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Classical Edinburgh, Golden Stone

It is a clear day, perfect for exploring the outer reaches of Edinburgh’s New Town. A warm feeling of belonging, of familiarity bred over decades of visits, since childhood. 63 more words

Andrew Reid Wildman

Brick House / Ventura Virzi arquitectos

Kenneth Frampton considers Tectonics not only as a “mere disclosure of the construction technique, but, rather, its expressive potential. Tectonics acquires a truly artistic character to the extent that it amounts to a poetics of construction… The inevitable ground nature of a building has a character so tectonic and tactile as scenic and visual, although none of these attributes denies its spatiality. 7 more words

6K Coffee / Limtaehee Design Studio

6k coffee is located in Yanglimdong, Junlado Gwangju, Korea. Yanglimdong, the city where Korean modern culture was flourished, is where the missionaries had impacts on Korean-western architectures. 36 more words

Minimize Design Plans Revisions

The builder should work hard during the design phase to secure a complete and accurate set of plans.

This process involves sketching posts and beams in three dimensions to see if everything aligns and fits…looking for dimensioning errors by adding up dimensions across a page…checking that mechanical items such as fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, and vent ducts all fit…checking stair headroom clearances…and analyzing the plans using the building company’s historical debugging checklist. 353 more words


Skälby School Max Arkitekter

The new Skälby School and Preschool is a trefoil shaped building, set in souterrain. The building divides the outside space into three parts; a schoolyard, a smaller yard for the preschool and a fully accessible entrance and car park. 15 more words

Voids Cafe / Studio SKLIM

Voids are treated as form in this micro cafe. The empty space in a coffee cup or matcha bowl was the form-giving inspiration for this micro cafe spanning only 28 square metres. 117 more words