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I was speaking to a friend earlier about what we were each going to have for tea tonight. She and her husband and child were having take out so she could have a rest from cooking. 80 more words


Knitting goes gay!

Check out these awesome videos from Pathe archive on youtube. These are real gems.

“Knitting goes gay. Your needles can knit beauty once again!”. No more balaclavas, ladies and gentlemen. 83 more words

Blogging 24-7

Everyone has differing goals when it comes to blogging. My goal is to create a website that never sleeps because I don’t sleep and I grow bored easily. 258 more words


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This is the reason why I respond to comments, either by liking the comment or writing a reply to it. It's good to interact with the people who come by your blog and read the posts that you have written :) And everyone has their own writing style, which is good and keeps things interesting :)



Thursday, 5th March 2015

This morning’s lecture was titled ‘Archive/Archivist’.  Archives can be seen as a collection of physical objects, it keeps a record or documentation of an event and puts these physical items into categories.   222 more words

45 Regent Street

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Review

MGS3 is the first game in the Metal Gear series that i had played, oh how i was amazed by the graphics for the time. The animations were fluid and the story was so in depth and gripping, something that has drawn me back to this game time and time again, I have sunk many hours into MGS3 with at least 3 completions and I’m quite compelled to play again. 1,087 more words


Thursday Ramblings 03.05.2015

Omgeeee…I dies at this man, this look…ooh….why do I always have to end up apologizing to Park Shin Hye? 663 more words


For the Love of Writing

In my post last week I highlighted the main reasons I am doing this… and by ‘this’ I mean blogging/writing.

I originally subtitled the post ‘Part 1’, which would mean rather obviously that this would be the second part, which it is in a way, but subsequently I have realised that by making these posts have distinct parts, it implies that there is an endpoint, that there may be a time when I will stop learning and once I reach some of my goals then that’s it, my writing/blogging journey is complete! 435 more words