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Using Nature's Genius in Architecture

Michael Pawlyn is one of many innovators who has captured my attention recently. Biomimicry is beyond intriguing, with an extensive history of successes, and a plethora of ideas based on it shaping our future at this moment. 281 more words


Architectural All-Nighter

It is probably a story as old as the first building, the deadline is getting closer and you are not sleeping. As the night turns into morning the initial enthusiasm dwindles into despair and the only thing keeping you up is the fear of failure. 510 more words

All Nighter

Lessons from a Timber Floor

Age, weathering and decay is beauty.

Marks, scars, pigmentation, imperfections, indents – any signs of growth and natural weathering, are what makes something beautiful. We would not be enthralled by these floors, or be making imitations of them, if they were one solid, ‘perfect’ colour. 368 more words


Design Matters + Upcoming Thoughts on Design

Progressing through my education in Architecture, I am often faced with a lack of appreciation and respect for design from people outside of design careers. It can be considered superficial, on the thought that there are far more important issues in the world than the bricks in a bar or the orientation of a city’s central square. 557 more words



One, two, three–four days had passed since weekend

But i’m still wishing for another day for this work to extend

So much procrastination that I need to pretend… 49 more words


A Turning Point

So this post acts as kind of a notification of things to come (as many of these posts seem to). I am at a turning point or seminal part in my life now. 807 more words

One more jury has passed away and I have just realised that I feel more comfortable about presenting my works unlike the first semester. I get used to the studio environment where has became a second home to me. 28 more words

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