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Did a little montage for my studio project at school explaining how two things of different nature can come together seamlessly. Inside each circle depicts episodes of different activities.

a thought on summertime architect brain

The mind of an architect student can be a dangerous place.  For nine straight months, it plans, crams, and produces for that coveted project.  It criticizes, deduces, and questions everything (including but not limited to its own sanity).  383 more words

College Life

The Lyric Theatre

We had the opportunity to visit the Lyric theatre in Belfast for the day concluded with seeing a production of “the 39 Steps” by the Bruiser Theatre Company. 252 more words


Gothenburg throwback (a few weeks back)

Sunday evening. Been in the studio all day (like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and…) but now I’m finally home and spending the rest of the evening doing as little as possible. 171 more words


The Fourth Review

During the previous design cycle I had begun to explore the concept of experiential moments within my scheme between actor and audience beyond the stage. While I had introduced the idea of some perforations in the concrete walls of the dressing rooms looking out over the foyer and bar spaces to allow sound to travel through, I wanted to explore more opportunities such as this to provide visual connections between actor and audience and it was clear that the way to explore this was through the circulation. 456 more words

Studio in a Nutshell

After talking to plenty of people, architecture school seems to be this mystery to everyone.  Well, not it’s really a mystery, but more like a series of misconceptions.   515 more words

What I Do

How to Improve Architectural Education: Learning (and Unlearning) From the Beaux Arts Method

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Learning how to design is hard. It requires students to learn an entirely new way of thinking and seeing the world. It even requires a whole new vocabulary. 1,221 more words