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Can social housing be chic

Chic may be an overstatement and some of you may be asking if the social housing model should be updated, or whether the traditional model of bland stock standard should be continued. 287 more words

Symmetrical Midnight Lights

There’s nothing I love more than symmetry. In high school, my photography teacher always stressed the rule of thirds as a means to make our compositions interesting. 14 more words


How to Design Your Own House for Free

As a former architecture student , I have studied the built environment extensively. I am here to tell you that not only is architecture difficult but It is one of the most difficult professions to work in. 277 more words

Google's new headquarters: an upgradable, futuristic greenhouse

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, Google’s new California headquarters are glass domes set in a supercharged pastoral dream – with WiFi


Snapshots: Istanbul’s impossibly colourful architecture

Over the past year, 32-year-old architect Yener Torun has been seeking out and photographing minimalist buildings around Istanbul. ‘Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of buildings like these in Turkey,’ he says. 69 more words


March 1: Sketchbook Challenge 2015

I think the temple architecture in the background could be a lot better but I’m not unhappy with this one.