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I'm really excited for the eclipse even though this city gets a partial. I joined several dozen New Yorkers in the procrastinated purchase of fold-them-yourself eclipse glasses at that retailer that very few of the several dozen don't really care to support (I'm not thrilled that I went there to purchase them and I can't stress this enough). Fortunately, I bought them on-line right as the Shabbat window opened last night and picked them up this morning. No wait! One pair goes on my face, another gets chopped up and taped onto my old iPhone's camera lens, two will be sent to someone who gets an eclipse in early 2018, and the last pair is a paranoid double for my face or the coworker I like the most. I don't know why I'm excited to see the eclipse. I don't know why something as stupid as eclipse glasses motivated me enough to leave the apartment. I don't know where in T to hang around to catch a good glimpse. I hope to see something like Debord's 1983 cover.¹ | I finalized the layout for some _ yesterday. I can't wait for production mode and am excited to see how it will turn out. I don't know that it makes any sense, but the part of me that is trying not to think of all my work as shit thinks that it makes enough sense. Appropriate appropriationists sort of shit. It's fine, it will be all be fine. I will blaze through production mode and will be itching for the next project. All of which came early this year--typically this comes over me right as fall starts. I'm a bit unhappy about this because I know it means I'm distracting myself from all the things I have to do. Things I should be more committed to. | On my way to grab glasses, I passed the ESB, which is easily my favorite building in NY (favorite when viewed from the water) even with all the emo hullabaloo that I have associated with it. From Tourists mouths while passing So where is the ESB? Do you think we can skip this? I think this is it. I've always liked that there isn't some grand plaza built around it. | What am I writing about. | Has David Graeber ever worked a "bullshit job"?² My employers sent that² out as an aside to one of the bullshit Skype-meetings they hold with the entire office / they waste 4 hours of everyone's bullshit time on to get absolutely 0 bullshit done (on time). Sometimes I wish at least one of them would think twice before sending out a bullshit email on bullshit jobs because she's vieux riche backed and thinks she's clever in sending the email because she thinks it will get us to work harder. 8 months in and I still haven't seen her make any architecture. To makes matters worse, these Skype meetings occur outside of office hours because they can't stuff it into a 9 hr day that should be enough for an office of 10 people to bust out some serious bullshit. At this point, I'm not even worried about what's obvious and what's not. I spend a lot of time at my bullshit job wondering when I'll be fired for irreconcilable differences in views on productivity and making deadlines. | I guess the 10+ hr workday is common in architecture. I wonder when a band of firms will try to correct this. Yr not a perfectionist if you can't master time. | Ina Garten knows what's up and down inside out and barefooted and socked and shoed with her lemon cake. 🍋³

Willoughby, Ohio - August 2017 - Holden Arboretum

The Holden Arboretum is located outside of Cleveland, offering a collection of gardens as one of the largest arboretums in America. Recently they have added a couple of features, the Canopy Walk and the Observation Tower. 56 more words


Cleveland - August 2017 - Detroit-Superior Bridge Tour

The Detroit-Superior Bridge in Cleveland (so named because it connects Detroit Avenue on the West Side with Superior Avenue downtown) was opened in 1918. While renamed a few years ago to the Veterans Memorial Bridge, to most it is still the Detroit-Superior Bridge. 133 more words


Hanoke Gardens, CA

Another stop on the great 2016 California trip was Hanoke Gardens in Saratoga Springs. Hakone is a classic Japanese style garden, an outward expression of many far east ideals coming out of Japan beginning with the emergence of Buddhism in AD 538. 839 more words

Arboreta & Botanic Gardens

What I'm Enjoying Reading | Summer 2017

While this summer has been a busy one for me, between working full time and preparing to go abroad for several months, I have forced myself to find time to read some amazing material. 477 more words


Inveraray, Loch Fyne, Scotland

We have had a very busy week-end, showing some visitors around Norfolk, well a little bit of the North Norfolk coast.  So blogging time has been zero, but I did manage to sort a few photos.   146 more words