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UFO sighting: 'Alien base on Mars' CONFIRMED in NASA archival photos - SHOCK claim

The supposed alien base was snapped by NASA’s 2001 Mars Odyssey Mission near Olympus Mons – the largest known volcano in the solar system. NASA’s incredible photo shows rocky structures towards the bottom right of the image, which according to UFO expert Scott C Waring, are alien buildings. Mr …


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Anthony Wayne’s Great Grandson Served His Country

Anthony Wayne’s great grandson served his country just as those Wayne family members before him. His time was the Civil War.

William Wayne Evans, who later took the name William Wayne, was born December 6, 1828, in Willistown, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 261 more words

Anthony Wayne

Repost: An adventure.

from 2012. no one’s idea of a banner year. –w.

we had an adventure today

oh really what happened

well we went out for sushi…

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Repost: One tiny Internet-era pleasure...

…is watching the semifamous dude who banned you from commenting on his blog descend into alternately childish and crazy bullshit in his comment threads — and realizing that just because he decided you were the bad guy doesn’t mean you were actually the bad guy. 38 more words


Repost: DNA.

(Wrote this in 2012, I think, for the old blog. I miss him. –w.)

The quite good joke that leads off the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…

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Here's how it will all go down

After all my reading and ordering and clearing a tidbit of space in my already crowded office, I think I have a handle on my process. 1,324 more words

Amelia and the Lost Clipper

Actual archived footage helps to tell the story of the American icon, Amelia Earhart, lost at sea and the efforts by FD Roosevelt and the USA to find her, including the loss of 15 passengers and crew aboard the NC14714 Hawaii Clipper.

Lost Clipper