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Elements from 2 (different) dreams: 3.2 & 3.3.15


With my entire (?) extended family, maternal side, I’m at a “dying center”. It’s like one of those megachurch campuses or huge conference centers, but beautiful inside — landscaping with live trees, flowers, and naturalistic brooks. 1,759 more words


Gender, dreams

I’ve had 2 more dreams in the last 2 days I want to discuss here, but before that, I need to revisit the earlier dreams (with Tony and Adam). 950 more words


Bluebeard's Folly (Found Poetry)

Picture credit: “The Last Door of Bluebeard” by David et Myrtille


Bluebeard’s Folly

All women, watching, waiting;

Men, the ancient foe,

Bluebeardian force,

without conscious origin, 62 more words


Heroes: Plot Devices with Moral Compasses

A great villain is the source of tremendous conflict. They bring about havoc, sewing the seeds of destruction and chaos everywhere they go. Naturally, there exist such people who only desire to thwart such nefarious folks in their plotting and scheming. 718 more words


2 Dreams, 2 days: 2.25 & 3.1.15


In the dream, somehow met up again with dream-Tony. To him, I implied I was great friends with his brother, dream-Adam, even though dream-me had actually had a bad falling out with dream-Adam sometime back. 1,132 more words


March: a manifesto

Both Spouse and I woke up with splitting headaches . . . probably due to the icy snow crinkling against the windows.

(Alas, Spouse has to work, so he took Tylenol, and luckily his headache is diminishing.) 852 more words



According to Clarissa Pinkola Estes an inspiratrice is

“a person who when you are near them make you feel as though you want to create. The person has the gift of being an inspiratrice will fire up other people to not conform but to perform. 470 more words

Anais Nin