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Nemesis, Indignation and Justice....

The Greek Winged Goddess,Nemesis, became indignant when confronted with the evil deeds and undeserved good fortune among the population. Nemesis ruled that no one person should ever have too much good and she cursed those who were blessed with countless undeserved gifts. 85 more words


Creating Archetypal Characters

Creating archetypal characters to perform specific dramatic functions in your novel helps you create a compelling story.

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For a couple of months now I’ve noticed this same card popping up over and over in my tarot readings. It’s not a bad way to begin a new year: a youngling leaving the nest, setting out on a journey into the unknown, trusting to luck. 314 more words

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Augustine's Archetypes (still cleaning up after joey c)

I came across an interesting passage in Augustine’s City of God recently, and I wanted to commit a bit of time to it. He’s talking about Cain, who is, Biblically, the founder of the first human city, Enoch. 1,129 more words


I am a Viking leprechaun

In my early teen years, I became really interested in genealogy. I worked on my family tree, wrote to relatives I hadn’t met before, and even looked up ancestors in the Library of Congress. 441 more words


Wild West Hospitality in Arizona

I am lucky to have visitors from Switzerland who are interested in Arizona culture and art. I am also interested, but not inclined to get out on the road on my own to seek more than I have right at home.   379 more words