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Old Home Sweet Home

Do you dream of owning a home with historic character?  A home that oozes charm?  A home with the grace and personality of its former days?  133 more words


The most significant style

Ground Plan Map of San Diego Exposition
On the Plaza de Panama are seen other interesting types. The Kern and Tulare Building, for example , is an excellent type of the urban residence’ …
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Architectural Styles

Postmodern 1970-present

In the ’50s new materials made modern homes out-of-this-world. With few walls and tons of glass, it was hard to tell where indoor and outdoor started and stopped. 96 more words

Architectural Styles

International Style 1940s

The Depression made capitalism look really ugly. The world was ready for an aesthetic movement that embodied the new cooperative idea. International style was introduced as a style for the whole world. 62 more words

Architectural Styles

Streamline Modern 1930s

As families came to California escaping the Dust Bowl, developers had a big idea. They discovered they could make a ton of money by buying up the tracts of land outside the city center and building a multitude of nearly identical houses. 115 more words

Architectural Styles

Art Deco 1920s

With a grip of steel and unchecked enthusiasm for industry, the buildings of the 1920s scraped the sky. Art Deco houses are heavily decorated in geometric patterns that play up versatility, and give the illusion of a building vanishing into the sky. 21 more words

Architectural Styles

Craftsman-Style 1910-1920

By the early 1900s, corporations and machines were producing everything. People feared that traditional crafts were going to be lost to assembly lines. The Craftsman home is not machined; it’s handmade by skilled  54 more words

Architectural Styles