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What are Design Elements?

Let’s not jump straight to architecture, just yet. Let’s think abstract wherein we can use other art forms or objects to better understand what design elements are. 191 more words

Architecture Elements

Do Architecture and Philosophy Mix?–or–My Consternation Regarding Phenomenological Epistemology

Architects are notorious for speaking a ridiculous language known to some as ‘archispeak.’  Some of it can be attributed to smart people trying to economize their words, some of it to dumb people trying to fit in, and some of it to architects’ weird obsession with philosophy.   197 more words


Santiago de Molina was my first Project teacher at the University and I could never forgot his arguments about this beautiful world.

In secret, when I hadn’t ideas or I were lost in any project, his blog has shown me a light, an idea to follow and in that cases, thanks to him , I have developed beautiful projects. 9 more words


History and Theory: The Salt and Pepper of Architecture

History and theory are the salt and pepper of architecture. They can go hand in hand but are two complete different components. History tells what has happened based on facts and chronological events. 194 more words