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It is perhaps the most horrifying event of the semester– finals week. But what is even more horrifying than the most horrifying is knowing that you only have two weeks left to save the semester. 23 more words



Holidays are fast approaching. Everyone’s cranked up preparing for the Christmas season (although in my country it usually starts as soon as the months have ‘ber’ on their names), yet here i am trying to survive the semester. 224 more words


Laissez-Fiare [Internet of Things]

Well, it’s been a while. As with most extra curricular activities that I seem to pursue while in school, they get side lined by studio work. 1,189 more words


My Final Project Begins

Hello everyone! As you probably inferred from my lack of posts recently, I’ve started another architecture project (and it’s been keeping me awful busy).

I don’t have much time today, but I can get you caught up on what I’ve been doing. 399 more words

Second year first jury is coming :)

This week we are going to have our  first second year jury.

So I am preparing to jury right now. I will share what ı present in jury with my jury photos  in following days. See you untill then. :))


Back From Fall Break

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a while!

I’m really excited to say that studio has been going extremely well. After I turned in my row house project (pictured below), I embarked on three weeks of drawing and sketching exercises. 323 more words

How to Get Through Stressful Days

Hello everyone! It’s a bright and sun-shiny morning, and I actually get to enjoy it, because my project was due last night at 5:00! Woo-hoo! If it weren’t for being so groggy after the 15 hours of sleep I just got, I’d do a little happy dance! 815 more words