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Ode to Corn Tortillas

I began eating large quantities of corn tortillas about 40 years ago and will never stop
My parents drove all over Mexico with the family when I was a teenager… 106 more words


Archetypes - Defining Who I Am 

I often consider aspects of my life and personality. Why I do and think what I do, knowing full well I am a rather complex human. 630 more words


Notes on Dreaming

This is from a chapter I wrote a few years ago – for a book that has been shelved – called “The Lifescape”. I had planned to write a self-help book about life mapping – using a variety of techniques, such as self analysis, ritual, dream interpretation, shadow work etc. 6,191 more words


Confessions of a Former Manic Pixie Dream Girl

My boyfriend and I watched Zach Braff’s Garden State a few nights ago, and the ending hit me hard. In the ending of Garden State… 887 more words


A to Z Challenge - N

My theme for the A to Z challenge is Villain Archetypes.

Yes, 26 descriptions of some of your favorite villains of literature, TV, and movies. 420 more words

A To Z Challenge

Window Dressing

Gazing out through the window made of magical reflection

Scenes play out vividly structured for the ego’s protection

We find we are exactly the picture of perfection and gravity… 83 more words


XIV Temperance

this space has no end, no beginning
it hums in distilled silence, shifting
like a dream’s fragment
in the pulsing heart a mandala blooms,
opens its cosmic petals… 518 more words