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Day Minus One To "Senior Student"

It’s 11pm and I’m contemplating the meaning of life, the architect life. Fuck.

As someone who has recently decided to take this field seriously (about time I think), I am genuinely lost. 580 more words

4th Year

Crit:2_ Development of a booklet

Following the previous post on the Crit…. I took it upon me to develop somekind of manuscript or guidance manual for the crit. This will include the various topics which might be related to the crit. 449 more words

Architecture Education

Questions Every Architecture Student Should Ask Professionals Before Graduating

Core Questions

  • How representative is our current school work load and work ethic to our future professional work load and work ethic?
  • How much does the location of where you live/work affect what kind of work you do?
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The International Style and Houses in the Style

“House is a machine for living.”

                                                                                  Le Corbusier

International Style, as an architectural style, is a trend that has been influential from the 1920s until 1950s. 2,939 more words



Every summer, AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) chapters from all over the U.S. come to Washington D.C. for a conference called Grassroots. 319 more words



Few days from now, the June 2017 Architect Licensure Exam (ALE) will take place. Many will have the chance to make one’s name a lil’ bit longer. 1,468 more words


Parts 3 : Dioramas and Narrative

My Diorama’s are the products of an interpretation of Graham’s Theatre, Cinema, Power, where he speaks of reality always being seen through an imaginary frame. 648 more words