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Inanna Aid

We all wish we always had it Made

But sometimes we need Aid

Because all sorts of problems ask for debts which need to be Paid… 54 more words


Archetypal Stories

Adam, Eve, Noah,
even Beauty and the Beast
shout deep in our veins.


Dionysus Obstacles

They say the Fool in the Rain

Does not Feel any Pain


But when it comes to our lives, we want to be in Charge… 133 more words


Yig Teamwork

The more people involved the more we can get Done

Besides Teamwork is Fun

The sum greater than the Parts

Funneling creativity through multiple Arts… 84 more words


New Moon in Pisces This Week

Between the waning Moon and Pisces Season winding to a close, there may be a tinge of melancholy in the air this week. The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday is more about looking back rather than ahead and won’t do much to lighten the mood.

16 more words

Lessons from the Tarot

Those of you who keep up with me on Instagram may have noticed I’ve been posting daily oracle and tarot cards, followed by their meanings. 452 more words

Mind + Soul

Hallucinating the Archetypes

(RMP ZBlog) – Robert M. Price:

Jung said about God, that he didn’t need to believe in God. As a modern Gnostic, Jung said he… 154 more words