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At the back of the class, someone is listening

At the station, commuters were rushing all around us. He stood out. Not just because he was different – or tall. He had a “presence”. Looking at him then, all “grown up” and confident, so full of purpose, so different from the quiet young man who sat at the back of the class … Did I have a part – however tiny – in this “evolution”?

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"How does it feel to be done?" "Ehhhh"

Once again I went MIA on here, and my “excuse” is I was finishing off my thesis project. I’ll get back to the Auroville and… 567 more words


Community Space Project

As I mentioned in my last post, the Making Architecture course on Coursera gives you some great portfolio ideas.  534 more words

Making Architecture - Online Course

One of the first things I did when I decided to explore architecture, was to register for a MOOC. MOOCs are Massive-Online-Open-Courses, which means they’re free. 151 more words

I was a Juror at SCI-Arc's Graduate Thesis Weekend

There seems to be something about the name SCI-Arc that invites wordplays. Maybe it implies reaching out into the blue like a ‘sky-arc’, or a vessel for minds that is floating into the unknown like a ‘psy-ark’. 1,861 more words


"Sometimes, not knowing something's impossible may be an advantage."

I saw this quote in a BuilderTrend article by John McManus and thought that it was truly accurate for all realms of life. It reminded me of one particular moment in architecture school during a thesis presentation. 622 more words

Questions Every Architecture Student Should Ask Professionals Before Graduating

Core Questions

  • How representative is our current school work load and work ethic to our future professional work load and work ethic?
  • How much does the location of where you live/work affect what kind of work you do?
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