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Are Tree-Covered Skyscrapers Really All They Set Out to Be?

Peruri 88, a 400-meter proposal by MVRDV for Jakarta. Image Courtesy of RSI-Studio

Are tree covered buildings really in tune with ecological and sustainable principles, or are they just a form of… 298 more words


Armadillo Vault is a pioneering stone structure that supports itself without any glue

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: a team led by ETH Zurich researchers has constructed an expansive canopy using 399 slabs of limestone and no glue, showcasing a “milestone for stone engineering” (+ slideshow). 6 more words


Kamadhenu Yoga Studio / Carolina Echevarri + Alberto Burckhardt

© Juan Cristobal Cobo

  • Arquitects: Carolina Echevarri , Alberto Burckhardt
  • Location: Subachoque, Subachoque, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Area: 514.67 m2
  • Photography: Juan Cristobal Cobo

"Peter Zumthor is wrong. The future of architecture isn't handmade"

Comments update: Swiss architect Peter Zumthor divided opinion this week with his claims that handmade architecture is experiencing a resurgence, and that computers are simply slaves. 25 more words


Inaugural Ventura New York launches with 14 projects from Dutch designers

Dezeen promotion: a rug patterned like mould and calligraphy created from heartbeats were among projects by Dutch designers showcased for the launch of Ventura Projects… 13 more words


LIAG Architects Design Energy Saving Art Storage Facility

Courtesy of LIAG architects

LIAG Architects has unveiled their design for a new art storage building. Commissioned by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the aim of the project was to create a large open space, while simultaneously meeting other needs such as protecting art that can’t be exposed to daylight, controlling the temperature in certain zones, and using minimum amounts of energy to operate the building. 240 more words