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Somewhere: Abandoned Airport

A small town’s playfully retro modern airport, with bright colors and streamlined 1950’s style, quietly decays on an empty stretch of country highway.

Though the glassy exterior had taken quite a few hits and interior vandalism is beginning to mount, the wide variety of mid century hardware and details were largely intact.   68 more words


Moscows Urban Farm teaches kids how to grow their own food

City living often removes people from nature and from where their food comes from, but an initiative in Moscow proves that doesn’t need to be the norm. 60 more words


Boomeritis by Pygmalion Karatzas

‘Boomeritis’ by Pygmalion Karatzas presents stand-alone portraits of buildings with the long exposure shooting technique using a 10-stop neutral density filter as well as regular exposures treated in a similar artistic manner. 135 more words


7 Wonders of the United States

I love traveling but so far I’ve stuck to US travel. I figure as much as I would like to see some of the sights in Europe and Asia and South America or go on a Safari in Africa, I want to know my own country first. 726 more words


Eyelet-lace trim

A band of wobbly concrete blocks atop this old building are reminiscent of eyelet lace. At least they are to me…

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 5.11.2014