing personal emotion (usually with men) and are drawn to money and power – 43 more words

Mixed-Media Art


A whimsical painting from a class at Willowing Arts, Radiant Faces.  I named the painting, “Chloe” as she reminds me of my precious grand-daughter. She also for me is an archetype, the child. 83 more words

Mixed-Media Art

What Really Is Love, Part Two: If I could live but only in the Moment

From my Lover archetype persona:

You asked me the other day while driving back from helping a friend pack and move, “What Really Is Love?” I reminded you of that movie, “The Man Eating Tiger,” that we saw on late night TV decades ago. 231 more words

BE2: Sunday Life Paths Process Topics

Ghosts in the movie machine

I think we were walking to Aldi for some cheap crackers and cheese; for whatever reason we started talking about the colour of money. In Australia, the $5 note is pink, the $10 blue, the $20 red; the $50 is nicknamed “a pineapple” and only the $100 note is green. 566 more words

Fun of Classifying Personalities

Think how funny it is to find yourself in a classification. En Astrologie, you have 12 boxes. Each sign has characteristics. If you’re a Pisces you are a dreamer, Gemini is fast, Cancer sensible, Taurus slow, etc. 286 more words