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Community in Diversity Within (2/2): A Gallery of Selves

Wordsworth turned from the great hills
of the north to the precipice
of his own mind, and let himself
down for the poetry stranded
on the bare ledges.

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Rusalki: the Slavic Nymphs

“She shook the bright drops from her hair

And gazed upon the anchorite;

To look upon her form so fair

The good monk trembled with affright.

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Nothing New Under the Sun...Yet

It is well known in the field of literature that the same few themes recur in the human drama of life regardless of the time in which the people live. 411 more words

Byzantine Iconography

Are You My Wonderwall? (What’s The Story, Morning Glory? Part 1)

Are You My Wonderwall? (What’s The Story, Morning Glory? Part 1)

by Duane Sharrock

What is LinkedIn? What is it for? It’s a social network for professionals, right? 1,397 more words


Dream: 7.31.2015 (autism, job)

I have recently moved to Maryland, and am looking for a job. Somehow, I’m spending time with a woman I’ve met who might know of… 1,009 more words


don't jump: 3-min dream weather report: 2015.07.31

In today’s 3-minute dream weather report, we look more deeply into the spike in dreams about “suicide,” and explore what may be triggering the trend:


Card of the Day - J♥ - Jack of Hearts (Cups)

7/30 – a J♥ day:


The J♥ is equivalent to the Knight of Cups in the Tarot. J♥ can sometimes manifest as sacrifice for those we love. 124 more words