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Fra i santi

Ci sono più statue sul Duomo di Milano di qualsiasi altro edificio al mondo. Quindi immagino che non sorprenda il fatto che dopo più di 3.000 apostoli, santi, martiri, papi e vescovi, gli scultori si siano dati da fare. 558 more words


Among the Saints

There are more statues on Milan’s Duomo than any other building in the world.  So I guess it’s not surprising that after more than 3,000 apostles, saints, martyrs, popes, and bishops, stone carvers got creative with their subject matter.  580 more words


NC to MA

My life changed on June 1, 2018…

After living in North Carolina for 18 years, I picked up all my belongings, including my kitten, Astro, and moved my life to Boston, Massachusetts. 459 more words

Building a Serverless Subscription Service using Lambda@Edge

Personalizing content helps to drive subscriptions, improve revenue, and increase retention rates by providing a more engaging and responsive customer experience. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to build a serverless subscription service for your website that personalizes and monetizes content by using Amazon CloudFront and AWS Lambda@Edge. 474 more words


The Road to Renovation Redux

You’ve bought an older home and now you’re ready to renovate. You know who your architect is. You know who your contractor is. You even know what you want to do. 375 more words