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How to Get Through Stressful Days

Hello everyone! It’s a bright and sun-shiny morning, and I actually get to enjoy it, because my project was due last night at 5:00! Woo-hoo! If it weren’t for being so groggy after the 15 hours of sleep I just got, I’d do a little happy dance! 815 more words


Hi there,

Welcome to the blog. This is where I’m going to be talking a lot about architecture, including tips on applying to an architecture course, my favourite buildings and things I’ll be learning during my degree. 95 more words


Life as an Architecture Student: My Week in Pictures

A snapshot of my daily life this semester, in pictures.

Not much in the writing department this time, but I hope this post gives insight into my daily life (and possibly that of many architecture students like me). 191 more words

Questions to your destiny

For an individual to decide what is the best career to pursue can be baffling. Many may know what they want to grow up to be at a very early stage. 230 more words

One Week Down (15 More to Go?)

Well that was a crazy week. (Has it only been one?).

Obviously, last weekend slipped by before I had the chance to post about the finished College  Cottage. 344 more words


Most people, especially young architects tend to believe that the beauty lies in complexity of a design. They artificially add complexity into their designing which sails them straight to the island of mess. 89 more words

Line in between

Art. Architecture.

The blurred line in between is only visible when target is not set.

Entering into the world of architecture, that is the first day one enters an architecture school.

88 more words