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Hello, We're Estudio ESSE

We are Estudio ESSE; Ecaterina (ES) and Sam (SE). We are Architecture graduates in the middle of our Part 1 ‘year out’ (see our post… 243 more words


Life After Architecture School

For some of you, the journey is just beginning, and for other the end is on the horizon, but for me, it’s all over. Architecture school that is. 1,039 more words


a thought on dissecting time

If one phrase could summarize this coming semester: it would be “time dissection.”  My class schedule is more spread out during the day leaving me with extra time on campus throughout the day.   338 more words

College Life

Flashback Friday 4: Break Before College

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to Broken Bricks.

This Friday I’ll be talking about break year after school, or before starting college. There are some people, regardless their field, prefer to take a semester’s or a year’s break on finishing school. 745 more words


The Many Faces of Homelessness

What do you think of when you hear the word “homeless?”

I think of the misunderstood people: the husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. … 560 more words

Architecture Career

So You’re About to Begin Studying Architecture?

Over the last five years studying there are a few things I’ve learnt that I wish I had known earlier. As I finish my studies and you start yours I hope this will give you a good head start! 1,259 more words


1st day of Architecture School

Architecture school is just like any other school except, the desks are bigger, the classes are bigger and we refer to them as studios. If you are like most enthusiastic 1st year students we will go out and purchase every single item on the Equipment list that you will received during orientation. 311 more words

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