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Character Archetypes: The Villain

Aside from the Hero, the Villain is probably the most common character archetype. After all, without a villain, many stories would not happen. Heroes rise up solely to fight the evil villains bring into the world; with a villain, without their evil plan, heroes probably wouldn’t have destinies, or have lost their families, or be forced into the world. 233 more words


Menashe Kadishman – In Memoriam

Menashe Kadishman – In Memoriam

A sheepherder regardeth the life of his sheep. Even if o’ so white, each one and its life. In the flied, peaceful, grazing, being heard. 169 more words

Art Review

How to get new ideas for life, work and dreams

I’m a great believer in holidays. When you’re away from home, you can see your normal day-to-day life from outside, and it gives you a different perspective. 336 more words


8 Urban Fantasy Archetypes You Deal With Every Day

Urban Fantasy is a great escape from reality.

Yet if you think about it, you face the following Urban Fantasy archetypes every day.


Okay, so maybe you aren’t a soldier in an ancient vampire war, or facing an impending demon horde.  648 more words


The Transformer

I am delighted that we have such a wonderful example of the Transformer in our world. I am speaking, of course, of the whole line of Transformer toys. 391 more words


I Don't Know Why She Does It...

This novel opens with the heroine ‘distressing’ mince pies to pass them off as home-made. She’s trying to juggle career and family. The question you might ask me is not how, but why? 416 more words

Jane Bailey Bain

Character Archetypes: The Hero

Perhaps the best known of all character archetypes is the hero. Most stories have a hero, after all, and even non-standard protagonists tend to be labeled by their relationship to the hero archetype: a tragic hero, for example, or an anti-hero. 308 more words