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Day 114: Marie-José Van Hee

First time in Barbican lecture this evening to see a Flemish architect speak about her work. English clearly wasn’t her strong point so it was evidently difficult to articulately her ideas in words, however in some ways she didn’t need to. 17 more words

Zaha Hadid - Architect

Zaha Hadid is a famous architect. Her architecture is known to perhaps contribute to a better life.

She gave us a new view on architecture, which was less confined by gravity, and more to do with slipping. 337 more words


Top Architecture Firms Pleasanton The Largest Corporations On The Planet

Top architecture firms pleasanton the largest corporations on the planet. Each mainframe has several modern processor, RAM ranging from several megabytes to several-score gigabytes, and disk space and other storage beyond anything with a microcomputer. 312 more words

4 Easy Tips for Decorating your Australian Home on a Low Budget

Do you need to make your Australian home stylish on a budget? The first thing you should never forget is that the rules you set for yourself are the only rules. 264 more words


Dangerous (1935)

The course of one’s life can be tumultuous, rollercoasting through peaks and valleys. The highs can be intoxicating, while the lows can be crushing to one’s soul and spirit. 540 more words