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Prisoner James Geary: mugshots and rap sheet 1865-1896

Mugshots of locally born Tasmanian prisoner James Geary (1844-1897?) from 1874-1893
Left:     Photographed by Thomas Nevin, 20th February 1874 at the Police Office, Hobart Gaol… 883 more words

19th Century Prison Photography

The Millbank Prison Photographer 1888

When Thomas J. Nevin photographed prisoners in Tasmania in the decade 1870-1880, he posed the prisoner in semi-profile, torso sometimes visible to the waist. No particular emphasis was placed on capturing marks, tattoos, and disfigurement of the hands. 1,338 more words

19th Century Prison Photography

Mugshots of James Geary 1874 and 1889


James Geary absconded from the Hobart Commissariat Stores, police gazette notice of 22nd April 1870. He was serving a sentence of 6 yrs for cattle-stealing, tried 7th July 1868, Hobart. 208 more words

19th Century Prison Photography

Convict James Morgan alias Morgan the Poet who sings in pubs

Records Source:
National Library of Australia TROVE and State Library of Tasmania record of the police identity photograph of James Morgan, taken by commercial and police photographer T.J. 588 more words

19th Century Prison Photography

A missing or unidentified mugshot: Alfred Harrington

The research we have provided on these weblogs since 2003 about the police work of professional photographer Thomas J. Nevin in Tasmania during the 1870s and the mugshots he produced has stimulated and inspired a global reading public. 855 more words

19th Century Prison Photography

Aliases, Copies, and Misattribution


… numbered copies … 1.2,3, …

George White as Nutt, George Nutt alias White …

Above: The database image of George NUTT with verso at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery: note that the verso is inscribed with the conventional date of Nevin’s photographic registration (1874), the alias, and the ship on which Nutt was originally transported before 1853, but the transcription which appears on many other versos of convicts’ cartes – “Taken at Port Arthur” – is absent. 2,366 more words

19th Century Prison Photography