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Architectural talk by Paul Russell.

Architect Paul Russell (from Russel & May Associates) talking about past projects and the challenges faced, as well as the rewards of the process. 261 more words

Behind The Scenes

What are Blueprints and How Can You Read Them?

Generally speaking, blueprints are simply 2-dimensional sketches used in architecture to derive the basic idea of how a planned building will look like. They usually contain such vital information as materials required for construction, position of different internal and external features, and so on. 385 more words


The Advantages of Computer Aided Designs

Whether it is a simple porch, a grand addition to any home or a cavernous conservatory, detailed and appropriate architectural drawings are important for the successful implementation of any construction project. 380 more words


Basic Tenets of Modern Residential Architectural Designing

In the modern times, architecture involves consolidation of old as well as new elements. From dwellings designed and constructed during the last century to those built today, the numerous variants of… 399 more words