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Boreum's Fight with the Sea

TSomething a little different, a somewhat mythological piece, though the hero of the poem is a dog, my dog, who you may recognize from other poems of mine. 232 more words


➤ Summary.

Skip to death, to spoil the beginning
Flip a breath, to loyal wishful thinking
Tic-toc! – ‘It won’t slow down or rush’
A date won’t procrastinate. 144 more words


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Take heed, mortals

Is Spider-Man Movie Villain Vulture Supposed To Be A Trump Supporter?

Quick post, but I just saw the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and had to ask.

You have Michael Keaton (now on his third flying animal character, but that is a post for another day) playing the Vulture— 244 more words


Turner Classic Movies - My Pharmacy of Choice

After spending the last two weeks writing about Appalachian poverty and the mediocrity of Paul Ryan, I was increasingly irritable and somewhat depressed.

So I’m turning this week to, what for me is, a fool-proof anti-depressant: … 2,728 more words


Old Gods Vs. New Gods: The Archetypes Of The Justice League

In this post I’m just going to focus on the mythos and symbology of the current cinematic Justice League, and how they seem to represent two different eras of Gods and Goddesses colliding with each other: the Old Gods vs. 918 more words


Aries New Moon

The New Moon in Aries arises on March 27 with Venus retrograde close by, for on the days surrounding it, Venus will be rising at dawn with the Sun, invisible to the eye, purified and regenerated by the light of our fiery star.   1,492 more words