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Death Rock 1990

“Don’t fear the reaper: Five great death records, by Naveel Zuberi, Michigan Daily, Jan 31, 1990. (This well-written top 5 survey draws a connection between the Shangri-Las and the Smiths….neat.)


"In the '70s, directions are unclear..."

No author cited in this AP piece from May 28, 1976, conveying mostly confusion and disillusionment (“a certain sadness,” admits Bill Graham). I’m trying to square the sentiments here with Christgau’s notion of “semipopular” but I’m not getting too far (in part because I haven’t thought that deeply about Christgau’s notion of “semipopular,” but I’m thinking that I should). 37 more words


A few words

Walter van Rijn has designed a small publication around our performance at the recent Festival of Words in Southampton.

Make words great again.


Transforming Family History Through Metadata & Transcription

If a family record can’t be discovered, searched, or shared, what value is it? How do we rescue our family records and transform them into a family archive that reaches beyond the walls of our own home and into the hearts of countless others? 87 more words

Family History

Happy Halloween...or how the small archive can beat big art museums

Article Dedication

In Honor of

Storm Elvin  &  Joe Jones


Halloween Garden Party  c 1910 – Cyanotype Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

Selection from… 335 more words

New Blog For Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

SO: to speak

Last Saturday I did a talk with my colleague and former WSA PhD buddy  Walter van Rijn as part of Southampton’s SO: to speak festival. The blurb is  96 more words


Loved to Death: A Photographer's Tribute to Discarded Library Books

Stamped “DISCARD” or “WITHDRAWN,” the books in photographer Kerry Mansfield’s ‘Expired’ have been exiled from the libraries where they were loved. . . . jeez, I have a lot of books like this. 12 more words