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OIZYS - Flying on the Winds of Despair

OIZYS is a goddess from the Greek pantheon and was a daughter of Nyx, Goddess of the night. OIZYS is the personification of anxiety, despair distress and worry. 406 more words

10 Hero-Character Archetypes

Archetypes are recurring patterns (plot structures, symbols, character types, themes) that occur in mythology, religion, and stories across cultures and time periods. They embody universal meanings and basic human experiences and can evoke unconscious responses in a reader. 1,653 more words




I feel like air

Balancing matter

Opposites in resistance

Alchemical dust

Celullar beings

The dimension of lust.


Shrew U

Archetypes of the Human Spirit (Story Analysis)

Part 12

Archetype #10 – The Faceless Being

“Courage is the pure light of truth through which the Self must act” 461 more words


Poetic Musings

As well as being an aspiring copywriter, artist and proofreader – I’m also a poet. I regularly write poetry for performance in my local area. You may see me with a group called Poets on the Hill and my favourite venue to perform is a place called Creature Sound, behind the train station in Swansea City Centre. 674 more words

Divination & Synchronicity

I’ll elaborate on the connection later. Needless to say, this resonated with me deeply in enough ways that I felt the need to share it.

Journal Entries

1. Cowardly Hero

The Hero was born in a hall meant for battles and mead. A hall where the shout of mighty warriors turned to humble praises for the rightful Hero on the throne, where musicians would never cease their merrymaking, where both sun and moon shone majestically, illuminating the chosen ruler and protector. 454 more words