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Say It In Latin, Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Latin is sometimes the most technical as well as the most expressive way to convey a concept.  The phrase Nemo Me Impune Lacessit means “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” in Scottish.   151 more words


Archetypal Symbols Throughout Baby's Journey

I must admit, the archetypal perspective has to be one of my absolute favourites. I love digging deep only to realize how symbolic the characters I’m getting to know truly are. 593 more words

The archetypes in Lullabies for little criminals

So I read this really awesome book that I have talked about in some of my other posts. If you haven’t read them, the book that I am referring to is… 585 more words

The Wheel of Archetypes: The Man Who Ran Out Of Fucks

After considerable delays due to post-RenFaire fatigue (more on that later) and another article I wrote as a sort of lexical fighting retreat, we come round once more to the Wheel of Archetypes. 1,080 more words


Life of Pi: Archetypes

Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi” is the story of a teenage boy who is forced to move to Canada and leave his whole life behind. A sudden change of events occurs when the ship he is on sinks and he ends up being stranded on a life boat alone, with only some food and a Belgian Tiger named Richard Parker. 652 more words

Fighting Dragons

Sorry I’ve been off my feed lately, but you see I’ve been fighting dragons for the last few days. Dragons, that’s what I call the depression that sometimes charges from its cave and overwhelms me. 758 more words

The Hanged Man - Surrender if you Dare!

One of the most powerful illusions that grips our collective psyche is the illusion of control. The hanged man appears as a reminder that it is time to surrender to the greater forces of nature/God/the Universe. 371 more words