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3 weeks ago, I decided I would read 0 books in December.

That’s 1.76 times as long as I’ve ever gone without reading books, but it feels like a bridge I have to cross. 696 more words


Healing Male Impotence

Male potency, an erect phallos upon demand, is the effect Viagra is intended to produce. Although I have never tried that product, I hear that it works and that, under certain conditions, it could kill you. 1,094 more words

Jungian Psychotherapy

The Saboteur was one archetype I was having a hard time pinning down, which seemed odd, as it’s the one archetype that we all have. For most of us, it’s dormant, and acts as a kind of conscience/revenge system—there to help us recognise acts of sabotage against us, and to use as a defense system when necessary. 629 more words

The Spiritual Domain

Why IT people can't build information systems

(on their own)

Every so often I remember how we were taught to build information systems and software. One of the steps is called ‘requirements capture’. 735 more words

Health Informatics

Climate Control

Professor Barnhardt: There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.

Klaatu: Your problem is not technology. The problem is you. 4,381 more words


Elements - Testing!

Write up the elements work here when you know it’s working.


Gemini Full Moon

A cosmic circle within the eye of the Universe. Humanity. Merely germs within cells. Some assassins and some healers. All of us held within this kinetic environment. 1,392 more words