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Why do I need Business Management?

Why do I need Business Management? This is the question every business owner should/could have asked themselves. There is no simple solution however; the answer is readily available to you. 383 more words

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Hecate Year

When the numbers add to One

It is time for Hecate’s moment in the Sun

Goddess of the Crossroads and Choice

Let us hear the Wisdom of your Voice… 136 more words


Working with Tarot in Psychotherapy and in Psychological Groups

I find that if I use images in my psychotherapy work with clients, their psyches respond more positive to their ‘healing’ process. Images, and especially archetypal images like those found in the Tarot, are medicine in the healing process. 1,178 more words


Dionysus Fresh Air

If you want to experience more and live a life of Flare

It is good to grab some fresher Air


Being inside a box is often Good… 111 more words


Musings on Memetics

Meme warfare is fought in the mental sphere, a subtle level of experience that is as real as the material, yet in a different way. The appearance of modern meme culture is a prime example of inspiration, power consolidation, consensus and realm-building at a subtle level of experience. 594 more words


Shrewd Awakenings; Ah-ha! Moments

This is the first of a twelve part series based on the Archetypes of human sub consciousness.  These symbols play an important role in how our meta-physical selves navigate the collective conscious of human kind.  140 more words


Conflict Structure and Marital Satisfaction

This post examines the structure of marital conflict, the motivations of men and women in addressing conflict, and some scientific correlations with longitudinal marital satisfaction. Alternative motivations with more positive outcomes are suggested. 4,266 more words