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Terror Trap

When the center of town exploded we checked the sky
Nobody could see the cause of the blaze or find out why
Our news was jammed and twitter was disabled tonight… 80 more words


Apollo Desert

A powerful Sun

Can leave you feeling half Done

But there is also power Here

In each part of the Year

Silence and Life

Despite the harsh Strife… 50 more words



If the door has blown closed, open it.

You do not need a key.

Feed the birds.

There is seed in the blue jar. 123 more words

Humans And Other Animals


Before a mighty rolling inferno my heart stood and did not flinch. Yet i knew its true nature was beyond my imagination. Only an archetype of earth, fire, ether, and darkness after all.

The blue glass owl

A few months back I found on my desk–oddly enough–a blue glass owl sitting there when I arrived for work. I was evidently surprised, and not as much by the presence of the singular object as by the frequent manifestation of the owl archetype in my life. 486 more words


Hero or Outlaw: How Archetypes Can Tell A Brand Story

In 2001, The Hero and The Outlaw introduced the branding world to the use of archetypes. The book reminds us that humans relate to stories with strong characters, and that storytelling has an important place in marketing. 905 more words

New Moon in Leo: Awakening the Warrior Heart of the Inner Wild Child

Leo rules the heart

and follows the rules of the heart.

Leo lives in the heart and from the heart

And embodies all the joyous expressions of the heart. 806 more words