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Gói mỳ có vị như shit, đồ án và photoshop

Chẳng phải là buồn lắm hay sao khi gói mì tôm, niềm hy vọng cuối cùng cứu rỗi lấy tâm hồn trống rỗng bây giờ lại có vị như shit. 894 more words

Design Development and Models

While trying to perceive the vertical village, one significant element of the rural house began to intervene with the verticality of the building, and that was pitched roof. 290 more words


In order to keep up with the idea of The Vertical Village, it was necessary to have the site either in the rural area or a suburban area. 837 more words


The concept of The Vertical Village is hypothetical as of now, so it was hard to find just one case study which could provide all the data necessary for the project. 1,095 more words