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Vampires & Werewolves, oh my

Mythology and folklore rambling.

It’s very common across many different stories that werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies, often with the werewolf being the only thing that can kill even a master vampire.  279 more words



Science is only the veil of reality since there is always something beyond, so deep that is related to time, space, light and darkness. Of this substance arises the original mind which is all and nothing. 341 more words


The Alien Teacher Archetype

December is associated with the TEACHER Archetype. Last week I saw the new film  Arrival  and realized there is an Alien Teacher archetype that runs through much of science fiction literature and films.  435 more words

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Millennials are like Unicorns

Many people will tell you that Millennials are vastly different from every other generation, but that’s not the case. Farhad Manjoo writer of “Corporate America Chases the Mythical Millennial… 109 more words


So Long, Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Today I’m proposing a funeral for someone very close to my heart.

I know I’m not alone in admiring her and seeking to emulate her, but I think its time we finally put her persona to rest. 743 more words

Modern Planetary Rulers: An Evolutionary Perspective

As the collective consciousness of humanity has expanded and the human psyche is now capable of integrating more abstract concepts, Modern Planetary Rulers have been assigned to the signs as follows: 581 more words


Into the Light: Re-Emergence after Descent

Descent and Re-Emergence form a unified theme found in many mythic and literary tales, as in our lives. Descending to the depths is healthy and constructive; re-emerging renewed to apply the insights gained is extremely valuable. 842 more words

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