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A Scrying mirror to the soul

Sitting outside one morning watching the sun rise above the hills of the Colonial Valley and sipping from a cup of coffee cradled between my hands and warming the air around and within I looked down into the cup of dark liquid and this came to mind… 107 more words

By popular demand, our next Commedia workshop will be in November 2017!

After our last intensive workshop back in May, we have been asked numerous times something like this: “Hey guys, I want to try those weird Arlecchino movements once again, perhaps I’ll invite my wife (girlfriend, lover…) and we’ll all have a blast!”. 96 more words


The Autumn New Moon and The Call to Work

Gone are the long summer days and gone are the warm summer nights,

gone are the flowers and bees, and gone will soon be the leaves … 576 more words


Intuitive Confidence V - Lesson Plan

The Asbolus Station chart, and the New Moon after it, features no less than three Quintile Yods.  A Yod is a wedge-shaped triangle.  A Quintile is two planets one fifth of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another.  481 more words


Archetypes of Stalin: Evolution of the Warrior

Starting in the 1930s, Soviet art was dominated by the officially sanctioned “Socialist Realist” style. Socialist Realist art portrayed the world not as it was, but as it ought to be under Socialism. 350 more words


and this is why i hate archetypes

in one world i’m tiny.

i’m petite

and soft

someone you put in your pocket to keep warm

until we’re home and can love until morning. 352 more words

Dionysus Motion

There is a lot we all want to Do

But just sitting there will not help make your dreams come True

Get up off your butt and get things Done… 123 more words