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Architecture’s uses (also referred to as ‘programme’), which separate architecture from other art forms, along with its indirect means of production (such as sculpture, drawing, photography, etc.) appear to be more complex than simple functions, as such the translation between form and function is a complicated, transformative process. 372 more words


Part 6: Capital City- City of Capital

Faced with the challenge of merging two cities, this collective project derived a coding device to encode; translate; and decipher information from the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria (Tshwane) in order to generate a Third city. 116 more words



This year is my last at Texas A&M University as an architecture student. As a senior, there is one very important semester you take where you will design a project with all of the structure and systems solved to the best of our abilities. 668 more words



Hi! My name is Lyndon, I’m an architecture student studying at Technological Institute of the Philippines in Manila.

As I have told above, I’m still a student and I still lack in so many things. 109 more words

About Me

The World Doesn't Owe You Shit

The world doesn’t owe you shit. It never did.

When you were born, there was no written contract that you would receive everything  that you wanted from life. 912 more words

Architecture Student

15th Istanbul Biennial "a good neighbour"

The Istanbul Biennial of this year (15th) was in the neighborhood from “how should a good neighbor be”. “Who is a good neighbor?” This biennial, which is often prefaced to the question, makes us think about neighborhood and exchange. 221 more words


I Can't Let Go of "THE IDEA"

Sometimes I reflect and think that maybe I grumble and complain too much and then I overhear conversations between designers ,artists and architects.

I think I’m good to go. 338 more words

Architecture Student