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The dreamers of Wren’s church

Christopher Wren’s church in Piccadilly, London has an unusual relationship with spirituality. The darkness of the whole interior does not give prominence to the altar but rather hides it; a Baroque stained glass window offers a series of symbolic representations of Jesus Christ, despite that the religious function of the building appears blurred. 239 more words


\ by Kengo Kuma


\ by Kengo Kuma

The new art store in town, Pigment, has brought all type of suppliers for painting…in style. The interior and installment were designed and set up by…

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Good morning, Sydney

I didn’t plan it, but I found myself awake at 4am. The weather bureau’s website stated that the temperature at that moment was 27C; and that we were heading for the high-30s today. 99 more words


Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

A loving and happy look, and who wouldn’t with such a beautiful daughter in such a wonderful place.


Day 3 - Time and Life

“Time is Life, Life is Time” above a door in old Paderborn


nine hundred ninety four

Bones of building
now revealed; new construction
will cover them soon.

Levelland, Texas