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Hayne at Sea

Architectural Record‘s recent article “The Sea Ranch at 50” by Cathleen McGuigan looked at the forward thinking 1960’s architectural “utopia” and prompted us to dig through our archives… 76 more words


Designing Obama's Presidential Library

If Barack Obama is a ‘celebrity president’ then his Presidential Library has already attained celebrity status, despite lacking a building or even a site.

A flurry of media coverage has followed the low-intensity drama process of selecting the library’s host city, a decision now delayed until after Chicago’s mayoral election. 191 more words

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Goodbye to Beaux Arts Manhattan

TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THESE BUILDINGS next time you’re in the area around Grand Central Terminal, because some of them may not be there much longer. 459 more words


Saving the Early History of Digital Architecture

40 years ago, not a single architectural drawing was done digitally. Now there is an entire industry of software-makers catering to the needs of architecture. In between now and then, however, architects were forced to make novel digital tools that remain unknown to the public and to the architectural profession. 129 more words


The Hidden Health Dangers of Interiors and Furniture

The list of side effects, including cancer and diabetes, reminded me of leaded gas or ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons. This was another quick embrace of a chemical solution that may be disastrous in the long term. 180 more words


Smart About Smart Cities

Like Sisyphus and his boulder, a small community of thinkers is trying to push their vision for the city-of-the-future to the top.

This community is composed of academics, designers, policymakers, and corporations. 198 more words

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Against Adjaye's agitprop

Adding to the widespread perception that British architect David Adjaye’s affordable-housing project in Harlem looks like a prison, architect Marc Szarkowski offers, on TradArch, this pertinent riposte to the recent mass exercise in droolery from the commentariat: 310 more words